@GhostWridah [BGA] “Clique Freestyle”

GhostWridah-Clique(Freestyle).mp3[ahh_audio src=/9-15-12/PersiasRoomEdit.mp3]

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  • Clique

    Clique that’s my name it’s been my name sinces 14 teen years of age

  • Clique

    Ha bitch my bitich been da Clique since14 u dont wanna sound off dis reAll talk real shit Tthis that shit i don!t like Chief keefe yea I’m from dat erra be dead or b gon bitch fuc u sound off R get yo ISSUE!! Okkk!! Dis dat shit I DONT LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Clique

    It’s only one clique and that’s me real talk you gets no pointers over here nobody and I do mean NOBODY EVER spell’ed it like that but me and there will NeVER be another clique but me from racilla bitch stop bite’n and do u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the real clique is sounding u off….