EXCLUSIVE: DMX Reveals Details About Almost Becoming A “Bad Boy” And How Biggie Made Him Appreciate A Smile

(AllHipHop News) DMX’s new album, Undisputed is in stores now, and for many fans, there is no disputing that musically, Dark Man X is back on top of his game. In an exclusive, sit-down with, the rapper reminisces back to his unsigned artist days and shares a story about nearly signing a record deal with Bad Boy – but being overlooked in favor of The Lox.

“You know the Lox got signed before I did. They were a “safer” group,” said DMX. “Puff signed them, and you know it was a blessing and a curse, because they were happy they got signed and they were on “The Benjamins”, but then he [Diddy] made them jiggy and put them in suits and made them write lyrics for him and took their publishing and raped them.”

DMX goes on to explain how Damion “D-Roc” Butler set up a meeting between himself and Diddy, but Diddy passed on signing him because he didn’t feel that DMX was a marketable artist.

“The thing I respect about Puff was that he told me to my face [he said], ‘his voice is too ruff, he’s not marketable.'” You got to respect that.”

In the interview, DMX also shares his fond memories of Biggie and explains how Biggie helped him appreciate a smile.

“I never saw Biggie smile until after he died, [it was] in the ‘Hypnotize’ video,” said DMX. “When I saw it, I was like wow, he was really enjoying his life; and it got taken away from him. It was then that I cherished a smile.”

Check out the exclusive video interview below where DMX shares details about almost signing with Diddy, and explains how Biggie Smalls helped him appreciate a smile:

  • Okay DMX sit you’re drunk ass down….You had our attention for a moment, but now you are just talking shit just to get noticed…Once he gets some cash he will be back in Texas sniffing dust all over again.

  • X = Winning!

    Rather hear his drunk @$$ than Drake sober!

    • Yeah you all said that about Whitney Houston….Next thing you know she is dead…Now we are ALL at a loss of a GREAT SUPER-TALENTED individual.

      • Y.O.L.O. because before Drake said it, suckkaz thought they could live twice!

        X = X & lives his life the way he wants, which will make him happier in the end.

      • It would be great if he just came back clean and sober….But to return just as he left is something I don’t support.

      • I feel you, maybe he will, maybe he’ll clean up, get sober & be like Drake?

        Has X every been sober / clean?

        X is X, with all his flaws, he’s still “The Dawg!”

      • Okay Cool.

      • hoeyuno

        Xs flaws are what makes him still grimey. Take out the problems and throw the man in a white house with a white pickit fence the dude would bore hisself to death

      • Yeah, probably die of a broken heart…..x without the struggle…or representing it….I mean, you can take the lion out the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out the cat.


      • Good

  • As Ed said X is a real ass dude. I want the brother to put down that bottle for a moment I mean nothing wrong with a drink but not over board. X is a cat that would hold you down and the team. I got cats like that in my circle. He isn’t perfect but who is. I can relate to him because of the struggle of being poor and making it. Drake doesn’t appeal at all to me. Rich family light skinned nigga who never had it rough. Drake is a decent person but people can only relate to what they have gone through. He can’t tell me what it is like to go hungry for days or food stamps. X is that dude for real.


    Na I heard Puff didn’t sign x because he was and is a crackhead

  • Dolladae

    X needs to get back with Swizz and shut this soft shit down……AGAIN!!!!!To each his own but it feels like hardcore hip hop and lyricism is going extinct!!!!!! WE NEED X……..or someone like him………. WE NEED ME!!!!!! lol

  • brotha_man

    puff did make them lox cats dress up in shinny suits and did jack’em with the publishing. If X is just as much a bad investment as puff. Signing to Puff you better off staying underground.

  • thuglifefukdapolice


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