Hip-Hop Rumors: Mariah Carey And Nicki Minaj Already Beefing On American Idol! Deacon DMX?

This show ain’t big enough for the two of us!

This is like an old fashioned show down from the Cowboys Days. Mariah vs Nicki. It would seem that the good folks over there at TMZ have sources that reveal that these two are fighting. Now they aren’t actually throwing blows. But, the show is in the earliest stages of voting and they are clashing as they are evaluating singers/performers. So, for example, Nicki may be talking to a contestant and Mariah will cut her off and essentially disrespect the rapper.

I don’t think Nicki wants Nicki Cannon to jump in the fray like he did when Eminem stepped out of line!

Here is that diss from back in the day.

“Well I NEVER!”


According to rumors, DMX has gone and become a Deacon at a church! Now, this is just a rumor report, but I’m not sure I believe it. Why? Becoming a deacon is serious business and its not easy. I know people that have tried and are still working on it. So, could a hardcore, Henny-drinkin, Drake-hatin’ rapper be a deacon? I’m not sure. But, they are saying that the church that gave him this appointment is the same church he grew up in. DMX told AllHipHop that he’s going to one day give himself to the church, but not in a Ma$e way. He won’t be flipping back and forth between Hip-Hop and the church. He will be the church or bust! Meet me outside…THE CHURCH!!!!
By the way, DMX just released a new album, click here to cop it!

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  • Negro Peligro

    Nah I’m not buying it. Even if its going down I don’t think it would be real. I don’t want to see two black women sit on TV and arguing.

    • Who’s Black?

      • King Flashy TheFirst

        Stop fronting like you aint know Mariah is black.


        actually she’s White and Venezuelan

      • Naw dog she Indian. Her parents are from a native tribe called quest

      • LOL-N!

      • Basically…but isn’t Nicki Boriqua?

      • Jazzmine Delaney

        Ummm.. no. She’s from Trinidad. And even if she was… That wouldn’t stop her from being black. “Boriqua” isn’t a race it’s a nationality… and
        “Hispanic” is not a race it’s a culture..

      • Well, the whole racism thing confuses me a bit, so bear with me on it….but Black = Black…not Trinny, Venezuelan, African, etc.

        In that context…Black = Not being able to trace your roots past down south’s slave ports. IMHO

      • King Flashy TheFirst

        Venezuelan is not a race. Her Father is African and Venezualan: ie black. Think of Sammy Sosa (before the bleach) or Pele.


        Yes but it’s an “ethnicity” much like Vietnamese is an Asian ethnicity

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  • Breeze

    that flyer is from 2010. . . .

  • Numbuh Four

    “Lord Give Me A Sign” was cool, if he can do gospel rap like that then I don’t see a reason as to why he couldn’t do both church and hip hop. Still, big ups to Earl for getting his life straight.

    Haven’t seen a damn episode of American Idol since Ruben won, just haven’t really given a f*ck since then, still don’t. I’ll just wait until someone uploads clips of Mariah sonning Nicki on WorldStar…

  • Super_Hero

    This rumor is over 2yrs old. This isn’t even a rumor.

  • DMX ( I Don’t Dance – Feat Machine Gun Kelly ) is pure Fiyah!

    Reverend DMX by Aries Spears…Youtube that ‘chet!

    It is He-Larry-Us!
    True ‘ chet… day.

    Nicki Vs Mariah?

    I’m a certified Nicki Hater….but Nicki is doing her Damn ‘Ting!

    She gets propz!
    Mariah’s gonna win ( $18 Mil Salary vs Nicki’s $12Mil ) but Double Props too Nicki on that one!

    Nicki Vs Nick…..hmmmm, Nicki would take that…only because she will take it where Nick won’t go….even lyrically, she might get him…..Nick needs a rap coach.

    • KingsCountyCrooklyn

      nicki vs nick….well i might give it to nick at this point, nicki would have to dig deep to find her mix dvd skills from the come up to do some damage. barbie vs slick nick now thats a battle.

      • Hmmm, indeed, that actually seems like a nice battle…..he better be ready to fire shots because Nicki will & she is aiming center mass ( Mariah ).

  • Record Pusher

    2010 Flyer for a new rumor = fail

  • dominicancoke

    American idols always had people who cant sing a lick judging but nicki? Thats an extra low blow that c#nt cant sing rap or speak through her mouth with her nassily voice

  • Abrasive Angel

    I want to shoot that fake barbie in the face. Wanna be lil kim/gaga ass.

  • brotha_man

    still aint watching that dumbass show

  • brotha_man

    cant believe thats the diss Mr. Mariah Carey attacked Eminem with…wtf

  • wtf nicki know about singing? lol “i think you should use more autotune and start in a high pitched voice and then slowly make your voice deep like i do in all of my songs” gtfoh

  • hoeyuno

    Dmx has always rapped about god. And I rather have dmx preaching then ma$es tax avoiding ass .

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  • johnblacksad

    Mariah gettin old…. and the liquor won’t help… jus sayin

  • D_Ably

    click here to cop what?