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Hip-Hop Rumors: Lupe Fiasco In Another Twitter Beef?

Someone please revoke Lupe Fiasco’s Twitter privileges. The rapper, who has recently verbally sparred on Twitter with fellow Chicago rapper Chief Keef, is back on his Twitter gangster.

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The outspoken rapper has taken aim on comedian D.L. Hughley, who recently criticized the rapper for confessing that he is not going to vote in the 2012 Presidential election.

“He’s bright as hell, but dumb in the ways of the world. Young black men are going to listen to him. They are the ones who have decisions made for them, [decisions] that they are not even involved in, which is silly to me,” said D.L. Hughley to HOT 93.7 in Hartford.

After hearing about the comments, Lupe took to his Twitter account and barraged Hughly’s Twitter with messages challenging him to “put up 50K” for “rural & inner city youth [programs].” Check out Lupe’s tweets below (read from the bottom up):

Do you think Lupe has a point there? Maybe all of these celebrities should put their money where their mouth is! Jay-Z and Beyonce did last night, hosting a fundraiser for Barack Obama that raised $5 million dollars for his campaign.

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So does Lupe make sense, or should he have his Twitter license revoked?

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  • johnblacksad

    FCUK THIS LUPE FIASCO SILLY-THINKIN-HE’S-SMART-NEGRO! SOOO TIRED OF THIS NINJA…. Outside of the recording booth, he’s wack as hell as a person! Always gotta be whinning about something… get over it already!

    • Southcidal

      I don’t dislike Lupe as much as you do John, but I agree. I think Lupe’s rebellion is just done out of trying to build up his “rebel” image. If the main thing to do was not vote, Lupe would be yelling that he’s voting and most ignorant followers would follow suit just to be with the “different” types. I think that voting is the same thing as the “occupying” shiit that Lupe was doing, just voicing an opinion. Will somebody listen to your voice? Maybe not, but at least you’re heard.
      I had a potna that used to only listen to underground, hardly known artists. When these artist got a hit on the radio he would instantly stop listening to them eventhough their content was basically the same. In other words, some people yearn to be the “outcast” at all costs.

  • johnblacksad

    on another note tho, i kno who should have their rumor license revoked…

    *follow my eyes* —–> S.L.!

  • johnblacksad

    Would love to see D.L. not reply and leave this negro hanging…. negro hanging?… whoa…slow… i mean, jus nevermind this n!gga… tell him to go vote first and maybe he’ll get a reply!

  • IG::TheRealStevieBee

    The power to make a difference, make a change starts with self. Lupe may have his convictions about voting and so on and it can cause a percentage of young black voters who look up to him not to vote but honestly, the power is in each and every person’s individual hands. We can’t keep looking to the government or someone else to do something. It will never get done. I personally still plan to vote because of what our people went through to be given the opportunity to vote… but yes I would like to see more celebrities do a lot less talking and lot more walking on the front lines. Get involved physically and not just financially or verbally. Be an active presence. A participant instead of a spectator. Mr. Hughley, instead of scolding him for being “dumb in the ways of the world” publicly, reach out to the young brother and kick knowledge. Break bread. Understand one another before lambasting him in such a fashion even if what you stated does hold some water.



  • Lyve Wire

    he got called out…. he responded.
    why didnt DL call out kendrick lamar? they both on the same ‘i aint voting’ tip, so call them both out.
    i dont mess with lupe anymore because of his off mic comments, but lets be fair here.
    and when it comes to celebrities, your local actions are worth more than a vote, sometimes. obama, nor romney can stop you from building a youth center in the inner city. do or die, put up or shut up.

    • Wil Btvglobal Ty


  • IG::TheRealStevieBee

    As for you Sydney… this is not beefing. Stop starting fires where there are none please and thank you. Leave it to the media to pull a story out of nothing.

