Non Hip-Hop Rumors: Bill Clinton Has A $12 Million Problem!

Damn. Nobody will wife ? I bet they will now. Monica is almost 40 and she has just signed on to write a beast of a book for $12 million on her explicit affair with President Bill Clinton. The National Enquirer broke the news and I bet William Jefferson is sh*tting proverbial bricks. And he did so good at the convention too!

Here is the scoop:

MONICA LEWINSKY is set to reveal shocking new secrets about her affair with ex-President BILL CLINTON in a bombshell $12 million tell-all, sources say.
Now 39 and still looking for love, the infamous former White House intern desperately wants vengeance on the man who sullied her name, the sources add.
“For years, Monica tried to protect Bill out of a misplaced sense of loyalty,” a close pal told The ENQUIRER. “But she no longer feels that way, and her memoir is his worst nightmare.”

“Never trust a big butt and a smile.”




Source: National Enquirer

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  • Pristina City

    HUGE respect for Bill Clinton!! from Kosovo..

  • johnblacksad

    this is so 90’s… who cares?!

    12 million$$$ for that tho… this is what’s wrong with America! How did it come to this? 12M$ and i can’t think of one thing positive that can come out of this book… jus smh… not hatin, not mad at anyone… jus baffled by these babylonian ways… the system is completely fugged up!

    We really just cant keep on like this forever… maybe we do need a December 21st*…. destroy & rebuild.

    *I’ve read somewhere that the ‘change/shift’ ‘happening’ on December 21st is not even ‘that’ major… it’s more like the beginning of the ‘change/shift’ which will be completed by July 26th 2013… now, THEN…. WHOA… it’s supposed to be a MAJOR MAJOR change/shift in the universe’s paradigm… i heard…

    • $12 Mil for Topperz?

      Side note…what’s with July 26th?

      • johnblacksad

        “The hologram will dissolve itself”…. that’s exactly how it read! dunno much more… but basically the ‘end of the world’ that some people expect on Dec.21st, is (according to tha author) not an actual end-end-of-the-world… it’s rather a ‘change’/’shift’ in the ‘paradigm of the universe’ which will begin on Dec.21st and complete on July 26th 2013… still not the end-of-the-world for him, but a serious change… type of change we’re not gonna be able to front on… well we’ll see.

        Side note, i have always believed this whole sh!t is an hologram actually being ‘played’/’viewed’ by our soul… (yeah, kinda like Neo and’em…Matrix… might sound dumb but i have always believed that… way way before Morpheus knew Montana daughter would pump Brian)

      • You fuggin’ with me on some “Ancient Aliens” type chet? I feel you on the shift……but is it astrological & is that alien related?

      • johnblacksad

        Nah.. no alien ish… from what i understood, we’re not even supposed to be scared of it… it sounded like we’re gonna get to access to one more/the next dimension… like ‘God’ is gonna give us the understanding of TIME, something of that sort… like we’re gonna ‘switch’ the ‘basic frequence’ of the universe… hey, i don’t even fully know what it means, i’ll see if i can find articles about it and send you them lanks…

        We hear about Atlantis and the ‘lost worlds’ etc… that are said to have been as advanced, if not more advanced than our civilization and that are nowhere to be found today but somehow ‘exist’ in the collective imaginary… etc… it sounded like that’s how our present world will be remembered… so i don’t know if it’s a major catastrophe that’s gonna have the remaining survivors start all over with whatever knowledge they have from our civilization… stories about us and our ways will be passed down… we’ll be jus another ‘lost world’… THIS IS HOW THE AUTHOR MADE IT SOUND, or better how i understood… it tried to said that we shouldn’t be scared of it, the shift might manifest itself in the form of a catastrophe from our human point of view, but it’s not ‘outside’ of ‘God’s plans’… we’ll see… i bet you Detox still won’t be out by then!

      • As weird as it sounds, not saying i believe what your saying, but I’ve been hearing a similar interpretation…5th dimension, time warps, alien abductions & all that…I mean ‘chet I’m embarrassed to repeat….& even more embarrassed to kinda believe….. but if the world does end on Dec 21, 2012……you know for a fact Detox wouldn’t have dropped!


  • johnblacksad

    O’ girl on the right lookin at Monica instead of focusin on William… on some jealous sh!t, she knew they were fuggin!

  • hoeyuno

    Clinton is the man. He was a great president…… And he likes fat chicks….So what!!!


    She’s the original Kim-K!!! She’s famous for sucking the prez’s dick under the oval office desk! That’s pathetic!! All of these years later & she still hasn’t gained any self-respect for herself! SMH

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  • He still got secret service goons

  • Stevie Ray

    who cares this shit is old as hell and now the bitch getting rich off sucking dick

  • Negro Peligro

    Didn’t she already write a book. That’s boss if a woman can get rich off sucking yo dick. She bad.

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    she tried to protect him with her semen filled dress stored in a closet with a plastic cover, them babies was probably still alive and kicking on that dress……

  • Rick Dawson

    After President Clinton had my whole family yelling “BRING BILL BACK” BRING BILL BACK”!!!!! during his powerful speech at the DNC I knew it wouldn’t be long before the other side of the isle would toss a little money monica’s way to bring an old skelton out of his closet. She’s already historically known for Suckin, Slobbing and playing the victim card, Why doesn’t she just let it go?

    • Southcidal

      Its called a check.

    • johnblacksad

      That’s why all of us can’t be smokin… we need some brothas to keep a clear mind!
      Your view is sharp brotha

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  • You know this is Republican funded. They’re mad as hell that Clinton made them look even more stupid then they look already… The only people buying that book are republicans and sheeple!