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Hip-Hop Rumors: Meek Mill Plays Roscoe Dash, Says “You Must Not Be Getting No Money”

Yesterday, Roscoe Dash had a Twitter meltdown and blasted Kanye West and Wale for taking credit for his work.

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Roscoe Dash

In a flurry of tweets, Dash proclaimed that he deserved credit for the track “To the World”, and that he also wrote the hook to Wale and Miguel’s #1 hit song, “Lotus Flower Bomb”.

Well, Meek Mill didn’t take too kindly to Roscoe Dash putting his MMG label mate on blast and came to his defense. Check out what he tweeted Roscoe Dash below:

Wow, I think Meek may be right. Artists stiff songwriters all the time now. Why else would Dash be complaining?

The new Twitter beef doesn’t end here, Roscoe Dash went on to put Meek Mill on blast for apologizing to him via a DM for calling him a “b*tch.”

This is getting weirder and weirder. Dash also introduced exhibit A and exhibit B to try to prove that he did in fact write or co-write I should say Kanye’s “To The World” and Wale’s “Lotus Flower Bomb.”

Roscoe Dash is going to get himself exiled from Hip-Hop if he keeps this up. Maybe he should first get a good lawyer to get him paid for his services and then a good publicist to get that info out for him in a more positive manner.



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    • for what?

      • Jay


      • Choppaliss

        lol ……….. *dead*

      • No answer? LOL-N

    • brotha_man

      * “The Rock” raised eyebrow face*

    • $28825362

      Take yo Jersey Shore lookin ass somewhere else

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  • maya

    Too much bitchiness, gossip, and arguing in Hip hop – not enough creativity and great music.

  • nomikal

    why he respond a whole month and a half later, lol?

  • Yea its me

    Both of these niggas corny.

  • Bumpy Johnson

    I dono why i dont view meek mills as a hood nigga. maybe im just old school minded .

    • “Let me make this clear, just so it’s understood, that don’t make you a thug cuz you from the ‘hood!” Sticky Fingaz – My Dogz Iz My Gunz

      • Bumpy Johnson

        i dono if ur agreein with me or not but i 100% agree with you on that….people/rappers/ think just because they are from the hood it makes them a thug. 90% of the hood ain thuggin just a bunch of baby mama;s and drug addicts.

      • ReadMore82

        Such a slept on album! I’ll be damn if u didn’t go with my favorite track on the album too! Told a story the whole way through (the album)

      • Not my fav though, the next 1? Why? Then after that, state vs Kirk Jones, I mean, hard to pic a fav…Black Trash, Cheatin….str8 banger all the way! IMHO Check out his G4 TV freestyle…man…Sticky does his Thing!

      • ReadMore82

        That’s real bruh, I’m a check that out. But Yeah “My Dogz iz my Gunz” still my fav on the album.

      • Oh yeah, that ‘chet is definitely Fiyah!

        Whole album!

      • ReadMore82

        just checked out the G4 joint, yeah he did his thing.

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  • Terrance Goodman

    Hood nigga? Where . Too much twitter, not
    Enough seeing niggas

  • White_amerikaz_nightmare

    i dont blame him for claimin lotus flower bomb i mean dats alot of money its still being nominated for awards that kanye joint was kinda weak doe just sayin

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  • roscoe dash is lame so thats y they prbly didnt want to annouce to the world that this lame dude writes their lame songs . if u cant write then stop rapping & become a singer