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Potential Violence Brewing Over Death Of Chicago Rapper Lil JoJo

(AllHipHop News) A Hip-Hop feud between affiliates of rapper Chief Keef and Lil JoJo could once again, spill over into violence on the streets of Chicago.

The war of words between Lil JoJo’s camp and rappers affiliated with Chief Keef continue over the Internet.

Lil JoJo was killed on September 4, after releasing the song “300HunnaK (BDK).”

The words “BDK” stand for “Black Disciple Killer,” a common insult used by members of the Gangster Disciples, with whom Lil JoJo was allegedly affiliated.

Now, a chilling new remix to Lil JoJo’s “300HunnaK (BDK)” by his close friend/affiliate, rapper Lil Jay #00.

Lil Jay #00 threatens to avenge Lil JoJo’s death and hurls insults at Lil Reese and Lil Durk, two artists working on their debuts for Def Jam Records.

On the track, Lil Jay #00 accuses the two men of setting up Lil JoJo murder, in addition to calling out Black Disciples’ founder “King Dave” Barksdale.

Legendary Chicago producer No I.D. recently commented to MTVNews about the growing gang violence in his hometown of Chicago.

“We’re in this together. It’s a lot of sad things that are occurring every day. Some things are involved in rap and some things are not involved in rap, and we don’t get to see them all,” No I.D said.

During an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times, police said that a gang war, and not Hip-Hop music was to blame for the recent violence.

“Two gangs are fighting each other, going at each other all over the Internet and this is all stemming from that,” police said.

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  1. BxLungz

    Sad!!!! Baby Goonies killin each other over nothin. Stop the Violence!! These are little children . Shocking! We need to educate our children on Black History, Martin Luther king, Malcolm X, minister farrah-khan. Stop killin each other .. Peace

      • BxLungz

        Ur name is a waste of time to even type,but get cha head right..
        & peace Teel..

      • mosestobymcgeethree

        yo. I don’t doubt the veracity of what he is saying. don’t get me twisted. I’m just saying u sitting up on a perch looking down saying “this shit is sad” and then you go on about your day, wtf does that do for anything, other than make you feel good.

        the problem is more complicated than just a feel good “read black history” lesson. if that junk worked then all youd have to do is go read autobio of malcom x and all the problems in the hood would be solved. gtfoh with that nonsense. if that makes u mad then so be it.

      • BTV Global, LLC

        who said they’re just typing and plus isn’t that what you doing on here? If that’s the case why come on here to read it, or click on it to read? You the sitting on your so call perch thinking that you’re better then someone.

      • mosestobymcgeethree

        I don’t think im better than anyone, in fact i know im not. i didn’t call no one a buffon or a waste of time, that was done to me, my dear sir.

      • Noles

        LOL…real talk. Guy’s on a hip hop site, a music style that promotes hate and violence,and you come in here bible thumping? Get the hell outta here.

      • Kutlo Neo Maduma

        Of all the ignorance on here, this is by far the worst. Not all Hip Hop preaches hate. Staying in the city this kid is from, ever heard of Lupe Fiasco? Is he a banger?! Fall back with that ignorant talk. Hip Hop is a beautiful genre, which like anything else is tainted by a select few who are given a bigger platform by those who want us to self destruct. Again, fall back.

      • Noles

        When did I say all Hip Hop preaches hate? The majority of rappers.. I dare you to come up with a list of 10 relevant names who don’t preach violence and hate. I love the music, but it is what it is. It’s all about ruining your own people with drugs, and shooting people. And if somehow it’s not that, dudes rap about drinking and smoking weed, and taking “molly”… great role models. I think you need to fall the fuk back and hop off your soap box. Lupe Fiasco ain’t shyt… He’s an emo rapper. Soon as people don’t feel him, he cries and whines and say’s he going to retire. No one cares. No one cares that you live in the burbs of Chicago, this violence has nothing to do with you. It doesn’t effect your life. Stop pretending to put yourself into it.

        Again, Fall Back.

  2. EDOGZ818

    Jo Jo has Glock & Ruger with extended clips in the pic & talking ‘chet…with that image, hard not to expect ‘chet to get real.

    “MC’s got 1 style ” GUN BUCK” , but when you say “Let’s “Buck” for the revolution, they STFU!”..KRS 1

    Hope them Chi Town dudes get it together.

    • johnblacksad

      for those that don’t kno… Edo’s metal knowledge is above average! He gets impressive with it… no homo

      “2 clips so the other one dont feel lonely” -Freeway

      • johnblacksad

        Che’yeah… but …you didn’t say it… so if the fuggboyz are reading this… it doesn’t count!

