Hip-Hop Rumors: Is The Gay Community Out To Get Wayne?


Lil Wayne is not gay. Lets be clear. He did kiss a man, which has lead to all sorts of talk. And now there is discussion on why he would – on “Turn On The Lights” remix – rap the lyric: “Tell her I skate/ I ain’t got no worries/ No Frank Ocean, I’m straight.”

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Clever lyric or offensive for no reason. I guess it could be both. There is a paradox of Weezy being unworried, and straight aka being cool or OK. Still, the gay community is apparently up in arms over the comments. It harkens to the archaic notion that Hip-Hop is homophobic and stuff when we know that is not the case anymore. Right?

Everybody from Jay-Z to 50 Cent have accepted that Frankie Ocean is a cool addition to their music family. Anyway. What do you think of the lyric?

He better beware…the Pink Mafia is out there. And still making hits.

Maybe this will quell their issues.

the long kiss goodnight...

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  • johnblacksad

    The gay community may be right to take offense because they know damn well they are the only supporters of the whole YMCMB empire, and this’ the mothafuggin thanks they get?! They’re hurt because it’s like Weezy tryin to turn his back on them. Turn his back on them?! ahem…

    YMCMB wouldn’t be where it’s at today without the LGBT! get it right!

    • TruthSerum

      haha I was gonna say summin but I couldn’t come up with nothin better then that

    • YMCMB = LGBT!

    • dominicancoke

      Amen! I seen 50 something gay guys in a rally with picket signs yelling what do want? Dicks when do we want em? Now! All of them had ymcmb shirts on

      • johnblacksad

        Now??! wtf! hope you got out of there fast… you kno… no homo

      • dominicancoke

        Asap I was chased by.a couple of drag queens one hit me with a fake loui bag

  • JerZeBoy

    I though YMCMB stood for Young Men Cuddeling Male Buddies?

    • dominicancoke

      Lmfao I knew it stood for something like that

    • It’s even better It means “young men cuddling man booty!”

    • Enough come on guys haha!

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  • with drake, nicki and wayne, ymcmb is the gay community lmfao

  • Clever lyric??? ha!!!!! certinly not that

  • Lyve Wire

    seems like gays and jews get offended by everything and blacks are ‘biggest haters in the world’.. so if you’re black, dont mention either…. take my advice, and dont call me in the morning.

  • dominicancoke

    Gay community out to get wayne? Umm wayne is a closet homo so is drake so is birdman if anything they should be mad he has been in the closet his whole career!

  • I am tired of this little troll—Lil Wayne is on his way out anyways….His time has come to an end.

  • scullyson

    Gay on gay crime? LOL….J/K folks…..

  • Not knocking from the point but has a official rep for the LGBT community came out and said their up in arms? I don’t even the Ocean cares what Weezy is saying making 100k a show.

  • AK

    more like corny lyric , and their just mad cause they know wayne is gay and doesnt want to come out like ocean even though everyone knows no straight man would ever wear the shit he wears

  • Joel Griffin

    I’m still shocked Weezy is a successful rapper soundin like he drank 8 bottles of lean before he spits.. Really ? At this point he could tell the world he’s a hermaphrodite and it’d be cool. Frank ocean has been HOT GARBAGE ever since he came out of the closet, nobody gives a shit about ur sex life frank, but you do, because you needed a career booster pack well guess what, ur NOS is running out;…Drop a good album and start putting out quality work or GTFOH

  • toreal

    I agree with the gay community this time. Kissing a man and wearing skinny jeans etc..

  • BXironlunz28

    lol at tha Baby n Wayne pic. Dude wit tha blue headband saying “say word these nikkas is kissing?”…

  • most people who go around saying no homo & that they aint gay – are gay

  • Lamar Star

    The irony of it all

  • HalfPast7

    Damn Weezy got the full head lean n ey’thing, he goin in for that kiss lol sorry but if that aint gay to yall no matter wtf his excuse was then yall must be gay too smh

  • Dadon850

    Tell me this, what straight man would kiss another man in the mouth like Wayne is doing on that picture?? There is no question Lil Wayne is a homosexual.

