Hip-Hop Rumors: Clark Atlanta Puts The Money Up, T.I. Turns It Down?

You know T. I. is from ATL, right? Bankhead, I do believe. I thought it was Buckhead once and got totally messed up once. Nevertheless, the homey Tip must be doing very well these days. This dude , I am being told, was offered a MEAN $80,000 to perform a 45 minute set at the prestigious Clark Atlanta University! And T.I. reportedly said NAW!

Now, I don’t know what his money is like, but it must be GREAT for him to turn down such easy money. But, here is the thing. People around the way are mumbling a bit. “Why wouldn’t T.I. do a show like that for his hometown folks?” Nobody really knows the answer, but I’m sure the reasoning is good. I need a reality show, because the paper must be magnificent! CAU, hit me up at kingillseed@gmail.com and I will perform for yall…$10k!

Anyway, T.I,’s a busy man. He’s got an album on deck, a reality show that’s running right now and he’s on the hit cable series “Boss.”

We can’t question the actions of the ATL Boss!

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26 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Clark Atlanta Puts The Money Up, T.I. Turns It Down?”

  1. IG::TheRealStevieBee

    Hmmm… makes you think. You know what would really make this story though, is if he turned down the money, did the show for free on the condition that the money they were going to put up went back into the students quality of living and education or to community action groups. That would be an awesome light shined on Tip. Wishful thinking I suppose. Illseed, put that bug in his ear man.

  2. ladynamor

    I think 80, 000 is inflated. If its not it is possibly because he knows he is finished as far as music goes. People do not respect TI like that. Im shocked they even want him. I dont know where they are getting that amount of money while kids are being sent home for not getting enough grants to pay their overpriced courses. To waste 80,000, I would want every artist in Atlanta to split that amount. People in Atlanta despise TIP anyway because he fakes like he is a concerned dad and has a family on TV, then when the cameras are off, the kids are scattered all over Atlanta with their real moms and real families. SMH

    • Nemesis_Enforcer

      YOU do not respect TI like that. Speak for yourself. It’s not like there has been a rash of high quality rappers to take his place. People like TIP, LUDA, NAS, JAY can take years off and STILL be better then the current “hot” rappers.

      • child of god

        ha ha ninja please… all them ninjas you named are washed up except for nas(just being bias because thats my guy)… Them young folks ain’t checking for T.I. no more, nor Jay nor Luda.. T.I. is no longer a rapper he is a reality actor.. hence the word actor, just code work for fake, Clark should have future instead

      • J. Jordan

        I gotta disagree, Jay is probably the LEAST washed up out of all of them…over 40 and the guy can still go platinum (can Nas? can Luda? even T.I. these days?) , I mean c’mon, give credit where it’s due. Young rappers coming up STILL can’t outsell an over-the-hill rapper from the 90’s….and I love all those emcees mentioned, no hate whatsoever…

      • child of god

        i respect your opinion brother but I don’t like Jay Z music anymore, every since he became part of the 1% he has been out of touch w/ the streets and when i say streets i don’t mean gangsta sh.t i mean keeping it 100.. Ninjas in Paris was aight but i didn’t like that album w/ kanye, the last album i could dig was blueprint everything else was not a classic

      • Southcidal

        Which artist has put out all classic albums? I don’t know if American Gangster was a classic, but I jam that. Blueprint III? Had too many filler songs.

      • ladynamor

        Tell these clowns. Nobody checking for these out of touch out of date out of idea ass rappers anymore. Nobody really gives a damn about ANY rapper really. Stuck in the past ass ni99as. TI rappin on some old school beats and that same ass flow for a decade. Talking bout the trap. ALL TRAPS ARE RIGGED. Or else they wouldnt be a trap. This dude is lucky there are still dumb consumers because he is definitely at his manipulating stage. Doing reality TV was not his first choice. SMH

      • Southcidal

        NEWSFLASH: Young folk aren’t the only ones listening to Hip Hop. If Nas is your guy you’re probably over 30 (I am too). Hip Hop is in it’s 4th generation. Meaning that there are 50 year olds that are hip hoppers. And I don’t care how young or hot he is, comparing Future to T.I. is a joke.

      • ladynamor

        His sales reflect that, not me. YOU are still “convinced”. Son, there are NO HOT RAPPERS. LMAO-You must be over 40. LMMAO!! Come back in one year and you wont see anything on TIP rapping. 2 years he may be gone alltogether! Bet? I should know. I hear people diss his ass everytime they hear any song with him on it. ATL cant stand his snitching ass. Research the truth, dont just follow the media.

