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Missy Elliot Releases First Two Singles Off New Timbaland-Produced Album, Talks Aaliyah Album Controversy

(AllHipHop News) Missy Elliot reunited with her musical muse super producer Timbaland on UStream to announce the iTunes release of her first two singles “9th Inning” and “Triple Threat”. During a UStream interview last night (September 17) with Mona Scott-Young and a legion of fans on social media sites, Elliot explained excitedly that the two new tracks will be featured on her new album that is due sometime this year.

“I like to call it theatrical Hip-Hop,” says Elliot. “It’s not the Da Real World all over again ,but just the dramatics of the real world is the feeling that I get from this album.”

Even though this will be Elliot’s first release of an entire body of new material in seven years, Timbaland says that their timing couldn’t be better. “I think what’s going on right now is the same ol same ol,” says the legendary producer, who produces every song on the 12-track album.

“The timing is right for what we doing right now. We didn’t pick it. It just happened this way,” he added.

Both Elliot and Timbaland were tight lipped about the featured artists on the album, until a fan asked Elliot if there would be another collaboration with fellow femcees vets Lil Kim, Eve, and Trina, to which Elliot responded sparingly: “I do have something special with us three,” says Elliot. “Fun party record. Keep it fun.”

Host Scott-Young also made sure to ask Elliot and Timbaland about their views on the upcoming, Drake-executive produced Aaliyah album that has caught some recent criticism from fans due to the producing duos lack of involvement.

“A lot of people are asking about the Aaliyah situation. And we’ve had to answer that all day today. So I think we kinda worn out,” said Elliot. “And something set on my heart and said, ‘maybe let’s not talk about it so much because Aaliyah she didn’t represent controversy. She represented peace.’ We just trying to keep positive energy around her name.”

  • Abrasive Angel

    The FemCee is back. Her girlfriend(or exgirl) is fine as hell too.

  • I love Missy….But I hate the fact that you all think that Nicki Minaj just stole Lil Kim style…I honestly think that Nick stole a lot of Missy’s style as well.

    • Apollo Showtime

      Ok, so we’ve already established the fact that she’s stealing styles…Lil’ Kim’s look, Foxy flow (on her street shit) and Missy’s videography.

      • Yes…It’s great to have Missy back…..Now let’s see if FOXY BROWN returns as well….lol

    • Doe Boy

      i been sayin that shit 2 niggaz…..

  • Missy = Winning with class!

  • hoeyuno

    She looks like a halle berry poster…

  • Dolladae

    Missy bout to show these fools REAL creativity. AND I been waiting to hear some Timbaland production!!!!!!!! Get’em Missy!!!!!!

  • Brick Soulja

    Ok, lets keep it real for a minute now. Timberland and Missy were just replacement producers for Aaliyah. R Kelly was the one who was originally with baby girl and all real fans know that they had real chemistry. Uncle Barry and Mr. Kelly should be considered the first options to speak on an Aaliyah project. She didn’t know Tim and Missy on a personal level until after she was famous and was divorced from R Kelly. Missy, Tim, Stevie J, Tweet, Flo Rida, Playa (with Static Major) and Ginuwine were all still working for DeVante Swing when baby girl was with R Kelly making classic hits.

    Haters need to stop trying to rewrite music history and give Robert Kelly the respect he deserves. Outside of all the personal stuff with Aaliyah being only 15 when he married her, they had a true music chemistry. Tim and Missy were good replacement people, however, they were not the first options for Uncle Barry and Aaliyah.

    • Richie_Ochoa

      You stay on that bullish*t

    • If Kells wasn’t pedophilin’ and pissin’ on young brawds he would be considered.

      • n n

        She is right .lol

    • Bitch u sound STUPID!!!!! R. kelly did ONE album and she DID know Tim and Missy and thery did 3 albums with her. Quit reaching to make a moot point. My brother is Smoke from Playa and they DEFINITELY knew Aaliyah very well. SMH at fans swearing they know or understand ANYTHING!!!

    • ulostatlife

      “Outside of all the personal stuff with Aaliyah being only 15 when he married her,”….I love how you casually sweep that under the rug..You must be someone who R Kelly serenaded while being pee’d on back in the day..

  • Apollo Showtime

    She needs to get with Da Brat again too.

  • Vuer89

    Missy & Timbaland…Reunited and it feels SOOOO GOOOD!!!

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  • manonyme

    i’m soooo glad she has brought some new music…i was just saying the other day that “If missy don’t put out some music real soon, I’ma hunt her down and pinch her titty!!” then withiin a few days I saw the announcement of 2 new singles….i apologize for threatening violence before, but i just really luv her…..