Frank Ocean

Hip-Hop Rumors: Frank Ocean Is Charging WHAT Per Performance? He’s Caked Up!

Ever since coming out of the closet, Frank Ocean’s popularity has soared through the roof. We hear he was the most tweeted about artist at the recent MTV VMAs, and last night, he was the guest performer on Saturday Night Live. Frank belted out two songs, his hit “Thinkin Bout You” and “Pyramids.” You can watch that performance below:

Ocean is in high demand these days and is capitalizing on his popularity and making sure he’s stacking his pockets! We hear the R&B singer is demanding a boatload of money per performance. What’s a boatload, you ask? Well, we hear Ocean is asking $100K per performance!

Last week in NYC for Fashion Week, Ocean was booked to perform at the J. Mendel Runway show and tweeted “Easiest 100K Ever.”

Get your money, Franky! Check out Frank Ocean performing “Thinkin Bout You” at the VMAs below. Which performance do you like better?

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  • therealest1

    Jew up the price shit.

    • Abrasive Angel

      lol @ Jew up the price.

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    I don’t trust these dudes. (OFWGKTA) They are purposely controversial. When you actually see Frank KISS A DUDE, then he may be believed. Watch. Claiming to be gay is the new buzz.

    • Better join the bandwagon before its too late then!

      • hoeyuno

        Ha ha

    • Smart Guy …. they manipulate the media

      • Smart? But it’s like saying it’s okay to pretend to be Gay just make a profit, then at the end of the day he is straight…..That is beyond selling you’re soul to the devil….These dudes are fucked up in the head the same dudes gay bashing are the same dudes wearing dresses for a living.

      • it is what it is … if you ask me only folks who are gay should feel bamboozled if thats the case … especially seeing thats most likely the reason why he got paid top dollar during “fashion” week … frank ocean being gay aint costing me nothing except for a little time debating about the subject on websites lol …. if it comes out that he aint gay that dude who paid all that $$ prob will be pissed !! lol

      • Well that’s kind of selfish to say that, but I get you’re point.

    • $18592567

      I’m starting to believe that…

    • u seriously want to go that far and see this dude kiss another dude ????? lol fine hes gay i thats enuff proof for me smh the gay talk is enuff we dont need to see no gay love #pause LOL take that ish that way ——————————————>

      • Reese Riley

        Yet you are on his post… You must support it. Ain’t no straight dudes coming to post about gay niggas just to hate. Accept your gay status and be happy.

      • Josh

        He’s bi, not gay.

      • Guest

        there’s no such thing as a bisexual man…once you deliver or receive penis willingly from a man, you are gay…

      • Josh

        We don’t know if he did that or not. Technically he’s bi. We do know for a fact that he’s fucked with different women before. That’s what the songs she from goblin, and pyramids, pink matter, and thinking about you are about

      • Guest

        ^ This is not fully thought out.

    • Josh

      No they just act the way they have long before they were famous. Long before any of them were being posted on this site they acted the same. Just kids making music and being stupid. Having fun. Go to one of their shows, its all just about the music

    • Sosa_Limone

      i am not sayin i want him to see him kiss anohter dude, but i feel your point… i feel the same way, its a publicity stunt to sell records…. i guess its working for him.

  • TURNER04

    Why does the media keep attaching the Hip Hop label to this dude,when he clearly is RnB? I havent heard his album so maybe he is a singer/rapper like Drake. But soon as he so called came out the closet ,he is now Hip Hop.

    • Richie_Ochoa

      Realtalk ait nothing hiphop about this dude. And they always wanna label him a rapper

      • Josh

        He does rap he has a nice verse on the classic oddfuture song “Oldie”

      • Richie_Ochoa

        Yeah and usher rapped on nice and slow. We could go through a long list of pop artist that rapped on a song doesn’t make any of them hiphop

      • classic and odd future..shouldn’t be in the same sentence.

