Kanye West

@KanyeWest Ft. @RKelly “To The World”

[ahh_audio src=/9-13-12/KanyeWestFtRKelly-ToTheWorld.mp3]

  • Is it me or does ALL mainstream Hip Hop sound EXACTLY the same? SMFH! Thank GOD for the underground!

    • JRman

      are you kidding me? this is the most generic sound i have heard in hip hop, if you know anything from kanye, he doesnt just put together garbage and do it, it took him two months to produce one song (lost in the world), and i cant imagine how long this took just to put the beat together he put together native american folk music, dubstep, hip hop, and a Scandinavian hint, the lyricism is also great

      • I’m not arguing about the generic sound… but are you joking? It does not take 2 months to produce a single song nor a single beat. That is a humiliating joke for any producer working on such a project. It doesn’t matter how good it is.

    • JRman

      also your prob some young money fanboy who thinks lying about being underground will get him some likes

    • Apollo Showtime

      Nothing is really GENERIC about what Kanye West does.

  • meh.

  • datboijc

    every body aint say what’ going to happen it’s going to be big no matter how Generic u think it is the boy put’s out differnt music every album. and make’s hits