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Jay-Z Links With Obama For Intimate Fundraiser

(AllHipHop News) Hip-Hop mogul Jay-Z and his superstar wife Beyoncé are planning to host a fundraiser for President Barack Obama next week.

Obama will attend an intimate event for Jay-Z that will be open to just 100 guests.

According to the New York Post, guests will shell out $40,000 per ticket to meet and pose for a picture with President Obama.

The swanky fundraiser is supposed to take place September 18 at Jay-Z’s recently renovated 40/40 Club.

It will be the last major fundraising effort for President Obama before the elections in November.

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  • RichFromBX

    “guests will shell out $40,000 per ticket to meet and pose for a picture with President Obama”…wow, for anyone in the middle class that’s a bargain!

    another demonstration of the hypocrisy in politics, I don’t care if it’s Jay Z hosting the fundraiser or not…the only people who can afford something like that are the same people the Left has been vilifying as the cause of all of the problems for the poor and middle class for the last 12 years. I mean really, how can you point the finger at someone else saying they’re out of touch with the middle class then support an event that only rich people can attend…

    This is nothing against Obama himself but politics as a whole …this level hypocrisy on both sides…I really wish there was a ‘none of the above selection’ that if voted for enough times we get to pick from two new candidates…

    Blast me for the above all you want but there’s no way you can’t believe that $40,000 is absurd…just shows that left, right, Rep, Dem, black President, white President unless you have money you’re not important to them and when they tell you otherwise in their speeches its all bullsh!t and I wish people would stop buying in to it and let them know…

    *quietly steps of soap box*

    • Casor_Greener

      How is it hypocrisy? The problem is the rich people who don’t want to share, not all rich people.

      • RichFromBX

        you think the people dropping $40,000 are “sharing”…it’s because they have their own agenda they want pushed and if they don’t have an agenda and just spending the $40,000 to meet a president then their priorities are out of wack…there’s no one in this world worth meeting for $40,000

      • johnblacksad

        i’d rather meet the dude handling the cause i DONATED for instead of jus getting a paper receipt for it… you get it? they are not paying to meet & greet…

    • I agree, Obama much like any other President is being bought by a higher society, so he can make rules and regulations on their behalf with their best interests at hand….Forget about us the little people who they are asking to vote…Voting means nothing if you can’t fork out $40,000 to influence the President to do things that you want him to do.

    • anthonyward1

      The “main purpose” of the event is to raise “capital” for the extensive advertising and campaigning that takes place before the elections. This is less about meeting the President, and more about supporting him and his re-election to the White House, the photo-op is a bonus. This is not the first fund raiser that he has had, as a matter of fact, I know of several like this, or more expensive, that go on on my side of town. There are other ways people without 40k can contribute to his campaign; I took a portion out of my check every two weeks in 2007/8 because I wanted to be part of a movement to get the first black President (who actually had a chance and deserved to be there) in office. After you accept/ realize that everyone who would like to attend the event at the 40/40 club simply can’t, the less offended or surprised you will be when you see an advertisement for an event like this. They have certain laws and guidelines when campaigning that make an event like this a no -brainer, a must do event if you will. Just my thoughts brother, my intent is not to offend you or your comments.

  • Romia Blue

    during the great depression in the 1930s, the top tax rate was well over 80%. you had people like Henry Ford (Ford model cars) and Rockefeller (oil) who were commissioned by government to build armory supplies while WWII was beginning in Europe. Not only was to top 1% basically funding America, but they were stimulating the economy by hiring Americans to build these machines and arms for war. The tax rate continued to rise and it was upwards 90% by the 1940s. In the 1960s and 70s, it dropped to 80% and this was the 1%’s contributions for over 50 years until Reagan came in and reduced it to 50%. It dropped again when Bush Sr. took office and when Clinton arrived, it was around 35%.
    Bush Jr. took office and taxes on the top rate fell to the lowest it has seen since the 1920s. You have Romney bragging that he’s never paid lower than 13% in his taxes…wtf is that?! Tax on your restaurant tab is at least 15%! He can write off a vet bill for $75,000 for a phuckin horse but people are complaining that a fundraiser to help re-elect the one person who turned down big business jobs in order to stay and help his city, is too expensive?
    I’d see if Jay-Z invited you personally knowing you couldn’t pay…I’d be offended as hell too. Sean would’ve gotten the cursing of his life. And I agree whole-heartedly…nobody’s worth $40,000 to meet. But if you had it, is $40,000 enough to ensure that this country gets back on the move? If you had it and didn’t support, then you’re probably a Republican lol…Jay-Z made $38 million. What’s $40,000?!!!
    I just gave y’all history above. Not only was the 1% supporting America back during the depression, but they were also stimulating the economy – paying 90% of their income in taxes; proof that in order for this country to survive, wealth distribution and participation has to come from the top down – not from the middle out. We wouldn’t even HAVE a middle class if it wasn’t for the efforts back in the 30s and 40s with the G.I. Bill, and government implemented work programs like the Civilian Conservation Corps and the AAA by FDR.
    Government isn’t the source of America’s problems; it’s the people put into government either by lack of voting or voting just because that’s what their parents did.
    “Obama didn’t clean up our shyt fast enough so elect Republicans again who aren’t on any of the insurance programs the 99% are on.” I don’t know about you, but had two doctor appointments this year; my annual and my women’s doctor visit and for all the tests we should regularly have ran, I didn’t pay SHYT! I didn’t see ANY past presidents or president-elects standing up for Romney. Bush did his 8 years and said phuck ALL PUBLIC APPEARANCES AND SUPPORT! Meanwhile Obama had a past president and a past president-elect. Republicans turned their backs on Charlie Christ of Florida when he became Independent. But somehow people still think they’re going to give a shyt about you the minute you do something they don’t like.
    It’s a fundraiser to keep the only person I believe to have our best interests at heart. I’m sorry but I can’t relate to a rich corporate executive who has a vet bill more than my annual salary.

  • dominicancoke

    my problem with this is.why people gotta pay 40 gs to post with obama?oh ok is rich people oh I see yet this slick talker keeps yappin bout middle class this middle class that and he expects my vote? I votes for no one cause these 40,000$ ticket events are not for upper middle or middle and definetely not the hood this is for millionaires keep on playing sheeps and get.eaten by wolves hes black so vote for him smh dude got a lot of peoples in his back pocket..donate that money to the hood after school programs

    • johnblacksad

      fundraisin… they are donatin 40k… the diner is jus an excuse, like instead of getting a receipt that you made a donation, you get to ‘party’ with Obama… or Clooney, or Hov… Angelina, Brad etc etc…

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  • real OG

    How many time do you think they’ve had sex, 10-15 times. I think Obamas on top but maybe Jay is what do u think?