  • johnblacksad

    Prolly would have voted for Mitt anyways… on some Romney-bet-10k-on-spot-sh!t…”let’s put up this 50k”… n!gga please… F.O.H. you ain’t had to wait for D.L. to go do that! There’s ninjaz starvin errday…

    Who does Lupe represent? Def not me!

    and that tweet about Grace Boggs or whatever her name is… definitely the exact type of sh!t that i HATE about this Lupe n!gga… fcuk you n!gga… who gives a fugg that you know her and others don’t? is that how it works really? Mothafcukin negro always tryin to ‘show’/’prove’ he’s soooo ‘unique’ n sh!t, that he knows better… if you come where i come from… you’d see that this is a lil punk who just had a lil different upbringing compared to the average-average-hood-hood-n!gga…. it got this n!gga to think he is a prophet n sh!t… jus anotha punk in life tryin to find his way out… can’t stand this n!gga no more for real

    • Casor_Greener

      Remarkably…I co-sign 100%

    • true story

    • Jizzah!

      You had me intill u said ur voting for Mitt, that’s ur choice. But after what he did to Boston, Ma when he was senator in my state he’s clearly a fugg up. Every1 in Ma knows who bad of a job he did here & left this state a mess. Oh and Lupe he rubbs me the wrong way also, when he talks it’s like he’s talking down on some1.

      • johnblacksad

        whoa… i ain’t voting for this morron… typo… mormon…

    • .”let’s put up this 50k”… n!gga please… F.O.H. you ain’t had to wait for D.L. to go do that!

      I thought the same thing!

  • mrgibson

    You know celebrities are looking for publicity when they talk about each other over the air/radio instead of using connections and doing it man-to-man. I understand where each dude is coming from with his sentiments, but it shouldn’t be aired out in public. The problem in the black community isn’t something you can throw money at and expect it to correct itself. It’s going to take YEARS of diligence and actual hands on effort to fix it.

    Not voting is definitely NOT a good way to begin to fix your community…

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  • Negro Peligro

    Nope. Because sure you can go out in your community and do some things. Unless you fix the causes your not changing anything.

  • vic

    you mf are so square its sad.. and this is a hip hop site supposedly.. lool vote.. yea ok… lupes spot on.. its funny how everyone who is normally not political gets political around this time…the real ppl who care about politics know better.. same shit different ass

    • $17637591

      I get so tired of you ignorant idiots saying dont vote cuz it dont matter whos in the office. It does matter who wins. Were paying $4 per gallon of gas because of what Bush jr did when he was in office. Healthcare reform alone is a big difference. Do you know how many of our soldiers (most are minorities) have died fighting wars that Bush started so his companies can make billions? So much goes on but is above peoples mind frame.

      • johnblacksad

        Between Romney & Obama, it’s no debate, i’m definitely rockin with Obama. How is it not clear to some people that he is certainly the lesser of both evils??! Really nothing to do with him being black despite my troll comments sometimes… healthcare, stopping the war, took care of that osama n!gga, saving GM!!!!! (What up doe DETROIT!!!), saved them fukcin banksters, helped a lot restore the opinion many in the world had about the U.S. (that fool that did that stupid video on islam is sure tryin to ruin it all… muslims all over the world are HEATED at America right now), i ain’t seen no journalist throw his shoes at Obama yet, plus i know ya’ll seen how he knocked that fly out during the interview, he shouted Jeezy… bottom line he gets my vote!

        High off that kush 4 real… Presidential of course!

      • I’ll vote for him too…but it doesn’t matter anyway, the electoral college has the last say….but that’s for another day!

      • Yeah, so we voted different and it’s $3.79 per gallon now?

        Gas is high because the federal reserve keeps printing $$$ out of thin air / quantitative easing. Eventually, gas sellers ( Iran, Iraq, Libya, etc. ) aren’t going to take U.S. $$$ as the petrodollar, on some “We have our own espon printers, give us something that you pull from the ground!”

      • johnblacksad

        Edo… he’s the lesser of both evils tho

        Seriously, i don’t think i’m really ready for a Romney term right now… jus not feelin it

      • It’s really no difference, except with Mit….we’d be on point & less likely to give him a pass…..but face it, Black folks would vote for Donald Duck if he was dipped in Chocolate……while giving us the top 10 reasons that he can’t do ‘chet for us!

