Chris Brown and Rihanna

Epic Fail Of The Day: App Maker Shows Hate For Chris Brown In New App

You know what? When Chris Brown beat up Rihanna, I was one of the loud voices of anger at him. Some three or four years later, ITS OVER PEOPLE! Not only has he been more or less cool with his life, he’s moved on. He has a new girl and is cool with RiRi. People have done worse. Go boycott “Killer Kill” Phil Spector and his hair!

Anyway, here is the point. Some idiot app maker has decided to make an entire app called the Brown Out, which allows you to erase Chris Brown from the internet. Why him? There are so many other annoying celebs. The Toronto-based company told CBS: “If he wants to get a tattoo on his neck that kind of looks like Rihanna we are going to write about it. But at some point, it reaches Chris Brown idiocy saturation. All we had to do is build a frame where it recognizes the word and ignores it and literally erases it. You can see everything except his name and his face.” They did this with rock group Nickleback too so maybe they got what they wanted – PRESS. Wait, I didn’t even say their name. LOL!

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  • shayleshay

    Awesome. Now all we need is the same one for Soulja Boy, Waka Flocka, J. Cole, Future, Travis Porter, Wiz Khalifa, 2 Chainz, Rick Ross’s fake ass, Meek Mill, T.I., Justin Bieber, Drake, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Birdman and All of Young Money….Am I forgetting anybody people???

    • 8Galaxy5

      Pretty much spot on right there

    • Stay Phokus

      lil b the based god, french montana, jim jones, master p, lady gaga, childish gambino, chief queef, hopspin, riff raff, kreayshawn, v-nasty, the game, wale, yg, ace hood, webbie, cash out, space ghost purp, JOJO (Runs Son), plies, mac miller, mgk, and shawty lo

      • master p??? P is a legend son!!!! watch ya mouth!!!

      • Stay Phokus

        he had a spark when he start, now he just garbage
        without using wikipedia what was his last single…
        that should keep you thinkin for a while

      • i dont care what his last single was, master P is a legend!!! dont lump him in with the waka flockas and lil b’s thats disrespect!!!

      • Alf Capone

        i never thought of p as a legend or a great rapper………he was a sub par rapper that reminds me of alotta shitty rappers of today

      • ghetto dope was a clasic album!!! plus he paved the way for and showed cats how to create an empire!! P worth like 350 million!! he wasnt a lyrical genius or nothing but he inspired alot of heads!!! he is a legend where hes from like scarface is to his hood! when snoop left deathrow where did he sign> no limit. cash money copied his blueprint.

      • Stay Phokus

        hes obviously not much of a legend nor do you care much for him if you don’t know his last single
        on top of that hes not paying your rent so maybe you should stop goin hard because of my opinion of puttin him in the wack rapper catagory
        get over it and get a life bro…#seriously


        Not much of a legend you can’t think of 90″s rap without thinkin of Cash Money and New Orleans. That shit was everywhere. He isn’t relevent now, but his net worth is worth more then jay z, p diddy, 50 cent, t.i., lil wayne, eminem, dr dre. He isn’t paying my bills either, but your dead wrong son!@stayphokus:disqus

      • Yeah, not with Lil B or Wacka…….definitely a legend on that note….

      • BXironlunz28

        damn bruh…I was wit u till u mentioned Childish Gambino, The Game, and give or take Hopsin..those dudes mayb except Game (a lil bit) got lyrics 4 days…but i definitely agree wit everything else. But u also forgot Diddy, Nelly, Jermaine Dupri, Gucci Mane, Vado, Paul Wall, Slim Thug, Ja Rule(ESPECIALLY HIM), Maino…thats all i can think of 4 now but Im pretty sure there’s still ALOT out there….

      • Diddy indeed!


        Oh I know you aren’t disrespecting The legend Lil B the Base god. He paved the way for so many cats this day and age. He ouch here grindin and doin his thang. Well on his way to pass Jigga and Weezy Bro #sarcasm

      • french montana, jim jones,

        Hahahaa! I said them too….but your list = better

    • LetsBeRealpeople

      Nah, you just about got the list.


      Alright since your so biased against these people who are all successful, who would you not black out and who are you listening to? I mean you must have only the realest mutherfuckers on your playlist right?

