50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather

Hip-Hop Rumors: Are Floyd Mayweather, 50 Cent and Manny Pacquiao Conspiring To Save Boxing?

I don’t know if boxing even needs saving, but I am hearing there are forces up at the top of the food chain that think it does need it.

And there is a three-headed monster that is diligently working at it. This monster is Manny, Floyd, and 50.

From what I am getting, these dudes all put their collective heads together and deduced they need to get boxing into a more entertaining space like WWE or MMA. And they are setting it off with this soap opera-like story of Manny/50 Cent, 50 Cent/Floyd and Floyd in general. Plus, Manny hasn’t performed all that well in his last couple outings, leading some to believe he is falling off. Floyd is getting older. And 50 Cent is just in transition from music, it seems, even though he’s got a CD on the way.


I’m sure we will be reporting your every move!

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  • Looks at the writer sideways..no gossip out there worth posting so you post something inaccurate that was already disproven. 50 and pacquaio are trying to launch a company, 50 has already signed a former top rank exec and manny pacquaio adviser to a multi-year contract. Manny and 50 are still discussing what the company would actually be and their responsibilities.. this the result of Floyd not wanting to be part of TMT and electing to work on Mayweather promotions. Manny and Floyd in no way, shape, or form will be business partners..two of the three yes..all three? NO! Floyd is also contemplating retirement, he is quoted in an interview with fighthype stating ” I used to love being in the gym, I don’t feel like that anymore. I haven’t been in the gym since I came home. I don’t really feel the same way I used to, jail makes you appreciate other things in life. I’m different, man. I’m just focusing on my fighters and mayweather promotions right now”.

    • Not sure, behind the scenes…I think $00.50 is either snaking Mayweather or hooking him up.

      Either way, all three want the chipperinos…so anything = possible.

    • illseed

      Nobody said they were all going to start a company together. READ! Boxing needs help and they are creating a narrative that people will follow and that the press can report on. This is all rumor. Its now more entertainment based…my understanding.

  • They have that capability to save boxing for starter, Pacquiao and Gayweather fight ASAP for all fans of boxing. This is what the fans are waiting and lets see who’s the best as Floydie is claiming to be the best but don’t want to fight Pacquiao for a thousand reasons.

    • mosestobymcgeethree

      Yo, that was crazy what you just did right there. It was witty, dogg. You took Floyd’s last name, which is Mayweather, and you put a G in place of the M to make it Gayweather. HAHAHAHA. I see you, playboy. I see you.

      • Brian Andrew Smith


      • felix cartagena

        Lets see what happens. boxing is my favorite sport and sucks to see it like this. shot out to miguel cotto. dec 1st expecting u to get a knockout.

  • water_ur_seeds

    manny got robbed against bradley, but then he robbed marquez fight before lol ive lost intrest in pac/mayweather fight now anyways, i would still be hyped for it no doubt, but not as much as few years back when pacquio was at his peak…

    i would of picked pacman to win back then, but since then manny has fallen off abit, and floyd has become more aggressive/offensive fighter, so i would pick him to win…

    50 really trying create that mega money with this fight…

  • TaylorTwoTimes

    floyd and 50 have a sextape!!!!

    • Eloco

      hahahaha…real talk!

    • illseed


    • Mongo Slade


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    • suck your mamma dog face batty boi

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  • BulldogCG

    Reporting? lol. that what you call it. Couldnt even fact check on why boxing is considered to be failing and this would even be a plausable story. You wouldnt know reporting if it hit you in the head.

  • dayleedumped

    lol im still a fifty fan (just cuz im loyal), its cool that he found something else outside of music.. hes sitting and talking to the top major boxers

  • Kevin

    Since when does boxing need saving? I could’ve sworn Sergio Martinez-Julio Cesar Chavez Jr just had a sellout and did great PPV numbers and Canelo Alvarez-Josesito Lopez had a near sellout for the fight on the same damn night. But yeah the sport needs saving GTFO.

    • Mongo Slade

      THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hoeyuno

    You know as hip hop headz we are use to this type of thing. And it’s wack when rappers conspire to beef but if this is there plan to get boxing back where it once was then its a good motha fuckin plan. Boxings dope.

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  • boxing needs structure and a single league…instead of having 5 different heavy weight champs….we need a season set up with playoffs and championships….boxing needs to evolve

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  • Sosa_Limone

    Boxing is falling off in popularity and UFC/MMA.. especially among the younger demographic. Boxing has been corrupt for far too long, fighters/promoters make their own fights that are in the best interest of themselves. thats why there are “paper champions” and fights that should happen, dont happen. UFC is centralized, Dana White arranges the fights, and the fighters fight who they are SUPPOSED to not who they want to… this ensrues that the best product is always on the table. If boxing adopted UFC’s policy in terms of arranging fights, it would be much better off… but then at the same time, there is so much money invovled in gambling, it will always be corrupt when it comes to the decisions.

  • boxing is not falling off , take a look at the earnings from paper view numbers then compare them with those off mma or ufc. 50 is no snake too, its all a big construct so the money team can cash out with everybody’s chips. Read between the lines even after 50 did the manny thing. Floyd was consigning the money team on twitter

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  • Boxing is over, bring on the homo-erotic UFC! #Pause

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