        * A Vote for the lesser of two evils is still a Vote 4 evil


      • Southcidal

        I disagree with the dipped in Chocolate comment. If its Cain vs. Clinton in 2016 guess who I’m voting for, based on their platforms? Not Cain and I’m darker than the darkest chocolate on the market.
        Its funny how you can say that about black people’s vote, but ignore the droves of poor white people (tea partiers) that support a political agenda that is totally against their class or financial status.
        At least our dipped candidate wants to implement policies that make the rich pay their share just as everybody else, unlike the alternative.
        And just how would we “be on point” with Mitt? Has Mitt ever presented a detailed plan to get us “on point”? You’re not rolling with Mitt just cause he’s vanilla dipped huh? Are you a lower-middle classer that just wants to support the good ole vanilla boys no matter how much they shiit on you?

      • I meant “ON POINT” in the sense that our eyes would be open…personally, I don’t think either candidate gives a fugg about either of us, or our struggles.

        I’d rather have economic policy made by some one juggling shut off notices, not some rich dude pandering to the %47 lower class that is broke.

        If the candidate isn’t ending the fed reserve, he’s just blowing smoke up our a$$.

      • Mongo Slade

        I AGREE

      • Weedras

        that’s what dudes aren’t getting you don’t have to vote for someone to get handouts or because you like them sometimes you have to vote for the lesser of two evils… dudes act like all the economic shit was started by Obama, when it was Bush and his philosophy similar to Romney’s that created the shit pit… and ppl seem to remember all this president’s shortcomings rather than what he has accomplished… and mind you ppl talking about him getting a pass on shit.. when he’s the most hated on president in my lifetime… he has to deal with racial attacks, false political attacks, religious attacks and ppl in the black community waiting for their 40 acres and a mule… dude got my vote… if there’s anything close to the Illuminati is Mitt Romney…

      • @agentace2050

        Voting for the lesser of two evils doesn’t make any sense because the way I see it, you are still getting evil. And knowing the evils tells you we are going no where fast. The economy decline didn’t start with Obama it started in 1913 with the Federal Reserve and the dollar was doomed since. Stop looking for excuses for this man. He is as much Illuminati as Mitt. NDAA ( Look it up )

      • Southcidal

        Had we voted differently we wouldn’t be fighting multiple wars. Those trillions would be going toward building the infrastructure and strengthening that dollar. Also going toward research of alternative fuels and energy sources. Global economics is simple, we import way more than we export. Government intervention is great when it rewards domestic companies who create US versions of Ipods by providing tax credits that’s make up the labor difference with the sweat shops in Asia.

      • Voted differently? For who? You?
        That’s about the only way ‘chet would be different. It’s not a 2 party system, it’s one party with 2 factions. We still at war & will go to war with any oil producing country that wants gold for their oil, or doesn’t accept U.S. fiat currency / paper $$$.

        Check the history & look at Iran.
        Iran better shape up ( IE: Start accepting counterfeit $$$ for their oil ) or they will get jacked! Watch & see…..sure, it will be an excuse about preventing Muslim hordes for storming Cali Beaches on some D Day ww2, Normandy ‘chet & beating B’ishes in bikini’s for not wearing Burka’s….but bottom line, like with Libya…we need that oil.

        Mexico was the U.S. #3 supplier, but they don’t export anymore, Saudi Arabia is drilling offshore ( = Running out of oil ).

        The collapse is coming!

      • HustlaDaRabbit

        You’re kind of stupid and very uninformed. You realize there’s enough oil in ANWR to operate the United States for 75 years right? Liberals won’t let us drill there.

      • Rasta

        And what are you basing your opinion on? based on who’s research? funded by who? (stop calling people stupid and uninformed)

    • Southcidal

      Please explain how Lupe is spot on. Enlighten me.

  • BulldogCG

    as i see by some of these comments, Lupe to real for these fools, looking for a party to change shit is silly, we gotta do it ourselves, but its hard, just look at the ignorance out there. Being born in the “Hood” is no exuse for ignorance, plus those are the one’s victimized the most, gotta get out and get it, not wait for no politician.

  • Dadon850

    Grace Lee Boggs is a 97 year old Chinease lady. What the f Lupe talking about?? He smoking toooooooo much!!

  • $17637591

    Lupe nor anybody for that matter knows what DL contributes to programs he supports. If Lupe aint voting he need to keep that shit to himself so he don’t influence other people not to vote. With that being said Lupe is ignorant in a certain sense.