      • Josh

        Yes it actually does. If you listen to the whole album. Albums like bastard, black and white, earl, radicals, the of tape volumes 1 and 2. Yeah they are classics

      • Everyone has there opinions, never heard anyone say that…besides Frank (of which I am not a fan) you hear nothing about these guys. They had a buzz, now it’s gone.

      • Josh

        Wrong. They just had the best set on the second day of Jay-z’s Made in America show. Goblin was a success. You got Ron Howard giving tyler the creator props for his direction and music videos. They are multifaceted talented. Hodgy beats has twitter going crazy this week with Mellowhype week. The buzz is still there. Guarantee Tyler gets a grammy nom for Wolf when it’s released

      • That doesn’t mean they make classic music…lol. If they go on to have some sort of real success.. I will be proven wrong. As of now, they are just another in a long line of rappers who do the same thing as everyone else. “Mellowhype Week”, yea… I heard some song with Juicy J the other day, it was one of the worst pieces of music I ever heard in my life. Sounded like some dance music. I mean if you like them that’s cool,… I can’t hate on that. But they haven’t accomplished enough to be classic.. there just kids.

      • Josh

        Like I said, listen to the albums. If you can listen to Earl and bastard and tell me those aren’t classic I’ll cease and desist

      • Thanks for the respectful argument, it’s refreshing from the norm of people name calling because you have a differing opinion. I will check them out and dig into it a little deeper.

      • Josh

        Anytime man. Just spirited debate.

      • Reese Riley

        For a kuuun who claims to not be a fan, you’re lame brain ass is trolling his articles just like a reject pygmy. Why is that?

      • People like your welfare recipient ass keep replying to me, that is why. Don’t you have some food stamps to spend with your internet stalking ass? Hop off it…

      • Reese Riley

        Stalking you.. Bitch you don’t even got Twitter followers. You sucking Franks dick attempting to bring attention to yourself. You are a bottom feeding low rent ass kuunn. Keep it pushing.. I bet you will reply but you won’t get any more of my attention. Stay mad.

      • Sucking dick? No, that’s what Frank Ocean admittedly does…and you like him for that. Why are you so angry at the world? Did your Dad touch you as a kid or something? I do have twitter followers actually, which is irrelevant to this conversation….stay on topic, they teach you that in middle school… something you would know nothing about. I think I’m around 840, so what? Who cares? You judge people based off twitter followers? What are you, 14 years old? When a person seeks out your comments that have nothing to do with them….yea, your a mad internet stalker.

        Go hang yourself.

    • Guest

      rnb is included in the hiphop culture, hello mcfly!!

  • It was a gimmick and it worked.

  • He’s really not that good. Just hot right now.

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  • Ocean got skills!

    No surprise that he engages in SugarBooty’ism!

  • ladynamor

    Where is this place that worships these people? I see NO BUZZ on most of this stuff. Who are the people paying to see these people? Seriously, what is the difference between Frank Ocean and Drake or Musiq Soulchild or Usher OTHER THAN he admitted to being gay? Its that same tune in the same notes with the same idea and message. I must have finally disconnected from the whole scene, thank god! Now all I have to do is stop coming to my used-to-be favorite HIP HOP site that plugs RnB artist antics and relationship news and I will be free from all the dramatic crap that ruined our culture. Cant wait until artist start relying on talent and innovation to sell music again! This constant manipulation of media in bed with the industry has got be over soon I hope. Back to writing songs about real struggles and issues in regular peoples lives. Remember Marley Stand up for your rights, Run DMC Its like that, BDP Criminal Minded, P.E. Dont believe the hype, Tupac Dear Mama, Biggie Black and ugly as ever!. I would even go for Eminem talking about his mom again, anything! Everything is so planned and focused on convincing the fan that the music is not as important as the lifestyle of the artist. Without the “hype” MOST of these artists in the past decade would be one hit wonders. I wonder what the media and “writers” actually get out of inflating stories and creating buzz for these dudes. The industry is not giving people a chance. It is all rigged. They used the same producers over and over until all the music sounded the same and the sales were over because of it, then they revitalized sales by mixing POP with rap???? David Guetta is the new Premier LMAO! Its over baby. Hip Hop is not what your parents grew up on. It is the National Enquirer on wax, or download, or viral video.

