Juvenile (@JuvieTheGreat) Ft. @LilTunechi @Birdman5Star “Picture Perfect”

[ahh_audio src=/9-19-12/JuvenileFt.LilWayneBirdman.mp3]

  • Knlegend1

    WTF is this?

  • 2775roc

    Don’t forget Manny Fresh..

  • Wheres @manny fresh on the beat. Will is hot but if juvy n wayne on the track its gotta be manny on the drums

  • This sucks!! where’s Mannie?!

  • ATGreat

    Super YMCMB!!

  • LOL he got that 2 Chains flow.

  • still aint going harder then the new MASTER P & NO LIMIT records that recently dropped!

  • Janice

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but the Juve’s vocals are not sitting in the mix…but again, everything sounds EXACTLY the same…don’t make no damn sense…

  • Lyve Wire

    that ish go hard.
    stop asking bout mannie. apparently, he moved on, and so has cash money. nobody want to hear a million hit-hats and a dude yelling ‘ladys and gentleman, cats and frogs, tadpoles and dogs’. some of yall will find a reason to hate on ymcbm, but never back it up….. answer this, if mannie is missed so damn much, why havent yall supported any of his recent work?
    good night
    oh, and btw, i dont like ymcmb either, but me wanting mannie to come back or stay put wont effect my feelings for them, nor him..

  • rmac138

    fresh would of mixxed da hell out dis beat, way better than this, pay that nycca baby, shyt can be a lot harder