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  • wow sydney lace is pretty ignorant ”
    Someone please revoke Lupe Fiasco’s Twitter privileges” Lupe is actually making a real point that 1st voting in america is a joke because whatever the zionist movement wants it gets. 2nd All these entertainers that talk about giving back don’t do shit and the ones who do are very few. Finally how can any of you (anyone in the entertainment industry) speak of bettering society when all you do is promote bullshit and hate on the entertainers who promote positive this confuses the masses causing nothing but arguments without results SHAME 0N ALLHIPHOP.COM SOHH.COM & MOST OF ALL WORLDSTARHIPHOP.COM DISHONORABLE MENTION VLADTV.COM & THISIS50.COM

    • johnblacksad

      whoa… i don’t even know all them websites
      You sure you don’t enjoy to this mass confusion?

      • it’s called research speaking on topics you are familiar with and not speaking from your ass like some people.

    • Southcidal

      So is not voting going to somehow counter the “zionist” movement’s moves? I don’t understand. Lupe occupied Wall Street. Voting is just like occupying to me.

      • voting is nothing but making you think you have a say in what goes on. funny you should mention the occupy movement as i recall a lot of people got assaulted by the same people who are suppose to protect us Wake up my brother or sister

      • Southcidal

        But once again, how is it different from occupying? Lobbyists are prevalent for a reason. Gov officials can be and have always been manipulated and motivated by self gain. Voting won’t lessen the greed of politicians, but what it will do is let these politicians know that we are watching their assez (ala The Occupy Movement).
        In other words, what you’re saying is that you’re not going to knock on that door because you know that no one will answer it. Well you may be right, but if you’re at the doorstep any way you might as well knock. Our ancestors traveled a very long distance to get to that door step.
        Knocking is better than just sitting at the doorstep with our face in our hands.
        If not voting, then what? Enlighten me my brother or sister.

      • I feel you, but to answer you question, I’ll have to quote the great Philosopher Biggie Smalls aka :The Notorius B.I.G.:

        “Kick in the door, waving the .44….”

      • Rasta

        If you gonna quote Notorious B.I.G and label him as “great philosopher” then no one should take anything you say, seriously!

      • Not true, voting is the sheep decided if he wants to get eaten by the fox or the wolf….it makes a difference….just not to the sheep.

      • Wil Btvglobal Ty


      • Nothing countering the Zionist moves….they run the U.S.
        Hollywood, Federal Reserve, Government, Homeland Security *<<<Nazi word

      • thank you brother these sheeople can talk all they want action is whats needed

    • Big Upz!



    • So if he doesn’t vote, he doesn’t have a right to complain, but the people who do participate, have the right….when it’s their participation that caused the drama?

      We need a “None Of The Above” option, I bet that ‘chet would increase voter turn out!

  • morderca

    This site is so retarted. Lupe knows whats really going on in the world and isn’t going to vote for some guy because hes the same color. That is such closed minded thinking. Lupe is right all the way. He would demolish anyone in a debate these idiots don’t have any facts.

  • Southcidal

    Even if the government has covert, behind the scenes operations, voting still is symbolic if nothing else. Voting shows that people are paying attention to whats going on and they give a damn. And Lupe has never really clearly stated why he doesn’t vote. I hope its not just be rebellious for the sake of just being rebellious. And its disrespectful to our predecessors who fought for that right. And why should voting stop you from dropping 50 stacks on youth programs?

    • He fronting on the 50K.

  • Numbuh Four

    Just turned 18 in February, registered to vote and all, only problem is there’s no one to vote for. It’s like winning all of those tickets at the arcade just to go to the counter and find out that all of the good prizes are gone. I’m not voting FOR Obama in this election, I’m voting AGAINST Romney.

    With that said, I understand Lupe NOT voting, especially with the given choices. He’s still a tax paying citizen who has the right to question how his money is being spent, so that whole “if you don’t vote, you can’t have an opinion” argument is irrelevant. The fact of the matter is, if you don’t see anyone that you want in office more or less than the other, what ARE you supposed to do? Close your eyes and choose randomly?

