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Hip-Hop Rumors: 50 Cent Forms Company With Manny Pacquiao – WTH???

Maybe I will put my true views on illseed.com, but for now, this is getting stranger and stranger. First of all 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather are no longer friends.

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This is weird to me, but it gets weirder. It all moved so fast. First of all, 50 Cent shut down TMT (The Money Team) Productions or whatever it was called. This prompted people to think for a sec that he was getting OUT of the game of boxing. No. he was forming a new company, according to BoxingScene.com.

An advisor for Pac Man said the following to the site:

“50 Cent and I have been talking now for maybe the last two months. They approached us with the idea to form a promotional company. Initially it was going to be 50 Cent, Manny and Floyd. But right now I don’t think Floyd is going to be a part of it. I explained the idea to Manny. We already have a promotional company, MP Promotions, and we have already done three separate promotions from Top Rank…on a small scaler. I have to take the blame for that. I’m in charge of it.  There is an element missing there, but I have so much to do with Manny – that I haven’t got that company to where I want it.”
“I think with 50 Cent, with his entertainment connections and his popularity there, combining that with Manny’s popularity and expertise in boxing – we can bring a new flavor to boxing – we can excite some young boxers and I think we can sign some top quality boxers. I spoke to 50 Cent tonight and confirmed that we’re going to go forward. Manny is coming here this weekend for other business, but we’re all excited about it. With 50’s influence in the music industry – we want to put a different flavor on the shows.”
“On pay-per-view events maybe we won’t do four fights. Maybe we’ll do two fights and a mini-concert in-between or something. A different angle on it. People know Manny cares about other boxers and I think that’s going to be important when we go out and sign other quality boxers who may not know 50 Cent but on the other hand know Manny and know his generous character to other boxers.”

– Michael Koncz to BoxingScene.com.


Floyd was 50’s best friend and then he goes and starts working with this biggest enemy? What’s that about? He’s really trying to stick it to Floyd!


Since Joe Budden is mad at his fans, peep this video by Saigon and Styles P! You can be their fans!


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  • James

    I guess the truth has finally come out about why they’re not cool. 50 Cent, like a bitch, came out first yappin’ about “Floyd changed in prison”. Meanwhile, he was being snake the whole time. How the hell would Floyd remain cool with you? SMH

  • juz sayin

    Floyd need to sign with the Game or Rick Ross or Fat Joe & whip 50 & Manny”s Azz!

    • uhhh how can he sign to game ross or fat joe?? sign to what exactly?? hahaha

      • Rap contract? LOL

        >>>Tossing out $$$ ” My name is Floyd MONEY May Weather”

  • damn this is the same thing he did to the first company he had making those headphones… played cool… got their ideas… then took them to a rival company…

  • Guest

    Dude that later Avatar has me rolling.

  • saw on espn this motherfvcker manny is about to fight marquez AGAIN

  • Guest

    Yo and for real 50 know’s how to make money off of beef. 50 cent is never your friend I don’t know why anybody thought for one second this was BROMANCE. Having 1 promotional company for both to share means MORE MONEY FOR BOTH FIGHTERS. Especially if you have a Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight.

  • AK

    why is this suprising did he not do this to everyone he once knew? im talking back to his street days in queens with bang em and domination to onyx to jam master j , just look how he did young buck that said it all 50 is never to be trusted floyd figured that out in jail so 50 stopped his act he was using floyd to get into boxing

  • Eli Pinilla

    “They approached us with the idea to form a promotional company. Initially it was going to be 50 Cent, Manny and Floyd. But right now I don’t think Floyd is going to be a part of it.”
    yall nggz dont read for shit. its obvious that the three of them were going to do it together and it was floyed and 50 that aproached many about it. floyd is out, so now its just 50 and manny. so how did 50 snake floyd when they went to manny together? and wouldnt that go with what 50 said about people waiting on flyd to be generous and that he has alot of money and doesnt need to wait on anyone?!?!? so maybe floyd procrastinating cuz he got his people in his ear, 50 think he chaged in jail, and now 50 cant wait and wants to move foward with th shit. remember, it was supposed to be on and poppin as soon as floyd got out. aint happen.

    • Celz

      They are still together.. Just making some beef for the fight. It will be the biggest fight in history. Manny and Money got 50 to help them because he built his rap career off of WWE style drama. They are going to take one payday and quit Ocean 11s style.

