Hip-Hop Rumors: Meek Mill And Roc Nation Beefing Already?!

MMG rapper Meek Mill just signed a management deal with Roc Nation in May, and it looks like there may already be trouble in paradise. Although Roc Nation has just scored Meek a lucrative endorsement deal with Skull Candy, the rapper blasted the management company on his Twitter account, calling them “dumb.” Check out his tweet below:

Meek’s beef with Roc Nation stems from a performance at a nightclub he was booked for in Brooklyn. We hear security was not up to par, and although Meek was in the venue, he was forced to forfeit his performance.

Instead of being upset with the club, Meek lashed out at his management company over Twitter. As you know, Roc Nation is owned and operated by Jay-Z. I wonder how he feels about Meek Mill essentially calling him a “dumb ass?”

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  • You read the first paragraph…look up at the writers name. And shake your head….stop reaching. I know u are the hip…pop culture chick for ahh, but u reach too much for bs. Stop it. I used to love this site.


      • Stfu…there is a difference between a rumor and straight up bullshet

      • Who forced you to come on here? Did someone hold a gun to your head? Meek Mill is wack as hell, go listen to some real music. He’ll be working at McDonalds in two years.The idiot went on his twitter blasting his management…. how is it “straight up bullshet”?

      • No one forced me to come here…the bullshet was that I’m sure he outed his road management not roc nation…and also…I can say what I want in the comments section. B easy.

      • I get what your saying. But unless he actually says that himself, that’s where the rumor or conversation comes from. Your right though, I mean he just signed that deal..and they are getting him sponsorships.It’s just not 100% clear.

      • I’m not even the ranting type…been coming to this site since 2003…I’m just tired of the reaching…and I’m not alone

      • It’s always been like this on here, they always have reached. It’s designed to draw in traffic and comments…it worked. I get you though 100%.

      • funny thing is for the most part these trolling titles / articles isnt driving traffic … most of the folks posting here have BEEN here … me personally ive been a viewer of this site since it was created … and its evident in the fact that everyone is calling out syd … if you were JUST DRIVEN to this site based on this title or article … the comments would be different …. the thing is most of these folks are trying to HELP syd … @least thats how it started … @ this point its looking like either A) they dont care or B) in your words they are taking thier viewers for idiots and need kindegarden trolling titles & articles for folks who are “regulars” to this site …. ????????????????????????

      • I don’t think someone who is being paid to do this cares about what you think. Really. Your all on here, making 10000’s of comments and yes, you are driving traffic to the site. If no one had replied to my comments I might not of come back. This isn’t even a news site, it’s more the National Equirer of Hip Hop. I was going to say TMZ…but they actually put work in. I don’t really care about the whole, I was here first card. I used to frequent this site a lot, but it’s a walking joke. This whole thing is from a god damn tweet, and look at all the comments? Ya’ll are making money for All Hip Hop… so yea, if the shoe fits.

    • Negro Peligro

      Nothing else to say.

  • Sean Power

    and Sydney with the reach once more, you do know he has to management team right
    odd are it’s road management team stop it and if they did its for his on safety

  • Nemesis_Enforcer


    How do you know he wasn’t talking about his other management? He has Roc Nation and he also has whoever was managing him before. Most artists these days have that powerful, connected management and the hands on daily manager. STOP REACHING!



  • LetsBeRealpeople

    Fellas…Syd is taking baby steps back to hip hop, actual hip hop related people/subjects/events..sometimes baby got reach in taking them major steps. Lord knows she been on all fours, thirsty. @Syd since youso in the know, can we get a “made attempt for comment, and was refused” Otherwise you are being messy. Be messy with and actual attempt to get something confirmed. I see where you trying to connect ish, but at this point try to make contact…maybe through Twitter? Since that’s your go-to then snapshot that. We can go to Bossip for hot mess ish. You suppose to be a writer, not a fire starter. I don’t even like Jay-Z. However, you can do better in making a good story. Just saying. Pulling for you Syd, be a better writer.

    • Good look on the constructive criticism!

  • Record Pusher

    Hip Hop journalism is at an ALL TIME LOW.

    • baseforyourfase

      correction: ahh journalism is at an all time low

      • Lorenzo Middleton

        all journalism is at an all time low

  • ladynamor

    Meeks “buzz” has worn off. Need to claim he is gay or date a reality tv star or get arrested or something. Management needs to create some kind of situation that gets peoples attention OR, how about making songs that say something other than Im the man, I got money, then it may last, just a thought.

    • he gets arrested he will be gone for awhile he has 2 strikes already

    • Numbuh Four

      I swear I’ve heard like 4 songs of his out of the 80 million these MMG cats drop a week, and they’ve all been the same. He’s not wack, he’s just incredibly unoriginal, generic, cliche; whatever you wanna call it. He’s one of those typical hood rappers who gets real hot and then in 2-3 years disappears never to be given a fukk about again. He’s Cassidy #2, just not as nice.

