Hip-Hop Rumors: @Tyrese Jumps Into @JcoleNC And @diggy_simmons Beef!


Power 105 busted out with a new Diggy diss this morning! Shout out to C Tha God, Angela Yee and Envy.
It looks like J. Cole won’t be using that help that Tyrese offered. He has recorded a new diss for Mr. Cole World. And he takes some personal jabs. Here is what Diggy had to say to J. Cole.

“I guess I rattled you, snaggletooth/You know better/Thought J stood for Jermaine, not Jet Setter/You seen me and shook my hand, coppin’ pleas in person/ Now you wack, less than a man, mention me in verses. Man, you used to have dreams of my big sister kissin’ ya / Now its nightmares of a young brother dissin’ ya / Sneak disses and jabs, I don’t really see the benefit/But I guess you lame enough, probably keep you relevant.”

But then, Diggy swoops in for the kill….

“Maybe you should have signed with me instead of Mr. Carter, I guess you mad at me ’cause I have a relationship with my father…”

Here it is…


This is rather random! Tyrese is now riding for Diggy Simmons after J. Cole dissed the son of Run on a rap. Damn. How do you diss the son of run? LOL! Here is what Cole World said.

“The game need balance, the game need balance / woke up to the rumors of ni**as wildin’ / picture me hatin’ on a young ni**a with talent/ Album flopped but it’s cool – he caked out on his allowance”


So Tyrese jumps into the fray for a seemingly defenseless Diggy.

(Note: when I first posted this, I forgot this picture of the Tyrese tweet.)

Don’t forget, Tyrese is a rapper too. His rap name is Black Ty and he’s from Watts.

Here is the vid of J. Cole’s diss. Its at about the 2 minute mark. He also did this at Rock The Bells, but I just didn’t bother to report on it.

Diggy did kinda flop, but why? He was pretty cool for that kid lane.

But, Cole…this kid is 17.

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65 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: @Tyrese Jumps Into @JcoleNC And @diggy_simmons Beef!”

    • yea...

      actually j cole started it, diggy replied then j cole apoloigised but dissed him again becuase he couldn’t bear not having the last word…

  1. Negro Peligro

    Man that wasn’t even a diss. That’s something I would’ve said about my self if my album flopped. People too sensitive.

  2. IG::TheRealStevieBee

    Is it me or did this article leave out the whole point of the subject matter according to the title…. Tyrese response??? He’s too old to insert himself between the two and their squabbles but nothing is said in this article about what it is he actually said. 0_o

    • EDOGZ818

      Tyrese said : : Shit ain’t gonna fly no more …. J Cole …. Diggy is family…Shit ain’t Flyin … Ps … I’m grown

      4UMF has the twitter message! ^^^^
      In DJ Clue Voice : Fat Shout ^^^

    • Brick Soulja

      Tyrese is 33 yrs old and J Cole is 28 yrs old, so Ty ain’t too old to check that grown bully. Diggy is only 17 and Cole is much too old to beef with Diggy. However, Diggy is doing a great job keeping that old head in check.

  3. johnblacksad

    J Cole lost like them mothafuggaz on that island for six seasons!

    First off, n!ggaz give you a pass despite your shrimpy looks cause your raps are straight… *cough* suspect soft ninjaz… *cough* ..and you choose to have ‘beef’ with… Diggy?! smh

    He should try to go at Maino or Uncle Murda or somebody… see how that spans out!

  4. johnblacksad

    if your raps does not include pain nor struggle, i can’t fugg with it! sorry…

    Kendrick, Lupe, Cole and em… i like them to an extent
    Styles P, Sean Price, Freeway and’em… 0% hipster…. i looooove how these ninja rap!

    Styles P said :
    “It’s funny, but i really only smile when i laugh”! …now that’s pain for yo’azz! (no homo)

    Sean Price said:
    “I box with box cutters”…simple, straight, direct, raw (no homo), hard (no homo), bong!, Pow pow!

    Freeway said :
    “Even tho i have a short temper, i had a long day, i will kill a tall n!gga with a long K” …witty!

