Hip-Hop Rumors: Which Hard Core Rapper Is Turning To God?

Well, there are actually two hard core rappers that are turning to GOD on their next albums. DMX is fresh off of the release of his seventh studio album, Undisputed, which is in stores now, and the rapper is already planning his next album. DMX has confirmed to MTV’s RapFix that his next album will be a Christian album. The rapper, who is highly religious, told that he also plans on turning his life over to the church in the near future and will stick to it and not flip flop like some other rappers out there.

Rapper #2 is a huge surprise as this rapper never really speaks about GOD in his music and usually beefs with other artists. In a recent interview with Jenny Boom Boom, West Coast rapper GAME has revealed that he has found a new faith in GOD, and it is all thanks to Kanye West!

The rapper has revealed that his new album will be called Jesus Piece, and it will be a Christian album. Check out what he said below:

“I’m calling it Jesus Piece cause last year in August I got baptized and so I’ve been going to church, but I still been kinda doing me out here. I still love the strip club and I still smoke and drink. I’m faithful to my family, so I wanted to make an album where you could love God and be of God, but still get it poppin’ in your life.”

“I called in Kanye and he gave me some ideas and we had done a song called ‘Jesus Piece’ on my original album and so once I switched the title, I just kept that song and ‘Celebration,’ and I then redid all the rest of the songs to fit the concept of Jesus Piece.”

That’s pretty dope! I think Hip-Hop fans are ready for a different genre of music to start making the Billboard charts. How many times can one stand to hear “Pop That” and songs of that nature on the radio? Don’t get me wrong, I love to party to that type of music, but sometimes a little inspiration in your music is good for the soul!

You can check out GAME’s full interview below, where he also talks about his new reality show and how he and his wife go “ham” on the show, interesting!

Will you be watching GAME’s new reality show when it drops later this year?

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  • Oknas

    these niggaz is confused out hurr lol

  • Guest

    i thought he couldn’t get more corny

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  • That’s what the mainstream needs. People can try and deny it, but the mainstream influences everything. Even if you’re not into the music. So why not bring some inspiration and positivity to the game? Instead of always hearing folks shit on you as you bump their tracks. Good look for both of them in my opinion.

    • Casor_Greener

      Some stunts

  • therealest1

    Just another one of Game’s emotional bipolar reactions perhaps?

    • Freedom Scott King

      I don’t like when reporters suggest that rappers having god in their heart is somehow odd. what the f++k type of demonizing culturally discriminitive storyline is this!!!!!
      If you don’t agree with how people poetically articulate their lifestyles or their problems fine, but cultural disrespect is what cause crowds to react with anger. I’m sure no one is that mad over this lil bullshyt story, but it flirts with something it shouldn’t flirt with.

    • thuglifefukdapolice

      HI HATER

    • FrankWonder

      LOL!!! I think so.

  • Liv Profit

    Why even promote this nonsense? biggest pile of poo ive ever heard. Ok for those who dont know jesus is about purity and holiness the Anti-game. smh

    • felix cartagena

      Yeah u have to be really faithful to god. Kanye west is a joke. He says this and that about god and jesus. but he is just fooling the whole world. Kanye west is corny and just cause u rap about god or jesus does not mean anything. You have to show it through your life and how u live it. Faith, Belief Etc.

      • they also say only god can judge us …. but i feel ya …… 😉

      • Griss

        my thoughts exactly

  • WOLF

    who wants to get 40 glocked at church

  • ci

    Wow..really Game? I was happy at first about the whole christian album until I read that he found new faith in God because of Kanye West,not a good look.True genuine faith in God requires holiness,obedience and purity,not halfheartedness,just because you get baptized and go to church doesn’t give you an excuse to go to strip clubs and live the way you want to live..smh

    • Griss

      so u cant find God thru someone else??? and are u judging the fact that hes still a sinner like you and i are…. ?ijs

  • Alf Capone

    games such a dick………..”
    so I wanted to make an album where you could love God and be of God, but still get it poppin’ “………….what a dick

  • I need some shit to bump on the way to church

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  • X = Real
    Game = Fake

    $ideNote @ Sydney La$e:
    Well, readers / commenters :
    Aries Sphears – Reverend DMX ( Youtube )

    Funny ‘Chet!

    X always been religious, no surprise…but, the Aries Spears is mad believable.
    X will be one of the funniest & realest preachers ever.

