Hip-Hop Rumors: What Producer Is The Tax Man After Now?

Super producer and artist Sean Garrett has produced 17 number one hit singles for artists including Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, Janet Jackson, and Mary J. Blige, so he has to be caked up, right? Wrong!

According to TMZ, the State of Georgia filed a tax lien against Garrett earlier this year, claiming he owes $732,553.57 in back taxes for the years 2006 and 2007.  Sources close to Garrett say the tax bill stems from an error made by an ex employee of Sean’s — and they claim Sean is taking steps to resolve the issue.

As if that wasn’t enough,, Garrett has somehow gone broke and allegedly owes American Express $108,084.62 in unpaid bills. The credit card company is currently suing Garrett, who owes double the amount of his credit limit.

A rep for Sean Garrett told TMZ, “The lawsuit has no merit. The charges in question are result of identity theft and fraudulent transactions that have been in dispute by Sean’s accounting team with AmEx for quite some time. He and his team are currently looking into all options including a private investigation.”

Damn, son! I hope he can get his tax and AMEX situations worked out, credit card fraud takes a long time to prove and dealing with the IRS is no walk in the park. His credit score must be in the dumps right now.

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  • Dointer

    Flossin & ballin are words one should use after they have paid their taxes.

    • Negro Peligro

      Nah girl gone sleep with you regardless. So why waste your money.

      • Bubba will be sleeping with you in your cell for not paying your taxes.

  • johnblacksad

    Drake always on some duck face contest sh!t and sh!t… sheeeiiiit!

    • Did he put Kool-Aid on his lips?

    • therealest1

      A Kike duck face with a long ass Jew nose beak.

    • his eyes are too far apart. looks like a turtle

  • Pay up……No need in showing off in you’re music and material, when all the IRS has to do is watch you’re videos and see that most artists and producers make much more than how much they actually claim to the IRS.

    • it could be a mistake tho … ive gotten audited one time cause i had to mail off my state taxes (cause i work outside of my resident state) … and was slammed with a $1k + interest bill from the IRS … and all i did was resubmit the papers they never got and i was fully credited even the interest and actually they ended up oweing me a couple of $100s 😉

  • Abrasive Angel

    Every time I see a pic of Nicki Minaj and her dumb bitch facial expressions, I just want to punch her in the face on some Bernie Mack shit.

  • therealest1

    Another long line of real life examples of spending more than what you earn, living beyond your means, trying to look like you have money when you don’t have as much in your bank account as you portray.

    This ass clown looks like a closet butt pirate though.

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    Stop it. Sean Garrett is not broke. 17 # 1 records? If you understand publishing money then you understand that owing Georgia (not the IRS) almost a million means he made a ridiculous amount of money.

    • def was about to say the same he maybe broke now, if hes broke now, but @ some point in time he was def caking it up … we only pay 30% in taxes so if he owes 700k+ for 1 fiscal year or even 2 fiscal year … lets say 300k pre year just in taxes …. he cleared an EASY million both years 😉 ………….. now think about this if you got 1millions in the bank … and have to pull 300k and hand it to uncle sam !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think alot of us would be in tax trouble if thats how we had to handle our taxes lol 😉 i be pissed @my 100s i pay in taxes ….. shoot a cool 100k uncle sam gonna have to come get that from me LOL 😉

      • johnblacksad

        this money sh!t is still new to us… smh

    • Face it, he’s broke. This isn’t 1996 record sale money.

  • damnnn i wonder how much of that 100k is interest 😉 and what percentage its increasing by the month …. if you getting $$$$ for real there no NEED to have 100k in back debt !!!!!!!!! you hustling backwards DUN prodigy voice lol 😉

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  • D_Ably

    more dickheads ballin on credit cards spendin money they ain’t got before they get it, only thing is by the time you get it you gotta give it back

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