Nicki-Minaj and President Obama

Non Hip-Hop Rumors: Nicki Minaj Responds To Presidents Response To Her Lyric AND MORE!



Nicki Minaj had people thinking that she was really voting for Mitt over Obama? JEEZ! I never even heard the lyric to be frank, but it was clearly a ploy at getting attention and it worked. Obama addressed it today and she got what she was looking for.

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nicki minaj did not endorse mitt romney


nicki minaj not a republican

nicki minaj not republican

  • World Wide

    Lets be honest Jay Z is a reflection of commercial Hip Hop and commercial Hip Hop reflects corrupt corporate interest. Hip Hop used to represent the people but those days are long gone. Now it’s just one big pissing contest of dudes comparing who has what. Bunch of rich dudes reminding their consumer how rich they are and how broke everyone else (including the consumer is). How they hell can you expect Jay Z or any other of these rich rappers to understand a people that are completely disconnected from? No hate I’m just saying.

  • WoW! Russel Sonned Jay Z & every one else against OWS!
    Nicki Minaj / Obama = Win!

  • ladynamor

    “helped educate more children and create affordable healthcare, Jay-Z’s words matter. “This should have been told to Nicki Minaj. Joke my a**. She has caused people to consider not voting, or at least losing the motivation to. Silly rich bitch. S*it was NOT FUNNY! SMH Peoples lives are at stake here!!!!!THIS ELECTION is IMPORTANT!

    • hoeyuno

      Exactly. Her dumb ass wasn’t messing with anyones intellect.

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    Sean gonna be runnin for office soon smh…..

  • hoeyuno

    This chick is ridiculous.

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    Funny Uncle couldn’t make it in the headline…nah…you gave Jay- Z 18pt. letter sized attention and Uncle’s response a, “and more..” (balls get some.) Though by the looks of this back to back Nicki stories today, whatever the topic it must be a slow news day at AHH…it’s overkill. Unless she come -up catching fatality this week, y’all might want to check in and consolidate your stories.

  • johnblacksad

    also don’t forget to tell your grandchildren you was one of the most annoying hoes of your era… see-thru b!tch, tryin to play the “you’re mad” card… G.T.F.O.H.W.T.Y.M.C.M.B.B.S.!!!!

  • WOLF

    WTF was she thinking

  • D_Ably

    all hip hop be talkin about Nicki ‘rappin’ that crap for ages and illseed turns around and hes like ‘i never heard that’ lol too hard to believe, you ppl got nicki campin in your anus man

  • Synista

    Nikki GARBAJ is sounding just like SHITT ROBME ,chick know what she said now she wants people to think it was some reverse psychology BS,she only made the stupid response because she got death threats,now she voting for obama bitch please! Can’t figure out if she wanna be little Kim,lady Gaga or some gender confused 10 year old with tourettes syndrome and cerebral palsy.Probably at home masturbating with multicolored wigs while watching lady gaga and little kim videos.

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