    • Joel Griffin

      U know what though U never know what kinda angles Baby has been playin’ on them dudes….Every wondered why wayne is a little… fuckin weird? and I don’t mean ugg boots weird I mean S + M, whips chains and leather straps weird…Wayne seems like he’s been through pscyhological trauma… he just aint normal, ya know? As a man he seems so tweaked he couldn’t have a conversation at the dinner table without ur mom kickin’ him out for being such a piece of sludge.

  • DJ megatron

    I dont understand how gay dudes can take a D*ck but can’t take any offensive names, jokes, etc!

  • How do you know Lil Wayne isn’t gay there Mr / Mrs “journalist”? I don’t know too many straight dudes dressing like that!

  • Synista

    This little fruit cup PINK skinny jeans wearing man kisser saying he aint gay makes as much as a lesbian claiming she don’t like coochie.

  • disqus_iJyuljSRwL

    WritersCafe . Org / MrDunne (Serial Killer rap-poetry)

  • Slaughtr

    Everybody hasn’t accepted shyt just because some rap star nigga said Frank Ocean’s sexuality is kool is just to show you that gay brothers in the game have been always.Personally I don’t like the lifestyle but I will not front on somebody cause they are like peaches. Far as wayne’s lyrics I guess he had to defend hisself after kissing a man in which the way he did????!!!!


    i dont even like YMCMB, but damn , you mean to tell me that the world is so gay now. that a simple line can hurt some faggs feelin, who i guess they really are faggs. cuz they have no balls

  • Sexy_Sabe

    lmao look at how the niggas in the background are lookin as he kisses baby.. One is like “wtf?” An the other nigga lookin like Eeww!!! Lmao! An tht line ws him tryin to b clever an pretty much takin a shot @ the whole F.O situation at the same time. Yall say he aint gay as if u know. Where i come from (Detroit) a nigga kissin another nigga tht isnt his blood father on the lips,rockin lip rings,wearing skinny jeans,leggins, an Ugg boots is GayAF! Idgaf how caked up a nigga is, hiphop is trying to blur the line between gay an straight an make it cool so they can appeal to other markets an make more money… I dont have a problem with it,homosexuality,LGBT or anything but call aspade a spade, he seems Bi to me an if so he’s lying about who he is. Then again he claims to b a blood but wears blue watches an used to rock blue flags in his videos so i guess its not suprising.

  • disqus_v8P753NC9Z

    hey dumbass…next time you try to spur these lil wayne hates gay’s…gay’s hate lil wayne…at least mention all of his lines with “supposed gay disses”…he says literally a line before “he gayer than a stylist”…any stylists complaining…any one complaining on behalf of stylists…does anyone even acknowledge that line exists…no…just cuz its fuckin frank ocean and everyone wants to be goody goody and hes the new it kid for the gay community…this is all you focus on…tehre was more than one line in there about gay people..u only focus on frank ocean…SMELLS LIKE YOU TRYIN TO START UP CONTROVERSY..u say its proably just clever rap lyrics sayin “yo im cool”…and yea thats exactly what it is….but noooooo….frank oceans name is mentioned so everyone gets their panties in a knot….no one even complains about the other line…ITS BULLSHIT…its a fuckin hipocracy

  • hoeyuno

    Waynes comment wasnt that bad. Its not like he called ocean a fag or somethin. People need to chill. Wayne is about as homo as it gets anyways……………….

  • JeSSiKa^^RaBBit

    That man with the White Headband looking like WTF LMAO..!

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  • GucciLYKGod

    since when to does su woo kiss other men ON THE LIPS???

  • where’s the evidence supporting that the gay community is mad?? or did whoever write the article just put up some bullshit to get a rise out of for thought

  • Griss

    y would they hate one of they own kind

  • ArgleBjargle

    Lil Wayne = Lil Brain = Major Pain = Major Bore = Whatta Snore = Attention Whore