    • travo 28

      How the hell can you leave out Lil B, Riff Raff, Mac Miller, Yelawolf, MGK, Diddy, Bow Wow, Big Sean, ASAP Mob, Jim Jones & French Montana

    • Yeah, French Montana, Diddy, Jim Jones etc….but it’s a good start.

  • RichFromBX

    umm…Phil Spector is currently serving time for his crime whereas Chris Brown served nothing…how can you compare the two? I’m sure if you looked harder you could’ve found another, more appropriate, whitey to draw a comparison to…

    • Jamaica_Jamrock1962

      Well he killed someone that worst Than Chris situation , Chris got probation and that is hard to do I did a lot before and not like him so if yu want to bash him how about trying to do all those long hours he was a teenager when that happen leave him alone gosh if it was yu and yu never taught that something in yur life like that will happen yu better think twice cause when Anger arange, the Devil maybe with yu at that time anything can happen and Rihanna is a abuser too, America and other country don’t know Rhianna like we Carribbean people know her she’s evil, she gets away with beating man all the time but Chris Brown was the one to dealt with it. One day the world will see her true colors and if Chris had told his dancers to snitch she would be hated as much.

      • Joel Griffin

        When you saying beating man, you mean physically or like emotional abuse??

      • Financially?

  • and another dumb ass chris brown article was written… smfh

  • AK

    this is why he made it

  • Numbuh Four

    I don’t give a f*ck about Chris Brown, I’m not saying that in a bad way, I just legitimately have tons of more sh*t in the world to care about before Chris Brown. People are so angry over everything but anything that matters. The dude, to the best of my knowledge, hasn’t beaten up anymore women since then, so it’s corny how everyone involved had moved on but every angry spectator has some form of intense malice towards the boy ’til this day.

    On a side note, I’m about to cop that Nickelback eraser though… *kanye shrug*

    • mosestobymcgeethree

      ain’t this the reason the guy made the app. if you use it, you can focus on things that matter as you say. You said “I don’t give a f*ck about Chris Brown,” yet you were so moved you felt the urge to write something about him. But you don’t give a f*ck about him! You see? Chris Brown brought you into his world.

      You buy this app, and you will never read about Brown again. Thereby, freeing you up to do your serious work that matters, as you put it. You are the exact kind of person that needs the app.

      I want you out there doing good work, not writing about sh*t you dont give a f*ck about. I can’t even tell you what i dont give a f about cause im not ever thinking of it, cause i dont give a f about it.

      • Numbuh Four

        You’re reaching brother, I don’t give a f*ck about a ton of things brought to my attention, like recently: religion and homosexuality. Neither apply to me in any way, yet it’s something that was brought to my attention thus invoking a response.

        Don’t worry good brother, I’m out here keeping my life on track, #I’mGettingThisWork (hastag…no twitter), and unlike most people I’m doing it whilst doing something I love.

        A side note, I don’t give a f*ck about Chris Brown, but I find some of his music entertaining, therefore if the app could block out his non-music related presence and not the music, then that rather pointless app (I say this after downloading the Nickelback version) would make sense to download.

        You tried to make a statement and call me out on a AHH article, that’s understandable, not respected but certainly understandable. Something I learned long ago is that those with the most flaws in their lives are quick to point out the flaws in others’ (something I’ve been guilty of myself). So YOU get out there, YOU do this work, because I’m doing MY work, and I still find time when I’m done to post comments on a damn hip hop website. Adios muchachos…

      • mosestobymcgeethree

        No one is trying to read your illogical blathering devoid of an iota of the common sense that God gave to animals as lowly as rodents. You write ad infinitum about a topic you admittedly said you don’t care about. The app solves this problem. If you get it, you won’t have to waste your time defending yourself to people you don’t respect, such as myself, as you so blithely put it.
        However, I am sure you have more to tell me about a topic you don’t care about. Carry on, dear sir. Please be sure to add in another slightly infinitesimal line about how great your life is, thereby reinforcing your sense of self-worth…on a blog post…about a topic you dont care about…to a person you don’t respect.