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  • roc nation is still around?? lol

  • Numbuh Four

    Syd after addressing your incredible reaching abilities, I’d like to take back that mock comment from a couple days ago, mainly because it was based off of false assumptions. You see, what I didn’t take into account was that you most likely find your “rumors” on other publications, and when you stumble upon something with even an ounce of hip hop relevance (some chick that a rapper fukked, random twitter rants by urban music personalities, having sex with iPod’s n sh*t, e.t.c), you then re-word it and post it here in the rumors section. Now when those sites you “borrow” from have over analyzing “writers” who start reaching like MJ in Space Jam when the monsters jumped on him, seeing as most of us are usually oblivious to their work, we assume all of this BS goes on in the head of our dear Sydney Lace.

    Now, the SOLUTION!!!!! Are you ready? I swear you’re not ready for this Syd, this sh*t is about to blow your mind. I’m about to change your whole perception of reality with this one. Everything you thought you knew is about to become irrelevant after you see what I’m about to type right here. You’re about to swallow the red pill Sydney (Matrix reference for you simple Mu’Fukkas). Alright, here it goes: HAVE AN ORIGINAL FUKKIN THOUGHT!!!!

    That’s all, before you Deebo someone else’s article, look at it, do a little research and ask yourself if it’s really worth using. No hate though, Sydney, Sydster, Syd-meister, Syderino…Keep doing you, but do YOU better.

    • It’s not journalism… it’s rumors, people are stupid. Meek Mill is trash anyways, hop off his dik.

      • KingChandler

        Who cares how “wack” Meek is, where is the rumor? It’s straight off his twitter feed, last time I checked when someone tweeted something it “was” tweeted, there isn’t a “rumor” that someone tweeted something. If somebody else was tweeting he would have posted that his shit was hacked like when any other artist has some bullshit tweeted from their shit. You sound like a Sydney Lace relative or an employee of Roc Nation. Either way that shit is corny, tone it down a notch. P.S. what’s worse, Meek stacking money now and “working at McDonalds a year from now”, or you spending your free time battle blogging every person that doesn’t see shit in your view. Think about it.

      • Why do you have another man’s penis so blatantly in your mouth? Does he pay your bills? It’s rumor because he doesn’t clarify who he is talking about… you ain’t the king of nothing. What would I care if some other man is allegedly “stacking money” dudes are signed to 12 labels these days… it’s no coincidence there are more broke rappers then rich ones. LOL @ you believing the stuff he raps about. What are you 12?

      • KingChandler

        I’m 26 for the record and nowhere in my comment was I jock hopping anybody you lame, Apparently I’m the king of gettin you to look waaaaayyyy to emotional on the internet, at least try to hide it a little bit, that shit is not a good look for you, you already got on the clown costume, go do something productive instead of tryin to be super blogger you cornball, now that’s somethin’ to lol about. P.S. judging by your previous comments, you strike me as the “I need to get the last word in” type but please don’t verify everything I said in my comment by doing such (even though we all know your bum ass will), just remind yourself this is the internet and you don’t need to stick your chest out so much. Have some fun with it, I sure as hell do.

      • Why would I be emotional that your in love with another man? Most of what you have written has nothing what so ever to do with Meek Mill or this “rumor” … attempt to stay on topic. Judging by your comment your a very angry person. Go get a job, a girlfriend…get your own apartment maybe, pick up a hobby…can do wonders for a person’s confidence. Have a nice day kid. lol…. make sure you clean you room, or Mommy won’t let you go out and play.

        Have fun listening to 500 wack Meek Mill records that all sound the exact thing you’ll tell me is that Rick Ross was a real drug dealer, was never a jail guard…..and that’s his real name right? LOL…a 26 year old brain washed by Hip Hop?

        Super Blogger? I take 30 mins out of my day and post some songs and mixtapes to a site, and get paid for it……you, you sit on here….? lol. Id rather spend my time making money..then trolling….good luck with that.

      • Numbuh Four

        When the fukk did I mention Meek Mill in that post? When the fukk did I ever even co-sign any of the sh*t that comes out that boy Meek’s mouth? Shut yo’ ass the fukk up. One last thing homie, when someone posts a supposed rumor that could easily be refuted by doing a little research or using some common sense, it deserves to be critiqued. So one more time for the dozens in attendance, shut the whole entire fukk up.

  • daRealMigos ▬|ι═══════ﺤ

    pretty sure camel isn’t responsible for meek mill’s security or lack thereof.

  • Sinbk Legend

    he just saying what Jay Electronica wants to say

  • Meek has offically made enough enemies to kill his fast burning career.

    • felix cartagena

      Meek Mill is whack as hell. His music sucks bad. Shot out to the illest in the game slaughterhouse and D-Block.

      • johnblacksad

        Mighty mighty D-BLOCK!!!!!!! these ninjaz are wackproof…

      • ladynamor

        Slaughterhouse aint all that either

      • Super_Hero

        they just need to replace Joe Budden

  • This is news now? Kind of a reach Sydney

  • We all know Jay-Z don’t like people to shine in his light.

    • ladynamor

      When they are ready to kill a person’s career, they send them to Jay, kicking and screaming! (NOOOO, please, please, not the roc! AAAAAAAAGH) Since DefJam-today. Jay-Z =Career Killer, Just saying.

  • Apollo Showtime

    Jay-Z doesn’t manage Meek Mill…his company does. Jay doesn’t feel anyway about…If he even knows, lol. #TooRich&RemovedToCare!!!

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  • DL Pierce

    and if he did call Jay Z a dumbass? So what?

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