        I’ve always wondered what your stance was on this Bumpy Knuckles assertion :
        “No more twin Glocks, they jam up my plays,
        Now its twin .40 calibre Walther PPK’s”

        …is he makin any ‘dollaz’?

      • EDOGZ818

        No Dollar at all.
        40. cal = Chopped down 10MM ( 10MM width at 9mm Length )
        Glock 17 & all Glocks, except for Gen 4’s are reliable.
        PPK = Size /
        Easier to hide, but only 7shots?
        G23 = Glock 19 in 40 cal ( 13 ) shots ( Unless using G22 Mags or extended. )

        40 Cal Glock can be converted to 9mm, 45GAP & 357 sig

        although 9mm = Best conversion.
        ( Don’t use 115gr 9mm in 40 Cal conversion, because extra slide girth / weight may cause FTE malfunctions *147 = Best )

        Ever seen the Tupac video at the range, when he had the Mini 14 & couldn’t figure out how to work the clips? LOL

        Then shot himself in the nuts?

        I can understand Foxx’s assertion, to each his own, but in this climate, who is he gonna shoot with a PPK? His brother? Himself?

        In a war, he will feel like he has a cap gun.
        Pistol should only be used to fight your way to your rifle.


        Biometrics / NWO?

        Better investment would be renewable energy, or Chopper / Piston Ar15.

        .22LR Rifle will be useful to hunt small game or defending against invasions.

        Then again, there is a bigger threat from within, as opposed to poor, Muslim, Goat herders turning Cali beaches into D Day, landing a massive armada & beating B’ishes with canes for wearing Bikini’s instead of Burqas.

        Glock 22 , with Lone wolf Conversion ( 40 : 9 ) barrel ( Non Threaded, unless you have class 3 license for suppressor )

        If you can get both, get both, but I can’t Judge Foxx for his individual choice.
        Not mine though.

        40 = Mix between 9 & 45.
        If you don’t go 9…go 45 : ) No 1/2 stepping / Middle ground.
        45 = 1911

      • johnblacksad

        wow! i don’t even think i ever held real metal with my hands… smh… but promise if one day i decide to get one (auto shaq-face) i will consult you before

      • EDOGZ818

        Better get 1 b4 Dec 21, 2012 & look at JoJo’s Ruger…he left the safety / decock on LOL

        Beretta , Browning High power, glock ( 17 / 19…well, 22 / 23 in .40 to convert to 9mm *In R Kelly Voice “Best of both worlds”

        Rugers = Best value on budget, only setbacks = clip pops out if mag release is bumped ( They changed the spring to prevent Ninjahz carrying in belt?) & limited options for adjustable sights / night sights…but how many Ninjahz use the sights for anything but flash bashing?

        Hit me up via email if you legal & i’ll send you some info …if not….well, you can window shop?

        Stop fronting like you broke & have your butler / man servant carry 4 u : )

        Then again, you in U.K.? Laws = Funny
        “Chet, they funny here 2”

  3. Bhigh Williams

    The nerve of allhiphop promoting this nonsense. Im usually supporting this website, but ya’ll getting just like mediatakeout, tmz and the rest of that bull shit. Its one thing to report a situation and add some insight to the story that could relay a positive message. But it appears like it’s underhandedly being promoted to sell a story. lame ass website….messed up cause ya’ll used to stand for something

  4. chicago guy

    why do they still got this video up of lil jay yall aint doin nothing but helping the hate take this down and dont give it no more light! im from chicago and yall just cosigning lil jay and this whole mess realtalk!

    • mosestobymcgeethree

      Hiding what goes on in the ghetto from the light, is one of the reasons why the ghetto became what it is. evil thrives in the darkness, shedding light on it is what helps people see, then change can happen.

      • imaman2012

        you’re right. because what’s going on the ghetto hasn’t been shown…….

        f the lames.

        Haitian kids would love to have a free education. kids in the states rather act hard then go get that free basic education.

        people know. we know. nothing going to change unless that individual wants to change.

