Diggy Simmons

@Diggy_Simmons Ft. @VictoriaMonet “Fall Down” (JColeNC Diss)

[ahh_audio src=/9-17-12/DiggyFtVictoriaMonet-FallDown(JColeDiss).mp3]

  • tru

    diggy kilt this song idgaf what u cole dickriders say just cuz jcole is talented doesnt mean diggy song aint fire just wanted 2 point dat out

    • Casor_Greener

      yeah he clowned j-cole on this one…

  • The real problem for J. Cole is that this song is ready for radio, at best; his little sister’s iPod, at worst. LoL. It’s not the most firey diss but that one jab about having a father around? Low blow… Guaranteed to stir up some feelings. No lie.

  • Get em Diggy!!!!! shout out to the young blood going at Cole World!!! gotta give him credit for coming correct with the bars . HE IS RUN”S SON… dude did grow up in the hip hop game.

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  • Contraverse77

    Sorry, but your boy Diggy needs to change his name to Diggs!!! Dude just dug J.Cole’s grave with this one. J better step them bars up real fast and none of that soft subliminal shit either. Diggy wanna beef like a real MC, than he should be responded to like one.

    All in all I root for the underdog on this one…my boy DIGGS!


    meh…J. Cole can hit harder than he did if he wanted to…Diggy is not really relevant as far as battle rap is concerned

  • Diggy threatening n*ggaz now? Whats the closest this kid has gotten to violence? Detention?! This is sillier than Common getting at Drake. Cole better pay this no mind for the sake of his career.

  • yall niggaz killin me wit this Diggy kilt this shit… Diggy’s ghost writers killed it.. lol This ish weak as hell….

    • CamsPurpleFluffyDraws

      Co-sign…this PG-13 rhyme sh@t….I feel like them old heads in the block watchin and laughin at two little kids goin at it.

      • Contraverse77

        Shit is all entertainment fam!!! But still you got give Diggy, or his ghost writers some props. The jabs and the hook was on target! Now if J Cole don’t respond it can either make him or break him. Really a tough decision for J Cole though. Me personally I would destroy little man on a track and then have a one on one with him and his family explaining why I did it and what can be done to avoid me in the future. Hip Hop was bread for this and battles only instigate competitiveness, but must be done on a mature level. As far as Tyrese goes, dude really needs to continue fighting decepticons and mind his biz, unless he wants it too. None of them dudes really have bars, but if J really wanted to I’m sure he can wipe the floor with Diggy and Black Ty(BUM LOL) I agree though this is like some high school shit. All three of them cats ain’t built for the battle arena!

        *PS – I’m still rootin’ for the underdog(Diggy) though. Russell got them ghost writers on retainer!!!!

  • CamsPurpleFluffyDraws

    diggy is silly, silly is diggy, bust a rap, buy a hat, his gangstas on diddy…fluffy draws im BACK!!!!! DIP SET DIP SET!!!

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  • messias3

    “Diggy wanna beef like a real MC, than he should be responded to like one.” YEP Baby Boy got heart/Bars, Time to get the belt J Cole

  • Luis M Diaz

    opening 2 verse first sentence mudered cole and i like cole just to old for all that dissing shit jayz should have told him that

  • churchboy2

    This will be interesting to say the least.
    Diggy did his thing but it is hard to imagine J.Cole rolling over without a response.
    Does Digy always sound this much like J.Cole, or was he just using dudes flow for effect?
    That father line was sick though…

  • Catch22

    Why is it that half of the music doesn’t work on this site any longer? Come on AHH!

  • alhaji tj

    mannn.. this how u kill a beef,i ain’t gave Diggy dat much respect-but really he SIZED-up cole.yeaaa the track is dope

  • datboijc

    Diggy u talking real tough grown up in street’s of the burb’s Stop it aint no Street n u. Song tough .