  5. johnblacksad

    ” […] In 1996 n!ggas is dyin’ from layin’ on that azz
    First Magic Johnson got it, then Eazy-E died
    And you wonder why yo’ niggas out there smokin’ fry
    I wish that I could tell you, I wore a rubber every time
    But if I told you that n!gga you know that I be lyin’
    And I’ve been fugging puzzy since the tender age of nine
    It’s gettin’ to be a full-time job just tryin’ to stay alive
    And crackerz tend to smirk
    Offended by the weed smoke comin’ off my shirt
    But still I put in work and front for my folks
    ‘Cause where I come from n!gga, family just ain’t no joke […]”

  6. hoeyuno

    Man tyrese got rhymes. I just gave a listen.. And diggy a cool little dude. He doesn’t need to respond to the haters. Run worked way too hard to have his seeds ashamed of where they came from.

  7. Lyve Wire

    cole is a sucka, period. he got wit diggy’s sister and rapped about it (high school ish). diggy addressed and cole keep throwing subliminals at him. subliminals; we can tell he roll with jay, huh, lol.
    the same dude that had ppl feeling sorry for him because he was on twitter crying because jay was working on WTT with kanye and didnt have time to give him a verse. thats some sucka ish, straight up. dude look like he was gonna cry on the damn album cover.
    i guess talking about records sales in his thing. he need to know that sales dont show how nice you are. you went gold, not triple platinum.

  8. illseed

    I just added the Tyrese quote. It was missing. And yeah…its definitely silly. But, J. cole knows the power of his words so that’s a sneak attack, even if its a small one.

  9. Weedras

    Man! ya’ll acting like Diggy Simmons is off limits because he Rev’s Kid… shit… dude wanna be a rapper and be in beef then it comes with the territory… dudes saying Cole corny to respond but if he didn’t some would says he’s corny cause he didn’t… Tyrese need to chill and Let Jojo come defend his brother…

    • johnblacksad

      It’s J Cole that’s off limits tryin to go into the ‘beef business’… i thought dude came in the game on some non-violent/soft/i-do-it-for-the-love type of sh!t… and i respected him for clearly not tryin to play the ‘gorilla n!gga’ lane (from his looks, he couldn’t have had anyways…) … and now all of a sudden dude wanna go all carnivore… and on top of that he chooses to go at Diggy?! c’mon… he might as well beef with Justin Timberlake or somebody…. (no disrespect to Diggy nor JT)

      • EDOGZ818

        I was about to say… You know Damn well J Cole ain’t about to Gorilla anybody except Diggy! LOL

        * Or Weezy

      • MROG63

        And why cant cole “gorilla” anybody? cuz he light skinned? Please, not many people are fuckin with cole lyrically in the rap game, and if you think different you on dog food. Coles mixtapes buzz more than your favorite rappers albums. Kid makes classics

      • Weedras

        it seems to me this is the common judging the book by its cover scenario… firstly Cole put out a song that no way mentions Diggy’s sister outrightly last i check Rev. Run aint the only reverend in america and it could have been any preacher’s daughter.. dude took it up and went at Cole.. so if he responds what’s the deal… if he didn’t ya’ll gonna say he’s soft… not because he looks a certain way doesn’t mean he can’t defend himself word for word if a beef pops up… many times it’s not even the rappers who be putting themselves in categories.. its the fans.. LL Cool J came out as teen heart throb but what.. when beef came knocking he dealt with regardless… if it was a newbie or old head..

  10. seendadream

    damn… j cole got his ass handed to him by a kid…. not only is this this NOT what wants to be remembered for, but do u have any idea the caliber of ghost writers rev run can afford??? j cole needs to keep quiet.

  11. Numbuh Four

    Once again, this is NOT beef, this a fish sandwich with glitter sprinkled on it. These dudes aren’t beef type artists, they might throw shots like hoes but that’s it. These dudes are quarreling, nothing more nothing less.

