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Hip-Hop Rumor Exclusive: Did Mobb Deep End The Beef?

I got word from one of the AHH staffers that Mobb Deep may have ended the beef. You know, this is a beef none of us want to see, and we definitely want more music from P and Hav. If you missed that, check the story below:

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Well, here is no need in BS’ing you. I hear the mess ain’t over yet. They are still at odds at this very moment. But, sources have revealed to me that these dudes don’t want to fight anymore and there are forces looking to bring them back together. Hip-Hop hopes this happens!

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  • deadman

    mobb deep killed mobb deep.i grew up listening to them and to hear how havoc throwin crazy shit towards p. wraps that legacy up.

  • Oknas

    mobb sleep

  • Joel Griffin

    Its Mobb Deep for life. If you a fan you ain’t hearing this shit.They get a pass cause brothers fight and either way its still good to see MD gettin shine. Ay P, stick to that young vet. mac 11 shit nobody wanna hear you rappin to bitches. Hollywood I know you got beats stop hoarding them shits and get back wit P n bring the best out eachother. Where’s Godfather pt. 3 ? streets need that

  • Terrance Goodman

    Mob deep fan of older ish but
    But shit happens n prodigy been acting more
    Like Wendy Williams than queens bridge finest.
    Drying snitching

    • LOL-N

      Dry snitching????? Maybe…ok, yeah, but…..
      >>>Thinks of excuse to defend P…but can’t.

      • CaliTransplant

        his book was wack and hell yeah ol boy was tellin’…lol

      • >> In Joe Pesci Voice: “Okay! OK! OkkkAYYyyyYYY!”

        He said Nori snitched? LOL

        It was some ‘chet behind that!

      • Terrance Goodman

        I hear they all have history together . Nori
        I remember p said it , but can’t believe it

      • I believe it, like @twitter-501237373:disqus said, he ruffled alot of feathers… if you throw a stone in a pack of dogs, the one that YELPS! is the one hat got hit!

      • CaliTransplant

        Yep. Apparently someone got fucked in the drive-thru… Didn’t Nore accuse Capone of snitching also? In the book, P tells about Nore shooting someone! I was like, whoa…what?!

      • reguardless you gotta admit P ruffled alot of feathers since dropping the book wether he was dry snitching or not … the down fall of mobb started after the book … smh

      • Yeah, can’t even try to deny that……

    • Terrance Goodman

      Wet snitching more like it . Somebody gonna
      Body his ass!

  • hoeyuno

    Havoc trippin. Maybe no one told him P was the dope one.

    • atle fjeldstad

      No one told you that p sucks ass?

    • Alf Capone

      p used to be the doped one…………….not so much anymore…… hav is the dope one on the production side of things

      • hoeyuno

        I agree 100%. And when they originally posted there beef I said hav could go solo as a producer. But havs going hard on p and these 2 been rockin together since pinned stripped lee’s and kangols. I just think hav could deal with this ish differently. He’s craving attention.

      • there was never a dope “one” … there were times when havoc was killing it lyrically and times when prodigy was doing his thing but it was never a case where hav was wack compared to P or vice versa …. if anything its the package them 2 togther make INFAMOUS MUZIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! puns intended lol 😉

      • Like EPMD….who wants to hear an album of nothing but Eric Sermon….or Parrish Smith?

  • dominicancoke

    I just wanna know which ninja turtle is havoc gonna play in the upcoming
    teenage mutant ninja turtle film we know jada is donatello 50 is leonardo havoc definetely should be in it

    • Im hearing that Mayweather is playing the 4th turtle

      • FrankWonder

        LOL!!! Y’all are dead wrong for that. I think Jada’s gonna play Michelangelo.

      • lol side note they should do it just cause its like ice t and fif doing cop movies lol 😉

    • King Flashy TheFirst

      Hold up I thought Young Joc was playing Raphael?

      • Sniggih Smalls

        Nah dude they Young Jeezy was the first person to get the call… Director was like “That’s HiM!” all he had to do for screentest is scream “I love being a Tuuuurtle!!”

  • cant say they both dont wanna fight no more when only one niigga was throwing blows to begin with….

    • Exactly…more like P. arranged a cease fire….but face it…MD fans can’t even listen to them rap about rolling thick, watching each others back…’s all fake now.

      Face it, their second album, Shook one’s Pt 2 is / was their best album.
      Eye 4 an Eye, Survival of the fittest, etc. = Classics.

      • i got infamous in the whip right now on standby 😉 classic album dont leave home with out it LOL 😉

      • I’m gonna through it in mine…( USB, Youtube downloader, convert to mp3…maybe download the album….for free if I can.

  • toreal

    These niggas act like two bitches now.

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  • mob sheep

  • SDS_Overfiend

    Havoc Looking Like Jada at first gllmpse…. Ol’ Twinning ass niggas..

  • KingChandler

    I love M-O-B-B as much as the next fan but I don’t see how they could trust each other ever again especially after that interview Hav did where he admitted it was his voice shittin’ on P, he was with his cousin, I forget his name, some blood dude, and dude was basically sayin he was gonna pound out P, without incriminating himself by saying it directly because he just got out of jail. I smell a set up, hopefully not but I still won’t be able to ever feel that camaraderie between them in the music after this little fiasco.


      Ferg Brim

      • —>>Who happens to be wack, but the last diss track was fiyah! LOL

  • #squashthebeef

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