    Another thing, I just wish Lupe would STFU if it’s not about his music. I’m a huge fan of all of his work, but the dude talks WAY too much. Hopefully these interviewers stop asking him political questions, it’s not usually what he says, it’s how he says it that turns me off. He also seems to hold himself higher than all others who don’t share his view point on life in general. He talks from all the way up on some damn non-existent pedestal. In the words of Big Ghost:

    “Biggie = I’M f*cking up,
    Tupac = WE f*cking up,
    Lupe = Y’ALL f*cking up”

    • I co-sign…but you advocating voting for the lesser of 2 evils….nothing is random, O is a dual citizen Kenya / U.S. & ineligible…McSame was too ( Born off soil, outside canal zone )…so the question becomes…am I smarter than them college boys…or is something sinister with the 14th amendment afoot?

      So voting gives us a new manager for Burger King, but they still stopped selling whoppers because the franchise owner ( Fed Reserve ) doesn’t want to.

      • Numbuh Four

        I hear you fam, I hate to sound all cliche right here but that’s just the way it is on the first part. In politics you can’t eliminate the corruption, there will always be lobbyists bribing senators and congressman to do their bidding, e.t.c; you can just do your best to try and keep it at a minimum. How much does voting accomplish? Not much, it’s a glorified puppet show, what needs to happen for certain people in charge to flourish is gonna happen no matter whose in that chair. It’s depressing…

        It sucks when you wake up and realize that the symbol of America, the leader of the free world is either gonna be an elitist far right extremist who’s gonna be pushed into starting WW3 if elected by attacking Iran, or a “liberal” war criminal who smiles in your face whilst checking off his kill list and ordering drone strikes in other countries. Killing 7 innocent children and 1 “bad guy”, then jumping on your T.V. screen and screaming “Success”.

      • Is the cure worse than the disease?

        We may be unhappy as slaves, but we can’t even wipe our @$$ without Massa’…..& I’m not talking racist terms, I’m talking economics, we don’t even have the capability to manufacture toilet paper, let alone food, so that we can have the problem of wiping our @$$ after taking a ‘chet ( I guess no food = no need for toilet paper : ) ?
        We are at a turning point in history ‘Brah!Real soon, it’s gonna be the end of tyranny, or the end of freedom.
        Pharoah would rather kill the Israelites ( * No Connection to the dudes in Israel, treating the Palestinians like Native Americans ) than let them go free.
        Best advice I can give is to learn how to grow a tomato….and how to keep warm.

        ***And HIDE it in plain site.

      • Quincy Hogan

        KRS-One for the win!

      • Did he not Wreck Shop in that AJ interview?

        How could he not open eyes?
        KRS = GOAT ….On & Off The Mic!

  • Joel Griffin

    FACT – Whether you vote for Obama or Romney, you’re voting for the same group, the powers behind the scenes don’t change, only the names and faces do….
    LUPE, you need to choose sides, either be a hundred percent raw with it, or just play your role, either way is cool. You can’t say, ”I’m not voting,” without explaining why
    and if you’re not prepared to take it to that level of knowledge bombing, which I don’t blame you because you will be ostracized by the mainstream. I couldn’t tell Lupe how to roll because I’m not in his shoes but I will say, I respect him for expressing himself, even though u got 85ers like Hughly using trick knowledge to foil him. Hughly 0 Lupe 1

    • LOL-N @ 85’ers.
      You right & exact / 120? ( 360 + ) ?
      Federal Reserve..better yet, Zionist run the show…..go ahead & kick it…

  • Willuminati☆Imortali

    Sydney talking bout “Someone need to take Lupe’s twitter away” when the nigga didnt even go at D.L…..hes talking about a candidate who would make a change & donating money for inner city youth….Sydney just proved she a poor writer & a dumb broad

  • Lupe has a point, I will vote when the racist electoral college doesn’t exist anymore or until my vote is needed in NY

  • WTF

    I bet those of you that don’t wanna vote is unemployed, lazy and or job ignorant and probably have never voted in your life… and wondering why the country is in the shape it is in. Anyone with sense know that Obama is doing and has been doing a great job, despite what he took over (Bush mess) …He’s done in 4 years what it took Clinton 8 to do…Clinton himself said it. Fact check, tricks.

  • An American president is and will always be a puppet for the senate! doesn’t matter who you elect, the president doesn’t run the country.