    “Ten years ago, I would have beat up Drake in an elevator.”…DMX

    SMH! ^^^^

    * I Don’t Dance – DMX Feat MGK = Fiyah!

  • ryan thompson

    the writer of this artical needs to do research , undisputed is dmx’s seventh studio album

  • IG::TheRealStevieBee

    Game = Lecrae biter

  • James

    You can’t say you worship/love God and still “get it poppin” with weed and them strip clubs.

    • weed yes, strip clubs no.

    • Griss

      just like u cant judge as u r and i am of u …. we all sin … our paths are all different …. let this man walk his journey weather he comes up short when the clock stops is he and the Lords biz G …. ijs…

      • James

        Yeah we all sin, but that’s why we have Jesus Christ. You don’t have to wait till your clock is up to know if you come up short. God would rather we all live a fulfilling life “according to His will” in Christ Jesus. Which brings me to the judging aspect. People usually use the “don’t judge” wildcard as an excuse for them to do whatever without having to hear anybody tell them it’s wrong. But if someone checks your sin/wrong, according to the Word of God, then in essence it is really the Word of God that’s judging the sin and not the person.

    • Tony G.

      WTF Game gonna teach

  • Luis M Diaz

    times have changed, poeple have changed even tho the war on race is still going on its not at the level it use to be. i think its time too take the aditude of coming together as one helping our brothers and sisters grow in the right mind set of positivity. i like this step for hip hop mabe it can change the concept of step on ur brother to lend a hand of knowlege too ur brother.. ppl keep ur mouth closed and eyes open some times i just cant understand you if jesus told the man next to him on the cross who was a sinner of the worst kind that he would be with him in heaven because of his act of faith in what he spoke who are you to say that this man cant show an act of faith in God with a record.. religion has been setting us back this whole time we need too understand we were all put here for one reason and that to preach this word and help our brother aganst all odds.. and threw this mans life and trials have him in a strip club or smoking and drinking i got faith in my brother that one day we will all be more holy. like i said keep ur mouth closed and eyes open watch the fruit thats how you will know..

  • Good sh!t Game, please teach these niggas something

  • The things these rappers do to sell records…I guess coming out of the closet is watered down….lol

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  • Rappers are stupid.

  • pockets_hot_from_pepperoni

    glad I don’t listen to the radio just one more way god is being shoved down peoples throats. at least it will hopefully bring more positivity though

  • hoeyuno

    Game still loves the strip club.. And still practices pole dancing at home.

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  • Abrasive Angel

    Oh well, I won’t be buying their music to hear them give their devotion to a fictional character that has been shoved down black people’s throats for 400yrs and now is a permanent brainwashing tool.

    • Rick Dawson

      get a life

      • Abrasive Angel

        Wow and we wonder why the black population has remained at 12% for the past 100yrs. Nigga, get your life and learn something besides a character designed to keep you blind, you dumbass. You must be one of those Amerikkkan style christians. You need to learn Gnosticism you dumbfuck.

  • Feed Me

    Hey thiests, if god isn’t a faggot, how come jesus got nailed by a bunch of guys?

    Athiests: 1
    Chritians: 0
    Muslims: -1

    • Rick Dawson

      You are sick!!! Do you go around spreading hatred and ignorance. What business is it of yours to attack christians and muslims. So what if you don’t believe in god, Get a life you sick basturd.

    • johnblacksad

      because he lets everyone do what the fe they want… including letting stupid ignorant bastards like you free to believe and trust him or not… good luck to you

  • toreal

    God does not like these two niggas.

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  • Dr. Ebony Utley

    Both DMX and The Game are featured in my new book Rap and Religion: Understanding the Gangsta’s God. I doubt that Jesus Piece will be a “Christian” album but many rappers have incorporated many religious themes for many, many years.

  • J_Arrogant

    idk y he’s thanking Kanye!! Kanye is the biggest hypocrite behind “Murda Mase/Pastor Mase” LMAO

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  • D_Ably

    gods not gonna make everyone care about you homeboy lol

  • dominicancoke

    Im atheist but I question these hypocritical artist who flip flop like a crooked politician murda mase for example dmx? I believe it when I see it game? Nugga yous bipolar and kanye made u see the light? Hes a narciciss whore chaser who worships money like most tv pastors(black pastor on bet 3am voice)cause god! Told me who ever pays 500 for this blessed praying hankerchief lol blacks are fools.for believing in a religion forced on them by master and so are latinos wake up and find your true origin if you choose to believe do your research

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