      • Southcidal

        What you just posted is the problem with hip hop in a nutshell. We allow the powers that be to make our great artists irrelevant. Jay has lasted so long on his own dollar. Why don’t rock artist get “washed up” so quickly? Mick Jagger’s old azz can sell out Wimberly stadium overnight. And whats with the term “hot rappers”? Hot means that you won’t be around next year. What you’re telling me ladymanor is that if T.I. makes some incredible music next year you still won’t listen to him because he’s no longer “hot” in your mind? And unless you no him personally, don’t attack the man as a father or husband.

      • ladynamor

        I say hes out of touch and ideas. I judge music on how weak it is, NOT WHATS TRENDING, The old rock dudes respect the fans and make music for the fans, these bragging ass clown MC’s dont! They dont make songs that reflect OUR REALITY! WE DONT HAVE MAYBACHS AND SOME OF US DONT WANT ONE!! They make crappy songs and YOU KNOW IT!! Dont be mad at me because I dont follow hype. He is not that talented. He had a little wordplay but he was like the first drake, only females and kids really listened to his crap in Atlanta. The people are the ones spreading rumors about his family life btw. And if you dont want people talking about your family, DONT HAVE A SHOW ABOUT YOUR INTIMATE FAMILY!!!!! You can be a TI groupie if you want and make it out like my opinion is a “state of mind” but the fact is, he aint saying ish, never really was, he has kids all over the place WHILE with Tiny, so dont act like he is a role model please. AND the female Vanilla Ice Iggy chick was his last show of lameness., In Atlanta people question his short sentences on gun charges also. I just say hes corny, the older rappers are blocking new ones, and their whole style and greedy mentality is whack, they havent kept up with the world. All they did for the last 10 years or so is brag about money, clothes, cars and fame. TI included. “Im the king” “IM the shit”, “Look at my car”-CORNY! Ruined the game! Jay was the king of crapping on his own people in every song. What are you old dudes thinking? Listening to people who YOU PAY, brag about their lives off of styles and music they steal. YOU OLD dudes are lame and you killed rap. The future will bring it back to the people, back to the block, back to Bambaata and PE. Just back up and enjoy it. Stop being a cheerleader and fight for some real changes in this fake environment the industry created, I MEAN 80,000 DOLLARS ON A WASHED UP RAPPER? IM THE ONLY ONE KEEPING IT REAL ON HERE! Your way of thinking has destroyed the industry.Now go watch some “reality” TV and hate on that!

      • Southcidal

        Who are these great “new” rappers that you speak of? K.Lamar? Cool. J. Cole cool. But who else? Future? GTFOH!!! You’re one of the ones that allows media to get you caught up into “whats hot” and whats not. I could give a rats azz what 106 and Park considers hot I’m riding to what I like. So ladynamor should I not like Stevie’s SongsInTheKeyOfLife album now because its like 50 years old? “Old” dudes aren’t what killed rap, whats killing rap is all of these untalented m’fckers being given record deals based on street cred alone. And you say “old” dudes only brag rap, what else do these young boys do? Divisive tactics work on us the easiest. East vs. West. This vs. That. Now young vs. old. I’m 32 yrs “old” and I like KRS-1, AZ, Lupe and Kendrick Lamar. Am I wrong?

      • ladynamor

        FUTURE SUCKS, There is no great artist out now. Songs in the key of life was timeless, GOOD WORK. This last 15 years of rap was terrible, no comparison!Im listening to BDP right now, they said something. And what? Its the messages that are screwed up. The young kids are following the so called “kings” watching the throne, TI, Jay, Kanye–and they ONLY BRAG in rap. Your generation started it! Accept that. All hype and programming. Fashion over ART. Lame And you did not mention TI so my point is valid, NOONE is checking for TI, Not even you

  3. DiscoverDior.com

    That’s what rappers do they get all this fame and fortune and then they fell as if they will never be in need ever again….He might not be in a needy position again, but as a business man he should always look to expand his portfolio….Donald Trump has a 100 times what T.I has and Trump is still making business deals, no matter how much the offer is.

  4. iamKingG

    On the F*ck da City Up mixtape he said he gets 1.5 mill for a movie and 250K for a show. 80 stacks is peanuts to dude now however he should have just done the show and gave a portion of it back to the school. He should be following David Banner’s lead right now

  5. Shaun Chaff

    theres new rappers coming.. our generation will speak up, listen to immortal technique n dizzy wright… they never want 2 become mainstream,

    HipHop aint dead it just lives underground!!!

  6. Alan Benoit

    He is doing FSU 2012 Homecoming concert thats probably apart of his contract not to perform at any other collegess

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