    • maya

      Tupac’s career did so well because of hype, too. Hype, and the fact that he was a “pretty thug.” There were many who were better than him but didn’t get the success because they were not as sexy as he was.

      • LOL.. are you serious? 2pac dropped classic albums, worked his ass off….nothing to do with being “sexy” lol. wow, your a moron.

      • maya

        I’m just being realistic. There were many who were more gifted than Tupac. When he was alive (were you even born yet?), nobody thought much of his skills. He was popular because he was “sexy” and because he was always in the news for some bullshit. Sorry – just the facts. When he was alive, you never heard the words “Tupac” and “classic” in the same sentence. **shrugs**

      • Not many pieces of work, whether it be films, music or art call it CLASSIC right away..LOL, think about it? Kids these days call just about anything classic. And no, what you are saying is not a fact, it is your opinion. There is no possible way to prove it’s a fact. I’ve never heard anyone else say it but you, and who the hell are you? How did he sell millions of records if “nobody thought much of his skills”? He sold records while alive, and while dead. He made classic songs like California Love,Life Goes On.To Live & Die in LA,Hit Em Up, Brendas Got A Baby (who makes songs like that today?),I Aint Mad At Cha,Keep Ya Head Up,How Do You Want It,Trapped,So Many Tears…just to name a few, only one of those songs would fit your “sexy” accusation, and he still went hard on How Do You Want It…. ..He acted in some good movies, because of who he was..and he was a good actor.. I am starting to think you weren’t even born when he was doing his thing…because you really have no idea what your talking about. The news stories just gave legitimacy about what he rapped about…something rappers today know nothing about.

      • maya

        Image. Image. Image. His IMAGE was/is sexy. That’s why yall sweat him. He started the whole “pretty thug” movement. That’s what attracts yall. If he were ugly, yall wouldn’t have paid him any mind. He was commercial – a commercial pretty thug. You all glamorize him today and have your image of him – and it’s all good. I’m just saying that it is NOTHING like it was when he was alive. The way some JayZ and Nas shit for example is considered “classic” and they are still alive – it wasn’t like that when Pac was alive. Pac fans were mostly females and males who like to pretty thugs. That whole “thug life” shit was fetishized. It’s sexy. Some of yall can lie to yourselves into thinking that it’s some “real” shit, but it’s sexy. That’s why it sells. He started it.

        Tupac wasn’t bigged up as a rapper like that when he was alive. He was always on the news for being a loud mouth. People didn’t feel like he was saying anything that deep. The thing is that the culture is so fucked up and trifling today, that now his shit DOES seem deep – cause everything else is so wack.

        His carees was NOT about mc skills – at all. He was beautiful, charismatic, and he was always up in some shit – that’s why he got so much attention. Like I said, MANY rappers were better than he was. They just didn’t have that commercial sex appeal. They didn’t have that HYPE.

      • ladynamor

        Outside of your love of his looks and charisma (which I have never heard ANYONE but YOU mention). His songs like Hail Mary and Hit em up were some bangers. You are just hating, OR love the shit out of some Frankie, period. I have NEVER heard of the “pretty thug” movement, EVER. YOU made that shit up.

      • It’s a first for me too, lol. I have heard people say they thought he was wack or over rated. Never heard someone say he sold millions of records based on looks.