    I mean don’t the boy Diggy still wear pull ups and sh*t? He over there looking like the black Justin Bieber. WTF is his name even included on the same page as the word beef? These dudes are vegans when it comes to this beef sh*t. I can’t even take Cole seriously man. Every time I picture dude, he’s in a dark hotel room sitting in the corner in a fetal position, gripping a basketball, crying over his mediocrity. I bump some Cole every now and then though…I guess I can’t hate the n*gga since he in my playlist huh??

    Tyrese? Negro go fight some robots and shut the fukk up. “Yo I can’t wait ’til Tyrese starts rapping again”, words you will never hear in your whole life.

    Confucius_Blaxxx, out….


    Diggy fell for the trap….”now you’s can’t leave”….Cole, is mentored by the master of sneak dissing Jay Z and will be more than prepared to put Diggy down in the grass

  13. digitallife

    Diggy been taking shots at jcole since last year nonstop…why does he get a pass? Rev run needs to sit him down fast..kid is in all honesty “meh” at best and should be focused in selling his young rich royalty image they tried to..you can’t take shots at grown men all the time and not expect to get a response sooner or later…plus last year jay sat down to dead it and Diggy kept on. Tyrese needs to fall back too and stop trying to get his dead music career back on track via this. Jcole smashed the revs daughter that’s all this is about..he hit and split,.,happens everyday.

  14. Kurtousy

    Rapper dissed another rapper….fuck the age, there is no age limit in this shit. You diss you get dissed..expect it, respect it and except it…. there will be no shots fired or punches thrown from this

  15. Brick Soulja

    Tyrese would beat J Cole to a bloody pulp……heck Diggy would too. Diggy lefts weights and is very muscler, while J Cole has a body of Jimmy Walker from Good Times…lol

  16. Southcidal

    J Cole would do himself more damage by responding to Diggy. Its a lose lose. Cause if he ether the youngn Diggy will get sympathy and Cole will look like a bully. Leave that alone J. Cole.

  17. Katherine Wilson

    “It looks like J. Cole won’t be using that help that Tyrese
    Ok can someone please tell me what kind of help Tyrese offered cuz I obviously missed that part of the story…

  18. Seph

    You guise making it out to be more than what it is lol.. J.Cole said a little something and folks is wilding out like this is STREET BEEF shit.. Calm yall asses down. It’s what you call Hip-Hop and if you can’t take it without bringing “BEEF” into everything or taking shit personal above the mic, retire ASAP. These niggas ain’t 50 Cent and Ja Rule.. That’s atleast the last LEGIT beef that’s happend.

  19. Mike Thompson

    Its beyond me out legitimate hiphopsites could promote and push this stuff. Its bad enough when Weezy and company tore at Jay-z. But to promote “Diggy” v “J.Cole” is sad. We all know Diggy’s main goal is to exploit his family’s fame in exchange for money. Its not about the craft at all. Therefore since we know he is nothing more than a commodity they’re trying to market why should legit hiphop sites like allhiphop cover a pop artist fighting for relevance against J. Cole who already doing bad as it is but in the end hes a legitimate bonified artist that is here to make “music”. Diggy is here to make that instance buck and if he “happens” to be a Justin Bieber he’d run with it like that was his dream all along when in reality hes a spoiled kid “trying out hiphop” just as JoJo did…unfortunately his father named him Jojo.

  20. Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

    If Rev Run is supposed to be some Christian, then why is his son dissing other rappers when he should be forgiving J. Cole instead of taking shots?

  21. m.v

    the full quote is “picture me hatin on a young nigga with talent album
    flopped but its cool he caked off his allowance” basically saying how
    dumb it would look to diss this lil nigga (true) its a slight diss and a
    compliment at the same time, which balances the”him being a bully” and
    “him being bitch by not responding” ending the beef on a balanced
    note..(the horns and the halo we know Cole for) and sadly Diggy is
    playing the part of being childish and insecure by releasing a whole diss record?(A WHOLE DISS RECORRD???) i listened to it too and i wouldn’t have cared that much but that last father line..nahh thats some negativity and he might get some back for it.. and now I wont be mad at Cole if he does.

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