Wyclef and Lauryn Hill

Hip-Hop Rumors: Wyclef Said Lauryn Hill’s Son Zion Was Too “Yellow” To Be His Baby

According to Wyclef Jean, Lauryn Hill led him to believe that her first child, Zion, was his baby all the way up until the baby was born. In a recent interview with the “Wendy Williams Show”, Wyclef revealed that the baby was too light-skinned to be his child.

Check out what he said below:

“I was there, I came to the hospital (and) I just knew. When I looked (at the child)… all babies don’t look alike, that was a yellow baby, that wasn’t my baby.”
Below is a photo of Lauryn with her son Zion when he was about two years old:

I wonder why Lauryn didn’t tell Clef sooner that the baby wasn’t his? There is a possibility that she just didn’t know whose baby it was. Dang, talk about “Lost Ones.” Do Wyclef’s recollections taint your image of Lauryn Hill?

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  • brotha_man

    he looking cheap fame

  • Chris

    Wyclef is a lame, bruh. SMH.

    • Southcidal

      I agree. He’s desparately trying to sell his book. And why should Lauren be totally faithful to a married man?

      • Chris

        I don’t feel sorry for dude. You got your wife at home, but still recklessly bustin’ off in chicks raw dog? Wyclef is too old not to know how the game goes.

  • Abrasive Angel

    Lauryn is just one of them fake bohemian chicks. She may have deep thoughts but her actions speak differently and Wyclef should’ve said shit earlier instead of pulling a superhead move.

    • so u just belive right away that, that punk telling the truth ?? he mad as hell cuz lauryn do not wanna make that fugees album cuz he waaaaack

      • Yeah…..but he ain’t lying…….just “CRYING” like a sukka.

  • Lyve Wire

    man, superhead was a celebrity for releasing a book about her exploits, but wycclef cant get the same? maybe he was tired of keepinh the secrets. but since its from our favorite femal mc, he wrong? why do we only want the truth when it benefits us?

    • If you do the right thing….for the wrong reasons……it is worse than doing the wrong thing for the right reasons.

      Supa’head is a B’ish & ‘Clef following her lead….makes him one too.

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  • hoeyuno

    take it to jerry springer clef. I thought you were better then this.

    • You thought wrong….

      Pras > > Wyclef

      • hoeyuno

        “you mad at the last album ? I apologize for it, yo I can’t call it, motherfuckin wyclef spoiled it”. Ha ha canibus knew dude was phoney .

      • hahahahaa!

  • BulldogCG

    no. you dont know nothing. Lauryn a million times the woman most all these no discipline ass mouth breathers. Sydney probably got all fake weave nails eyes everything, hating on a sister.

  • Wyclef’s recollections taint my view of Wyclef!

    Still, I understand now & Lauryn did play innocent….but they were both guilty.

  • Southcidal

    Lauren is human. She can be a $2 prostitute if she wants, that won’t stop me from copping her music.

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  • daRealMigos ▬|ι═══════ﺤ

    guess were seein’ lauryn hill true colors…smh

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