mariah carey and jermaine dupri

Hip-Hop Rumors: Can Mariah Carey Save Jermaine Dupri From Financial Ruin?

Jermaine Dupri was once a millionaire producer who dated some of the hottest women on the planet, including the incomparable Janet Jackson. The last few years have been tough on J.D., with numerous rumors of home foreclosures, IRS tax bills, and car repos. Some say he tricked all of his money away on Janet Jackson; some say it was his luxurious lifestyle. We don’t know.

According to TMZ, J.D. has just dodged another bullet and has saved his Atlanta home from foreclosure for the second time. The home was reportedly up for foreclosure auction this week because he allegedly failed to pay $193,000 in mortgage debt. At the last minute, J.D. filed an emergency motion in response, asking the court to block the auction, claiming he only owed $89,901… and he paid the bill in full by the time he filed the motion.

On the bright side, J.D.’s long time collaborator Mariah Carey is back in the studio and prepping a new album. Her first single, “Triumphant”, was co-produced by J.D., and we hear that she has been in the studio with him working on her new music.

Hopefully Mariah Carey’s single will do well, and other artists will be enticed to work with the one-time top producer again.

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Good luck, J.D.!

  • When your lifestyle exceeds your income.

    • That will equal your down fall.

      New Track is wack…JD = Finished!

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  • 3rdcousin

    When you think you will always ‘have it’.

  • Sosa_Limone

    money aint a thing? its sad to see somebody like JD be hurting for cash if this rumor is true.. soso def was poplin back in the day, at least in terms of record sales… between da brat, bowow, jagged edge.,, how does he go broke off of that?? i did see pix of him and nelly rolling though strip clubs with garbage bags full of money though… that could be it

    • That’s what happens when you spend all your money trying to look like you have more than you do.

  • I don’t feel sorry for these people….It’s our hard earned money that they spend and make it rain in the strip clubs, now JD is broke and is back selling us that crack so he can do it all over again……Whats the point of buying music when you can hear it rotate on the radio stations everyday?

  • funnyman330

    nelly has that cash flow from his album sales, his applebottoms clothing line and various other business ventures he can do that I was at Harrah’s last saturday and Nelly was on the craps table losing hella bread. Can’t hang with the big dogs better pull a kevin hart with the bank account line

  • funnyman330

    well let me correct myself that country grammar album and whatever the hell the second one was called.

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  • therealest1

    Glad to see everyone using common sense and intelligence in here commenting and giving feedback on this topic. Why feel sorry for this clown if he blew his money, right? All these years he was boasting, bragging, rapping, showing how much money he had and also how it wasn’t a thing back in 1998. Now he finds himself in financial straits.

    Glad to see nobody is being a fanboy and defending him for his financial ignorance he brought upon himself.

    Yeah, this fool went in a Vegas strip club and threw money on the stage and told the dancers no to pick up the money while it was being filmed. What the hell? What did he think? Of course they’re going to take any money thrown on stage, its their income, job! Matter of fact, it was the same night/morning Pacman Jones came back and shot up the same club.

    In a Ferrari, Jaguar switching 4 lanes huh? This idiot might have to be in a Yugo switching lanes if he continues to have financial issues.

    • Frank

      yo that was after the FIRST time this dude was in money trouble.

      • therealest1

        Can you please clarify what you meant about “the FIRST time” with your reply? Thanks a lot.

      • Frank

        No problem. I always mean what I say. This dude been in trouble before with the IRS. You’re welcome. A lot.

      • therealest1

        Oh yeah, I think J.D. did already file for bankruptcy back in either 2001 or 2002 to avoid paying taxes he owed to IRS.

      • Frank

        word. so at first I was thinking this idiot done blew all his dough again. But now, maybe I should be saying this guys is down and is gonna be back up again.

        Nas just said it, “Lost paper than made it back, up down up, like Trump, play wit cash.”

        Really this dudes broke is probably way more than I’ll have in my lifetime. Like his broke with cash on hand is probably a couple years salary for me.

  • Pierre Elliott



    Ball till u fall I guess smh…….

  • Stress is not the best motivator when it comes to creating music. I hope he’s not stressed and is able to focus his energies and create some more memorable hits with Mariah.

  • AKA Sharpcrease27

    Idiot. Should of got some of that Jackson money when he had a chance.

  • AKA Sharpcrease27

    Whats going to happen to Shawty Redd ?

  • tahoegeminii

    well the proceeds of “triumphant” sure aren’t going to save him-why is everyone associated with MeMe in trouble with the IRS-Chris Lighty killed himself over it-and when is the IRS going to nail MeMe

  • stop haten jd back good song

  • music industry is in shambles….the game will never be the same you lucky to go gold nowadays

    • but um yeah JD is like a see thru pair of boxers…his ass thru

  • Lump Beats

    C’MON SON… the story says he owed 193 Rack$… then he filed a motion saying he owed 89.9 rack$… then paid it. That ain’t broke #imjustsayin @lumpylepew

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  • johnblacksad

    now his sh!t ain’t gon glim glim so much…

    money ain’t a thang huh?! ironic sh!t…

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  • Joseph Thomas

    no…..not MR. “Money AINT A THANG”……

  • Tony G.

    “the hell with the price cuz money ain’t a thing”…..aint that a bytch lol

  • jlenoconel

    Triumphant sucked so it won’t save him. I do love JD’s 90s work though.

  • And whats crazy is I think he did trick it on Janet. JD has never been in the eye of the media or even known for being frivolous and doing extra stuff LIKE MOST entertainers do. Hmm… Strange.

  • Wet Willy

    JD stole my beat for We belong together For Her last project and lied and said that he sampled it from a seventies group. He has no talent, he just takes from less fortunate producers, who cant do nothing about it.

  • Wet Willy

    what comes around goes around!!

  • baller187

    MEEL MILL killed this now he washed up, DAMN