  • disqus_iJyuljSRwL

    WritersCafe . Org / MrDunne (Serial Killer Rap-Poetry)

  • Slaughtr

    For those that vote do you did that and I’m done. To seriosly think this system gives a fck about the hard working class of people that keep this country running your all sadly mistaken. I get so many comments back crticizing me about the way I feel about voting fck you. As far as so called stars giving there money to a cause first of all Jay Z and Beyonce contributed money to the system not a fund to help inner city children. Barac supports the middle class being viable not everyday people. Black folk used to have power and unity these days that shyt is nowhere to be found.DL shut your fckin trap tap dance nigga and stop blasting your fellow brother because of his decision.Again if you choose to vote then do you no fight just waiting to see where you win at. Either way there is no win just deeper problems for a nation. Republican or Democrat the system is the system and if you love it then we lost anyway.Many folks feel what they feel so don’t come at me with no bs because I will charge back and will not stop.Lupe with some of these house niggaz save your words.Personally fck tweeting all that verbal is dead if you really have a problem go see that man and handle what you need too. Not to encourage violence but the way most throw threats on tweets is suckafied.At the end of the day a mans freedom is to be excercised by his own morals….pawns.and yea my ancestors did in fact make this a great country to be in so I’m staying, that’s like building somebody else a house and then you not living in it. For the folks that died voting there really was a cause outright racism and black codes.Negroes making money now we made it,we have a black president we made it keep fooling yourself.Gas prices rise because the ones america hates push that price up why because they can a gallon of milk is high just like gas so kill that bs argument.

  • Lupe,lupe,lupe..smdh..

  • RazaBladeKing

    First off, I’ll say it’s great to see all of yall gettin informed about what’s going on, regardless of “vote for A vs. vote for B” or “vote vs. don’t vote.” No matter how the system tries to dumb ‘us’ down (whatever ‘us’ you wanna subscribe to), the hip hop nation has always been about enlightenment = uplifting. Good stuff. But that leads to my $0.02…
    I’m ridin for Obama 100%. Period. All you have to do is ask yourself: which party platform is about taking money out of OUR public education system? Which party doesn’t care about how foul the water coming out of YOUR faucet is? Which party would send you thousands of miles away to kill other poor people you have no beef with? You can say what you want about the “Powers that be” and how both parties are in bed together, but the proof is in the pudding (i.e. policy… take a look at the Ryan budget, for example). If you’re totally disgusted with the US political system and won’t vote, that’s fine; that’s your right. But I want to have my say in how clean the air I breathe is, even if it’s just a “ceremonial say”. Choosing not to have a voice certainly doesn’t make you smarter than anyone, just more cynical. And if we leave it up to somebody else, and we get another Richie Rich like Reagan (or worse, another dumb-@$$ cowboy like W), don’t complain when YOUR schools fall off, YOUR water turns to dirt, YOUR kids die in Whateverstan, and the money is taken out of YOUR paycheck to finance it. At the most cynical, who we vote for shows the Powers that Be what we’ll let them get away with. Neither side has clean hands, but only one side at least pretends to give a f*** about you. Choosing the wrong side can be disastrous; refusing to choose a side (or choosing a side with no chance out of pride) is cowardice. That’s my opinion and I’m entitled to it, just as Lupe is entitled to his. Welcome to America.


    Lupe earned my respect today! He’s a real intelligent brother who clearly stands for what he believes in! He’s just getting heat because he’s from the President’s hometown! People need to stop supporting people based on ridiculous reasons & instead should start doing research on this whole electoral process!

  • disqus_CDlbQiAmGY

    And how is this a beef?

  • Guest

    Wow Sydney, you are a moron…

    “Do you think Lupe has a point there? Maybe all of these celebrities
    should put their money where their mouth is! Jay-Z and Beyonce did last
    night, hosting a fundraiser for Barack Obama that raised $5 million
    dollars for his campaign.”

    Lupe was talking about putting down money for our inner city youths, not putting up money for a presidential campaign.

  • “lets get it in my nigga” You don’t sound like cheif keef at all now lupe


    First of all, Brush your teeth before you say some shit like Voting don’t matter. Brush them shits real tough like.

    If it aint matter, they wouldn’t try to stop you all these years. Wake up.

    Think about it. i didn’t. -DGRUDGE

  • duvalboy2004

    These website is made for the sheep.. I’m never coming back here.. We need a hip hop website to tell the truth, not be control by government.. I feel sorry for you sheep.. You will be slaughter soon by the people you put some much trust in.. Yall God is your government..

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