      • ladynamor

        This must be one of Frankies fairy dust friends. LMAO

      • maya

        You never heard of it probably because you are a youngin or were not in New York to witness it first hand when shit was going down. I don’t hate Tupac at all. And I don’t feel much about Frank Ocean either way. Jeesh. You all are so sensitive. lol

        If you not from New York, you didn’t get hip to most shit until the internet really got poppin – WAY after Tupac was long and gone. Sorry you missed out on the real…

      • I’m a guy if you hadn’t noticed. I have a girlfriend. I have two kids. I could care less about how sexy you think some dude was, I don’t sit there and get excited over how someone looks to decide If I like that artist’s music or not. So his “Strictly 4 My Niggaz” album was commercial? He was somehow well known then? I mean, how are you about to tell someone else why they liked an artist? You sound delusional. So Biggie was sexy? Biz Markie & Krs-One were sexy? If your a dude, you sound mad homo. I like Pac for his music, he made good music. Was he the best lyricist? No, he wasn’t… like Snoop never was or never will be. Not every rapper has to be the #1 lyricist. He talked about a lot of social issues, I’ll take the mixture of thing’s he repped over some punchline rapper any day of the week.A lot of his song’s were deep. You just sound like a stuck in the 90’s cat mad that Pac dissed all of NY and basically got away with it. He wasn’t THAT dude always, they made him that way. People identified with him.

        I know full well what Pac was about, he was a back up dancer for Digital Underground, was in ballet…blah blah…. Jay-Z was mad slept on until the Blueprint, the man is in his late 40’s.Pac died in his 20’s. So of course his music wasn’t viewed the same way. Thing’s are over analyzed to death now with the net, they didn’t have that back then.

      • ladynamor

        Very well said. Im tearing up over here. LOL (really tho)

      • Do you come on this site a lot? If so, is this guy always like this? I’m not big on arguing with people on the net, but ignorance has to be put in it’s place.

      • maya

        I don’t care what you are. It’s irrelevant. And men (gay or straight) can still be drawn to a male entertainer by his looks and image. It happens. I’m not saying it’s bad to like Pac. LOL Everybody has their own taste. It’s no big deal. I’m just saying that the main reason you even know his name is beacuse of all the HYPE that surrounded him. That’s all. Like I said – I was there. And like I tole the OP – if you weren’t in NYC at the time, you haven’t a clue as to how it really was then and there. You didn’t get put on until the internet age. By that time, the “legend” had taken over – so you don’t see the whole picture. That’s all I’m saying. All you know is what you get on the net. You weren’t there. Don’t be so defensive. lol

        And you REALLY must be out in the boondocks to think that JayZ was slept on until the blueprint. I’m not even going to continue this, cause it’s obvious that you are new to this.

      • Maybe you choose what kind of music or movies you like based off looks, but your on a lonely island with that one. I judge people off talent and if I like the music they make. Just because your Mr. Homo erotica thug, doesn’t mean we all are. You weren’t there, Why do you keep pretending you were? just because you live in the NYC area when 2pac was coming up doesn’t mean you know shit all. He created his most well known and celebrated music in California, oh were there too right? How do you know I only knew him because of the internet? Do you know me or something? Did we grow up together? Back then all people had was dial up, but hey you knew that right? There weren’t a bunch of news sites or music blogs..but hey you know that too right? You know everything right? You tell people what they like and why they don’t like right? You make 500 K a year and live in Manhattan… your balling out of control. Then you log off the internet and reality sinks in. The lie is over. You = 🙁

        I like 2pac because he made good music, you liked him or disliked him over his looks..that’s fine, like you said..we all have our tastes. My taste was the music, your taste was the man’s dick.

        Reasonable Doubt was slept on. Jay-Z had one hit with Hard Knock Life..those Vol albums are trash. Were then, are now. Blueprint put him on the map…then when people went back and peeped Reasonable Doubt after the fact..they called it classic. Come on now Mr New York…step your game up.