  • therealest1

    This is another long line of real examples why you shouldn’t mix business and money with friendships. Whenever there’s money involved between friends, something negative will always arise after its all through. That’s why it should be almost mandatory to not let money get involved in a friendship.

  • n n

    lil b look like a serial killer.lol

  • water_ur_seeds

    50, floyd and manny? that would of been mad

  • MiiUziWeighsATon

    Law 14…pose as a friend, work as a spy…perfectly executed by Fif…Every move Fif makes is calculated, planned way before carried out…he is eating his way thru rivals to gain money power and respect

  • 50 grimey, i like that!!!

  • jon doe

    Who care about 50 getting his teeth fixed or floyd waxing his legs the fans have killed hip hop years ago that Saigon and Styles P joint is crazy and nobody mentioned it I no longer blame 80 year old industry owners for marketing dumb shit to the masses because the masses are dumb as shit

    • That ‘chet was Fiyah ( Styles & Saigon )

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  • toreal

    I’m starting to believe everything Game said about 50.

    • therealest1

      Its hard to take Game seriously because he is way too bipolar. A real example was when he defected from G Unit, he constantly talked shit about all the members. But when Young Buck got the big boot from 50 for insubordination and disrespect, Game was all on Young Buck’s nuts like that acting like he never dissed him since he started dissing 50 and crew.

      • toreal


    • D_Ably

      for a dude whos name is ‘toreal’, you should know better than to believe any rapper period lol

      • toreal


  • Its called business, that’s how the business world operates, back biting, double crossing et al

  • Ajaxnhtown

    you guys are all idiots. this is the problem with dumb ass hip hop heads they can recite lyrics but can’t read for shit, so let me break it down for you dumb groupies. The reason why floyd is not in the picture anymore is because nobody wants to do business with a person that goes to jail for beating a woman or like gucci mane pushes a girl out the car. They want someone that is going to conduct theirselves in the public eye in a positive way. Especially when you a boxer and then you go and beat a woman up. Also floyd and mayweather will never fight because their camps don’t won’t to suffer financially in the long run from a lost. they don’t make fighters like they use to if this were the 90’s they would have been fought

    • TheBoxcarHobo

      Not a huge Floyd mayweather fan but his business will not be hurt by his stint in jail. I’m not gonna comment on the rest of your little tirade because it doesn’t really make sense. No hate, just sayin

  • Tommy Lewis

    Am i the only person that see’s what’s happening. 50, Floyd and Manny will make more money being apart then they would have together. If they formed their own company together, people would not buy this fight because it may be rigged like Manny’s last fight. Floyd had some time in the joint to scheme this up, but lets face it, BEEF SELLS. When this fight happens and trust me, it will happen, They just got rid of golden boy promotions and top rank by promoting this fight with their own companies. All the money will come into their coffers and they will all make way more money. I bet you 50 and floyd still talk everyday, but don’t want to be seen together, because if will compromise this so called beef as well as their pockets. Can you imagine the 24/7’s that HBO will do to promote this fight. This has the making of a story line that a lot of people will buy into as well as a lot of greenbacks.
    Also how much promotion has to be done what is being dubbed the “fight of the century” Who ever came up with this idea is a genius.

  • scullyson

    Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

  • Ouch! Styles P & Saigon = Win ( not Like Them )

    $00.50 = Always Grimey / Disloyal

    Beats By Dre, Boxing, JaRule’s style, LOL

    Not sure if it’s $00.50 flipping or peep’s flipping around him.

  • Guest

    50 can’t rap can’t act and everytime he talks he ends up talking to dam much then goes to the studio and makes wacks ass gun songs that nobody believes or buys. 50 used Mayweather to get around them boxing circles. Why would any business man cut 50 into the deal when he brings nothing to the table. Floyd established his-self and 50 just wants to eat off his table Im glad Floyd peeped game and didn’t get leaned on. I hope Floyd signs up to The Game boxing company that would be the shit.

  • 50CENT IS A CLOWN FIRST HE DISS HIS GROUP MEMBERS ON THE RADIO NOW FLOYD. enjoy the ride down for every hand you spit on going up is attached to an ass you’ll have to kiss on your way down

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  • R.E Dykes


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