      • Numbuh Four

        The whole idea of your oh so cleverly worded rebuttal, is that I should alienate all things in the world that I don’t care for.

        Lets put that aside for now, and address the purpose of the given application, which is intended for those who have a deep sense of resentment towards Chris Brown and no longer wish to be tormented by even the slightest hint at his existence. It’s purpose is to erase all evidence of Chris Brown from the Internet completely, something someone with ill feelings towards Brown would salivate at the sight of. Though I find much of his antics disinteresting, I have no ill feelings towards Brown, his existence does NOT disturb me, and I enjoy some of his music. Being in that position renders the app useless, whereas I found nothing of interest in the group Nickelback, including there music which does actually infuriate me, to the point where blocking them out seemed justifiable. Now let’s revisit your thought process.

        Seeing or reading an article on something that doesn’t truly interest me doesn’t make me want to become oblivious to it. With your logic, we should all become ignorant to things we express disinterest(not disdain) in, which is a rather radical approach. I mind as well have not gone to French class then, though it did pay off in the long run…

        If me giving an opinion on a certain subject pertaining to the target of my disinterest and stating why I don’t believe it should be focused on any longer(that’s where the disinterest comes into play) bothers you so much to the point where you feel the need to launch some gratuitous response in my direction, then I apologize. I also apologize for underestimating your perception skills, as I’ve never stated that I didn’t respect YOU (which I still have no reason to), but I do recall stating that I didn’t respect your initial approach. Last but not least, I apologize for the length of this reply, it seemed shorter in thought, but nonetheless I apologize for insulting your intelligence with my futile response. I promise, besides this post, it won’t happen again.


      • mosestobymcgeethree

        Do you follow Confucius or do you just use the name because it sounds cool to you? Confucius denounced formal rules and logic in favor of self examination and eventually, self mastery. He was a calm sea in the midst of tumultuous winds and elements. Stones and waves come and go but had no effect on the man. The ideal Confucius man would be able to brave the vicious vicissitudes of life, beset on all sides by tyranny and evil, yet remain as cool as the metaphorical cucumber from Boston.

        You, on the other hand, are as salty as a pickle. You rant and rave over Chris Brown apps and go on and on arguing with someone whose opinions you have no respect for, nor do you, as of the moment, even see a reason to respect me as a person. Nonetheless, thou continue arguing with a man who I can only assume you deem a fool. FURTHERMORE, you ask for logic and reason when you name yourself after a person that scoffed at such notions.

        I beg of you, please put down your Ipad and pick up a book detailing the philosophies of someone you profess to have an affinity for. Or, please tell me more about how great your life is.

      • ClarissaMack

        this comment system sucks, you have to connect or create a shitty disqus account just to post. anyway, you were doing good in the argument until you came with the last reply. subterfuge is a weaker mans refuge to weather defeat. you lost the first argument so you tried claim some form of victory in another. i guess he wasnt doing much better either. imagine the things the both of you could have accomplished in the time it took to type up each reply. the possibilities are endless. the only serious point made in the fight is that your first reply was unnecessary, you both need to stfu though. im not looking to have some thought provoking convo with you dude, so please dont reply. good luck in your crusade to rid the world of all joy and free thinking…lol lame

      • mosestobymcgeethree

        ha. If you don’t like chris brown get the app, that’s my only point. I ain’t lose shit, same I ain’t win shit. I’m just typing for the sake of it. My goal was to increase my ability to hit the keyboard, so i have accomplished much. I’m not going to waste nary a modicum of precious brain space trying to explain to you how my replies were unnecessary when your post is even less than unnecessary. come online, read our foolish back and forth, and then say stfu and dont respond to me. haha. gtfoh.

  • Lets make a app dedicated to a person we don’t want to hear about. Assbackwards money making tactics.

  • WillVetterGoodin

    f&*^ chris brown, bitch ass aint gonna fight no one. brown his ass out. oh yeah, drakes ole Canadian vaginal wanna be self too. f*&^ um both.

  • AWESOME… This is the best app ever created.

  • D_Ably

    ill seed got chris brown so far down his throat its sickening

  • Get off his dick…….Rihanna is the real bad seed…Point is are we suppose to get constant reminders about this altercation every week?