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Hip-Hop Rumors: 50 Cent Did It Again! Tony Yayo Goes Rogue! Quickies!


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There are no friends. 50 Cent talks about his relationship with Floyd. Damn. Nobody can stay cool anymore.

50’s new album has been pushed back again.


Tony Yayo. Said. This.


Mariah Carey has ended rumors that there is a beef with her and Nicki Minaj. What did you think she would do, confirm?

Usher and Shakira is reportedly going to join “The Voice” and replace Cee-Lo and X-Tina Aggy. the only reason they are bumping them is because both artists are looking to hit their music careers again in a major way.

J. Cole has not made a response to Diggy Simmons’s diss. He probably realizes that Tyrese will murder his career if he should try to make a move on the young son of Run. If you can’t see the sarcasm in that…please….get Lasix.

Wyclef has opened up about why he and Lauryn Hill ain’t cool. In his new book, Purpose, he says Lauryn made is seem like her first born was his. Oh. No. She. Did. Nt.

Jay Electronica has reportedly broken up with his Illuminati babe Kate. More on this later.

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  • Lyve Wire

    1. dont trust 50
    2. with yayo, dont trust 50
    3. ….. just dont trust 50….
    and j. cole wack.

    • j.cole garbage how the hell people like his soft ass, iiit baffles me, his voice sound like bow wow

    • you can trust 50 … what you cant do is partner up with 50 and not be about handling some BI … you want some one to “hang with” go “shopping with” “kick it with” “shoot the breeze with” “waist time with” go seek The Game lol 50 is out there trying to make power moves 😉

      • alot of folks mistake a crazy work ethic for being disrespectfull … just because you dont want in … im suppose to fall back too ?? @ the of the day tho thats why its better to keep BUSINESS and FRIENDSHIP completely seperated

    • TheBoxcarHobo

      J Cole ain’t wack! I agree with everything else u said though

    • General Lee

      j. cole is wack..

  • dominicancoke

    50 music aint been hot since 09 and even then his musical career was hanging by a thread just look @ the forbez list 50 earning way less than new comers like drake fif is a great business man though but hip hop career wise hes a has been no hit records just media.blog rumors and a couple movies mainly from his own film company

    • 50 wuz on da forbes list wit no album out no new endorsements no major tour he basically made it n his sleep now imagine if he wuz doin everything ross is doin or drake or wayne is doin musically he wood hve been on top but wayne and drake is reppin da empire known as YMCMB! Pretty well and we can’t b stopped at all u clowns!

      • Hennessy892

        pull your tongue out of wayne’s arse for fcuk sake, im feeling a bit queezy

      • Abrasive Angel

        Sit up straight and wipe the lil wayne ball soup from your lips.

      • TheBoxcarHobo

        “We” ? You on Waynes payroll?

      • TonyMon

        lol at we…

  • Free Young Buck, obviously these hoe ass niggas arent dropping any music. Let a real nigga go

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  • johnblacksad

    Lauryn made is seem… ahem

    Illuminati babe Kate. More on this later… *cough* …. More? I can’t wait! If you can’t see the sarcasm in here, please…. get some more Lasix!

    I thought that n!gga Clef went back to Haiti?!

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  • hoeyuno

    Looks likely the g unit boys will move on without the boss. Wouldnt that be some shit if yay, banks , buck and even games wack ass did a album together. And what yay said could be taken 2 ways. It could be directed at fif to let buck eat.


    Just cause you keep making moves and starting different businesses doesn’t mean you successful, 50 last last good move was vitamin water.

  • trixnkix637

    50 cent bout that bread. Friends that can make money are the only friends worth having to him. Can’t really be mad at that logic tho. Too many shifty, lazy cats running around on other’s coattails.

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    50 pretty much makes anyone around him an enemy. He is rich and unhappy. Thats sad. Hopefully Yayo ain’t under contract or it’s a wrap for him too.

  • Terrance Goodman

    cancer July 6 th moves, buck told fools how
    It wud go

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