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Epic Fail Of The Day: Teenager Tweets HIV Results And Mistakes Being “Positive” For Being “Clean”

A 19-year old girl did the right thing and got tested for HIV; unfortunately she did not understand her results and posted it on Twitter, thinking that she was in the clear.

The young woman tweeted, “My HIV results came back positive. I’M CLEAN.” Her Twitter followers quickly gave her the bad news and told her that “positive” meant that she had contracted the disease. MediaTakeOut grabbed a screen shot of her tweets. Check them out below:

This is an epic fail of the day for a number of reasons. First, who in the world tweets their STD results. Second, how does she not know what HIV Positive means? Third, why would she think that the doctor wants to “congratulate” her on her status, even if it was negative?

People post way too much personal information on social networking sites. ‘SMH @ #thisgirl’

(AllHipHop says be safe. Get tested.)

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58 Responses to “Epic Fail Of The Day: Teenager Tweets HIV Results And Mistakes Being “Positive” For Being “Clean””

    • Casor_Greener

      This is a fricking joke. AHAHAAHH can’t believe some corny fools thought this isht was real!. folks will believe anything these days

  1. Sosa_Limone

    i agree with nigel and antonio… no 19 year old is that dumb to make that mistake or ignorant to post their STD results… then the posts that followed it, about her thinking the dr was going to congradulate her? lol no way is this true… gotta be a joke

      • Noles

        “Goofy Avatars”, it has my twitter handle and my website on it…you know, some people have there own sites… you on the other hand, live on this website. What does “gtfoh” mean… what are you, 12 years old? Speak English crack head. Man, look at the thumbs up on my comment…not very liked around here are you? You probably lay in your bed crying at night until your mommy changes your diaper and bring’s you some warm milk. You just want to be loved on All Hip Hop, but no one embraces your bullshit goofy comments. No wonder your so angry.

      • Noles

        Just think it’s funny how disliked a person can be on a website, you crack head looking queer lol.. I could care less if people like what I say. Your mad you can’t write a paragraph…let alone spell. Thumbs up for illiteracy.

      • Mad Max❗

        Not on a racist tip or anything but thats how I can tell for sure your white. You called me a queer and you care about the amount of love you get on AHH? Not even going to roast you no more man. You might as well put the link to them weak ass blogs in your bio cause the only traffic you’ll ever garner will be from trolling comments anonymously… like you did today.

      • Noles

        Never said one thing about “getting love” , I said your angry you don’t get any on here. Look at how hard your going to try and impress people…you try so hard, but still fail. I just got done saying I could care less about who likes my comments, it’s funny to me how disliked you are on a website. The only person getting roasted in here is you, crack head looking clown. How am I anonymously trolling? My name is right there crack head… put the pipe down. Damn, you must love that food stamp life. My sites do well actually, but that is irrelevant to you looking like a crack head. I get paid to put in 30 mins of “work” per day…. all you get is negative responses to your bullshit comments.

      • Sinbk Legend

        gotta cosign this generation of 90’s babies is by far the dumbest ever

      • Irvin Findlay

        so all 90s babies are stupid? gtfoh and who is to blame for your statement?the 00s babies are much worse

  2. disqus_3jDDlaJ3wS

    this has to be fake .. when you go to be tested they do a post counseling if you come back positive … you can’t get this one over on a health care provider

  3. AK

    this cant be fake cause who would want everyone to see they got hiv and pretty illiterate shitting on yourself is not trolling, this gotta be some dumb hoodrat

  4. IG::TheRealStevieBee

    If this atrocity is legit… it’s dumb as hell and that just goes to show the understanding that our youth have. nuff said…

  5. Brian Andrew Smith

    First of all that chain of tweets is from may 22nd 2012. second the kids name is David Clownery Jr. Do you remember who David Clownery is? Oh if you don’t he is an NFL player who tweeted his AIDS results. Sydney you are a god damn moron. The real epic fail of the day is you sydney. In thiry seconds i was able to read this and google it and find out it was a fake. do you realize how pathetic of a journalist you are.

  6. yann

    What ignorant and uneducated comments to make about 90’s children and their supposed dumbness. Just shows how immature and simple minded you are. No offense intended to those concerned. And now to get back on subject, According to the health insurance portability and accountability act (HIPPA) HIV results are confidential and therefore cannot be written on paper or given by phone, an appointment has to be made with a doctor or a specialist to obtain the results. So clearly this case is fake.

    Yann a 90s kid

  7. Vinny Paul Petro

    Umm people you do realize there are such things as at home HIV testing kits… Therefore HIPPA has no standing here. “It said on the results to call my doctor.” The instructions with the test tells you this option in the information manual. Or also If the test was done if she had gone into the hospital they can release test results on a card or mailed letter if the patient had requested the results to be sent to your house… The question on being real is 50/50 as is everything else posted on the internet, but seeing as how our generations intelligence spectrum is I would not doubt that this is real. The whole no child left behind act has a major factor in this and I shake my head everyday when thinking about how the population thinks and reacts to events.

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