      • johnblacksad

        Copped Reasonable Doubt summer of 96… actually thought it was GZA’s album that came out, found out it was Jay-z instead…. instant classic dope east coast new york sh!t… i didn’t have to wait for Blueprint to like it… sh!t had excellent Primo tracks in 96, what more can you ask for? Ski, CLark Kent, Irv Gotti gets my respect forever for that Can I live… them last three tracks are not to be played with.
        Actually, besides Ain’t no n!gga… which i don’t care for… the album is flawless and has always been from the get go!… i actually bought them Volumes1,2,3 only because of RD! and you know what… didn’t like Hard Knock Life singles… and didn’t really follow Jay until Blueprint… that’s when i felt he had “it” back…
        Now when i go back, i like the volumes too… In my lifetime is very very good… on Reasonable Doubt level almost, except he chose the two worst songs on the album as singles… (tryin to make sh!t pop since RD ‘flopped’/didn’t pop as he wished).. Hard Knock life album was good too… reservoir dogs, kid capri, too short, ride or die, bleek’s opening track…

        Since his RD experience, Jay always drops singles which make a lot of people call him ‘commercial’ when the rest of the albums are just pure gems!

      • I guess I went a little hard on the volumes, I just think they were a bit touch & go..there is songs on all of them I instantly skip past.. I can’t front, I was middle school and was a Pac stan, so anyone Pac lashed out at I didn’t like either. It was foolish, but kids are kids right? I got into Jay-Z later on, Biggie etc…Reasonable Doubt was always dope, but it wasn’t felt like say Illmatic. If someone dropped an album like that today in the internet age cats would be going nuts for it. Good production, nice guest features.. good stories. I guess just my point was the masses as a whole didn’t fully embrace him until the Blueprint. But the real rap fan was into him since the start, and you sound like one of those people.

      • maya

        And I DO know what I’m talking about. I was the same age as he and I was smack dab in NYC when all the shit was going down. I witnessed it – I experienced it – FIRST HAND. RIGHT THERE.

      • First hand? so you were like, Pac’s manager or something? You watched it on MTV like everyone else. It’s still just your opinion and nothing more.

      • ladynamor

        Not only was songs like “California Love” and “How Do You Want It” considered classic from the beginning, so was his movies. Poetic Justice, Juice. He opened the door for rappers to even be on movies. He made appearances from the White House to the Vatican, man hush. YOU just dont like him, and you are entitled but dont try to belittle his accomplishments. AND YES, I was alive when he was out, and I am VERY close to the whole situation. Closer than you know.

      • maya

        And “Dear Mama” was considered mad corny when he was alive.

      • What does corny, and you calling him sexy have to do with one another? Nas dropped “I Can”, which some would see as corny as well… I guess he’s just “sexy” to you right?

      • maya

        Because the original poster brought up “Dear Mama” like it was some heavy, conscious shit. Let me be clear – he had a great career. I’m just saying that it is a BIG thanks to HYPE.

      • ladynamor

        I never said it was heavy, Im saying it was something that ALL people can relate to, except you obviously. What is wrong with covering different subjects? Pac has become popular all over the world for being an innovator, not being the greatest mc. He covered a lot of subjects and he DID NOT sell out like all these artist are today. Had he been alive, he would have made a song for the people who DONT LIKE dick in the booty artists.

      • LOL… dick in the booty artists.

      • Every artists success is due partly to “hype”. His hype was his life, hype today is paid for.

      • maya

        You hav no idea about his life. All you know is the hype you find on the net. You weren’t there to experience ANY of it. You don’t know any more about Tupacs life than you know about Elvis’s life. ALL YOU KNOW IS THE HYPE. You are just picking and choosing which hype you are going to buy into. **shrugs**

      • I do know about his life actually. You weren’t there either. You weren’t signed to The Row, you didn’t do shows with him, you didn’t work for him. Your just another kid sitting home watching MTV. Stop frontin. I know I bought his albums & enjoyed the music. Your a clown buddy. Your comments just dig into a bigger hole of having no credibility. Go jerk off to the Pac posters on your ceiling.

      • With every comment you fail a little bit more. The guy made dozens of classic records that stand on there own. Your just mad Biggie only put out two albums…and that NY rappers don’t even live in NY.

      • ladynamor

        Uh huh, and we are still talking about him17 yrs later. Shhhh. You not know what you talking mon.

