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Hip-Hop Rumors: Pusha T Goes After Weezy – Says “Dedication 4, Wasn’t That Good”

Ever since Lil’ Wayne ended his beef with Pusha T back in June, we haven’t heard much about it from either one of them…until now. On a recent promo run for “Cruel Summer,” Pusha T along with his label mate Big Sean, stopped by the HOT 97 radio station in New York. Cipha Sounds and Peter Rosenberg pressed Pusha about Weezy’s new mixtape, and Pusha held no punches, saying that he thought the much hyped about mixtape, “wasn’t that good.”

Although it was rumored that Nicki Minaj dissed Pusha T on the remix for Birdman’s single “Born Stunna”, Pusha praised Nicki on her clever word play on the “Mercy” track and said that “she got busy” on the record.

“Nicki got off on ‘Mercy’, though. She got busy. She got busy. You got to give credit, when it’s due.”

During the interview, Big Sean also responds to Rosenberg for calling him out on using “B.I.G.” as one of his ad libs.

Check out the interview below:

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  • johnblacksad

    D4 aight…

    • D4 was on lil wayne punchline overload i can only take so much of those punchlines

      • johnblacksad

        I concur… especially when those punchlines have nothing to do with each other from one to the next…

        can we say ‘ramble’?

      • Can we say your crazy for downloading it?

        There is no way that you can convince me that you were disappointed in D4!
        LOL! What did you expect? Lyrical skills on display?
        Didn’t hear it though & doubt I ever will….rather bump that new DMX – I don’t Dance- feat MGK.

      • johnblacksad

        heard the new DMX is good… and with what i heard him say about Drake the other day, i’m definitely about to listen to that!

      • Can only vouch for that 1 track, but so far, it’s winning!

      • Cosign.

      • The new Dmx is decent. the production makes him sound a lil different but hes still X.

  • johnblacksad

    Enter the entity, my vicinity
    Is three hundred and sixty degrees of humidity
    Represent the school of hard knocks and Glocks my
    Clan is hoss and got mad moss for blocks so
    Feel the force of impact from the iron side of
    The gat as I attack the track

    From the blind side of the pack, Starks pass the chrome
    Watch a n!gga get blown out his motherfukcing dome-piece
    Deceased, laid to rest

    • johnblacksad


      I can’t believe this n!gga! This is Wu-tang cotdamn… could you please show a little more respect?!

      Pray i don’t sneak up on you while you’re sayin sh!t about the wu-tang! I will engrave the bottom of my blue&cream wallies on yo face!

  • “Not that good” is an overstatement. It was a very lazy effort by Wayne. HAY GUYZ TRUKFIT HAHAHAHA. Brutal.

  • D2 still the best.

  • ladynamor

    For real all this shit corny.

  • General Lee

    Well was he lying? That shit was hot trash.

  • KLewis

    My gosh, Pusha didn’t go after Wayne. He was asked a question and gave an answer. He said it wasn’t that good. He didn’t say it was garbage, trash, or a steaming pile of shit. He just said it wasn’t that good. You write it like he gave a one hour monologue on his disdain for the mixtape. He gave a three word answer, and you blow it up like Luther off his diet. This is why beef happens. Over emphasizing small shit.

    • Luther Vandross? Man couldn’t you have used somebody else? RIP

  • Lyve Wire

    only reason pusha didnt go in on nicki is because of her relationship with big sean. forget ‘credit where its due’; she dissed you, and you know it. with him and sean being label mates, i dont think he wanted sean to feel the pressure of picking between and good friend and him.
    im sure he aint scared of lil sean, but its business.

  • 2kool

    He is right, it wasnt that good. I had it on my ipod for about a week and deleted. Wayne is falling off lyrically

  • AK

    big sean even said it was whack without replying to the question and just smiling, this is reaching pusha aint coming at him here he just said the obvious. Compare this dedication to his last 3 you can see how far he fell off especially compared to the second one which is one of the few wayne projects that were actually good

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  • HipHopStalker

    Mannnnnnnn Big Sean will always be the weakest nigga out the crew.