      • mosestobymcgeethree

        change doesn’t happen until enough people get fed up. until then we need to keep putting the stories out there. i dont care if its haiti, middle east, chicago, africa, i dont care where it is. hiding stories is not the answer. for too long we didnt have a voice for our stories, now these kids are out here telling u what its like and what they are doing. if people dont like it, then it is up to us to help change it.

        ignoring people only makes them more desperate for attention.

        you’d think america, after hearing tupac and ice cube and nwa and biggie, woulda thought “lets change something in this society to help these young black males feel more empowered and educated. but no, they didnt do nothing, chicago school systems got worse, the divide between rich and poor got worse, and MORE drugs were put into the ghettos while the politicians largely ignored inner cities. so what is the result? you gonna end up with chief keefs and lil jojo’s. until we as a society step up this gonna keep happening. ignoring them will only make em worse.

        but yall dont here me. you just wanna say “sad! boo hoo. why they so violent” and turn your head.

      • Lyve Wire

        right on. showing nor hiding will help until they decide. BD kill jojo, they retaliate, then they retaliate, then they retaliate….. never ending cycle. hell, it aint stopped yet. this ish aint new.

    • imaman2012

      nah, other races act a fool.

      we’re the only race that think it’s cool to act a fool though.

      do a bid. come home. fools throwing parties.
      get a bachelors. come home. fools say you sold out.

      this in the 2012. not 1980. we’re like a child that never grew up.

    • Desiree

      You’re right this race doesn’t stick together…. It would much rather kill it’s own men and declare it’s own women subordinate to other races….Yet it insists on being ignorant and proud(bragging about hurting/killing people, etc.). It’s sad…

  5. dominicancoke

    I was a latin king in the 90s kedzie and armitage deciple killa imperial ganster killer
    spanish cobra killer man black decipless should be banned and murdered by the folks.all they do is turn on other folks like fellow folks Gd and p.stones they turned on king vel gangs.are not.the way but peoples nation worked together

  6. Harrison Boateng

    Why is it cool when the grown rappers (Rick Ross, Game, 50, etc. ) talk about guns and violence , but now two younger kids talk about it and its a big deal. What do you expect?! this is the hip hop culture we live in. Guns and Violence have been laced up in the lyrics for a minute lets stop acting like its new cuz folk died. You want fix the problem change up the lyrics and the violent culture either than that accept the consequences that come with it.

  7. imaman2012

    do this…

    put the gloves on and squabble.

    also him taking pics hold gats. what did you expect? him to fund a start up.
    he only had two options in life. his current state or in the joint

    getting tired of my peeople.

  8. T.E.E.L

    That shit Cray! These lil kids are truth tellers at spirit. It hits home when the youth start talking about what is really going on. I blame the previous generations for having all these bad ass kids and not being serious about raising them.

  9. Don't make me laugh

    “KIDS” at war. Typically, I’d blame the parents for allowing the streets to raise their children, but it’s evident today, that children are a direct reflection of their parents. The basic fabric of parenting is lost in many of us (African American). Once upon a time, it took a village to raise a child. Then crack/cocaine infiltrated our village, rendering it unsafe. Man, they really did a number on us. You Chi-Town folk be safe.

  10. Don't make me laugh

    “Kids at War”. Typically, my first reaction would have been to blame the parents for allowing the streets to raise their children. Now I see it’s the parents for not properly disciplining them. The Gov’t and state policies play a role in this as They’ve took a way our power to spank OUR children. Nonetheless, the basic fabric of parenting is lost in our urban communities. It used to take a village to raise a child. That village has been infiltrated by crack and cocaine, rendering it unsafe. The family structure is broken. The phrase “Father” is replaced by “baby daddy”. That word used to be cute, huh. Now it’s a reflection of a nigga who abandoned her and child. Now that child is dead. Wake up People.

  11. Don't make me laugh

    AHH, you guys are simply fueling the treachery by posting the remix of a sing that may have contributed to the young mans death. Play your part by building, not destroying. “Stop Coonery”

  12. chiboi773

    smh, this was never a rap beef. thats a street war thats been going on since the fuckin 90s!! GDs vs. BDs only chicago niggas know bout dat.these blog sites been getting shit twisted since lil bro death

  13. MiiUziWeighsATon

    Lmao…that lil nigga going to jail….or somebody gonna brush’em…an he str8 dry snitched on himself via his remix…these lil niggaz are dumb…FEDS gonna rush cuz of the pic posing wit gunz…u gotta love it…my people are getting slower and slower…our kids are losing big time…AND IT IS SAD AND YES I’MA GO ON WIT MY DAY…GOT 4 KIDS OF MY OWN TO WORRY ABOUT…

  14. MiiUziWeighsATon


    J/K…love a nigga (NO HOMO) who knows his shyt about guns….hold a class or something nigga

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