  • MiiUziWeighsATon

    Bottom line…so long as celebrity gossip and reality tv thrives…the artist personal lives will outshine their actual talent and songwriting/singing abilities…u really have to blame the masses who love this shyt…we eat it up…from TMZ to Love an Hip Hop in Atlanta we tune in to see what’s new in the lives of an otherwise talentless celeb or psuedo celeb. People wanna hear Frank Ocean sucks dick because the topic of the gay rapper has been relevant for the past 15 years or more…NO HOMO….mafukkaz wanna hear Kanye and Kim had on matching sneakers and jewelry because they, we live out our fantasy lives thru their very real floss fest…

    Now, I’ma exclude myself from that we category…I do not have cable, by choice…I do not listen to the radio with the exception of the Throwback at Noon show with Mr.Cee and The Louie Vega/Kevin Hedge House Music show on Friday nights on WBLS…I have never seen a single episode of any show on television in the past 2yrs…I only listen and check for music by word of mouth and from what I may read in magazine like XXL…I get all my info on hip hop/music from AHH or SOHH

  • I bet them gay jokes ain’t funny no more huh? He got money OUT the ass lmao

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  • Bumpy Johnson

    f*** frank ocean , all you his supporters and all the niggas that s*** and put cokk in themselves (yuk)

  • the vma performance suuuucked did yall hear ?? frank is such a great live vocalist but i dont know what happins with his live musicians song was so off key it was embarresing same happened at cochella but he performed bad religion on jimmy fallon and it eas AMAZING

  • I could care less about what some other dude is making, he sold his soul out to make that money…a few years from now he’ll be broke, living in the hood sucking on a crack pipe…. he doesn’t pay my bills, who cares.

    • Reese Riley

      a few years from now he’ll be broke, living in the hood sucking on a crack pipe….” Ain’t that how ya mammy is now, though?

      • What does a person’s “mammy” as your un-educated, illiterate self would call it… have to do with Frank Ocean? My family worked. They have jobs. Something you would know nothing about. I hear the phone, hurry…get it…they might cut off your welfare check.

      • Reese Riley

        Wow.. I wouldn’t know how welfare works boo, i leave that for YOUR people. My people actually believe in working. And i think you mean “uneducated” not “un-educated”. If you are attempting to shade someone intelligence i suggest you make sure your spelling is on point. Don’t you think?

      • You used the word Mammy…and you want to talk about education? You got all defensive about a dick sucker like he pays your bills….told me my Mom smokes crack. And your going to sit here and preach education? Your broke, and so are your bum ass “people”. Spelling? You say thing’s like… “ain’t that how ya mammy is now, though”? who the hell talks like that? Ain’t? Mammy? Moron.

        You say brilliant thing’s like “Hooka ain’t you on welfare? I think you have your own problems to deal with… Dontcha Think?”

        Lovely, bash your “people”. Ignorant fuk.

      • Reese Riley

        Someone is pressed.. Stay mad, monkey.

      • Pressed? No, it’s called being owned.. fall the fuk bak. Sit there and say my Mom is on crack, you have it confused with your neighbourhood and entire family tree.

      • Reese Riley

        Owned by a reject who trolls threads? Bitch get out of here with that foolishness. Don’t get mad at me because your mama tossed your dirty ass in the trash so she could go lite up. Don’t hate me, hate that ho. Now take your seat and stfu.

      • Jazzmine Delaney

        KMSL. I don’t really care about the convo ya’ll are having… but I could have sworn in an earlier post you @twitter-374159613:disqus told @RN506:disqus that he/she wouldn’t get anymore of your attention… and you are the one who kept replying… Smh…

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  • Apollo Showtime

    Getcha money. When your buzz is big enough and you wrote for Beyonce and Gaga, you can request 100K a show before you burn out.

  • Sosa_Limone

    homey said in a song somthing like ” I dont play in the garden, i roll in the mud” lmao pause…