J Diggs Due in Court In Hawaii Today; Charged With Assault and Attempted Murder

(AllHipHop News) Thizz Entertainment President J Diggs is due in court today, after he and three members of his entourage were arrested in Hawaii and charged with assault and attempted murder, after a brawl in a bar on the island of Waikiki.

The men were arrested last weekend after they were thrown out of the Big Kahuna bar & grill. As they left the restaurant, a confrontation with security guards ensued.

J Diggs and his associates stood across the street from the establishment and when the security guards approached them away from the venue, a violent altercation erupted.

“Me and three of my entourage got kicked out of Big Kahuna bar and grill. The security punched of my dudes in the jaw as the police were pulling up, so we went across the street and posted on the strip,” J Diggs explained. “Four large island security guards came across the street demanding us to get off the strip and that’s when it turned into an all-out brawl on Waikiki beach. I was charged with slapping and beating a 6 foot 4, 320 pound security and his friend with a board. Another dude throat is cut. And three out of the four went to the hospital with major head back and neck wounds. The dudes wrote statements against us and we were all charged.”

According to reps for J Diggs, the rapper has security footage that will prove the security guards were the aggressors.

J Diggs was released on $150,000 bond.

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28 Responses to “J Diggs Due in Court In Hawaii Today; Charged With Assault and Attempted Murder”

  1. Black Exodus

    Protect yourselves at all cost. Black people in general are not respected…seems like the world has lost respect for the men with the darker hue. I’m quite sure there is much more to this story and I have a feeling these brothers were protecting themselves. Justice will be served in this case no matter who was at fault.

    Black Exodus “Most Hated”

    • RichFromBX

      the argument there would be that had they just left after getting kicked out they would’ve been well protected in the comfort of their hotel rooms…whatever happened in the club, happened in the club…I seriously doubt they were just chillin’ across the street politely requesting an apology form the bouncer for punching dude in the jaw…

      • EDOGZ818

        Either way…..no crime committed, bouncers stepped across street & them Hawaiians is some BIiiiiiIIIIGGGGG Dudes…..bouncers gonna say them dudes were acting threatening, flashing weapons ( Knife ) & it was a customer safety issue….the cops already responded & from there….the bouncers escalated it by stepping across the street.

        Them dudes left & went across the street…it was over.

        Locals will side with Local Bouncer….good luck & get well soon.

    • Web Design Vizag

      Nah it’s more like people from Hawaii don’t like to be flexed on. It’s still pretty tribal in social circles and especially with the local and other polynesians. They really don’t like attitude there to the point where something that’s OK in the Bay or on the East coat would never fly in Hawaii. Things can escalate pretty quickly there with some large families and/or crews showing up to put a beat down on someone. Another differences is in Hawaii people tend to still fight with their fists or pick up a 2×4, maybe a knife. Not as many guns being pulled… well at least not until the last 5 years or so.

  2. RichFromBX

    “…so we went across the street and posted on the strip”

    That right there can lose you the case, you had the ability and option to leave but didn’t take it…and I’m sorry, but I don’t believe that a couple of cats that were more than likely drunk and all amp’d up just stood across the street quietly like it was bible study…regardless of what ever happened in the club, they’re going to have a hard time proving that they were just standing across the street minding their own business with no intention of getting in to it again with the bouncers…

    • Abrasive Angel

      That’s the equivalent of getting kicked out of the club and waiting for the victims to come out so you can merck them then and there. That was gangsta shit.

    • EDOGZ818

      Yeah, but once bouncers stepped to them across the street, it became some beef / thug ‘chet. That wasn’t their job, now they rolling like a crew, on some street ‘chet…. unrelated to work….unless across the street was club property. ( Parking lot )

      Legally, they could have stood across the street & flashed the finger, it isn’t the bouncers place to go off property & start regulating ‘chet.

      • Celz

        You’re right but were talking about court here… That will most likely cause them the case unless Diggs has a top top notch lawyer

      • EDOGZ818

        Being who they are will cost them the case….if bouncers would have fugged them up…..there wouldn’t even be a case.

      • Abrasive Angel

        They already did time for bank robberies as the Romper Room Gang, this is not going to help their case.

      • hoeyuno

        You would hope that would be the case. But bouncers kinda get the benifit of the doubt and they can turn from biker gang employee to good samaritan with the flip of a coin.

    • joediaz

      not in waikiki… in waikiki hangin out across the street from kahunas is actually something every one does… my mans was dj’n that night and trust this wasnt j diggs fault… the fact that security crossed a four lane street for no other purpose than to continue to harass him and his entourage…

  3. Mad Max❗

    Not promoting this nonsense but Diggs has always been about that life. One of the few Bay cats to get respect all throughout Cal. I can imagine some islanders trying to flex but — a slit throat? Damn. RIP MAC DRE.

  4. Web Design Vizag

    This sounds about right, two crews trying to keep it real and both going too far. I grew up in Hawaii and have seen this happen before. Security at the more mainstream clubs and especially ones in Waikiki can get rough. I’ve even seen crews strong-arm their way into become security at some venues. In one instance someone was made to disappear and a patch of carpet was missing from a back room of the club where blood splatter was found. That “security” crew was never charged and things were swept under the carpet. The only difference than any other time is J Diggs and his crew actually did more damage to the security crew this time around.

  5. slumlord_vinny

    Gangsta chet right there. A lot of them 300lb dudes think they can just disrespect people and it will be ok. Sounds like Thizz wasn’t having it.

  6. lifeisgood808

    Hawaiians aren’t typically big, they’re just typically
    confused with Samoans and Tongans by tourists.
    A white man or a black man can get much larger than a Hawaiian could
    ever possibly be. Don’t believe me? Turn
    on your television on Sunday’s… I have
    to agree with MPD… people in Hawaii don’t like to get flexed on… but I can’t
    think of a lot of states where people do.
    Maybe Vermont… but J Diggs wouldn’t visit Vermont…. Because it’s Vermont.

    P.S. Samoans and
    Tongans are typically big…

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