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Hip-Hop Rumors: Is This The Chick In The Kanye West Sex Tape?

Soooooo…people are going to be horrified that a Kanye West Sex tape is now on the market. I ain’t watching that damn thing, but now there are rumors of the chick that may be the one that’s co-starring.

EXCLUSIVE: Sex.com Offers $1 Million For Kanye Sex Tape


Here name is Monyy Monyy aka Mony Mon.

She is a delicacy.

Hoping she does some other flicks without a leading man. But she does look like Kim K.

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Email illseed rumors: kingillseed@gmail.com

  • Simon Adebisi


    • 7yoyo7

      The actual Adebisi would agree too.

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  • Oknas

    She sexy as fukk

  • Nemo hos

    i will bless her too

  • hoeyuno

    This proves no matter how much of a sniveling little biznach you are money will get you the goods .

  • In that’s my bitch he “put mony in the middle”

  • dominicancoke

    The money got to him since the rock the boy rolled..all that money cant add up or compensate for your soul..you wife hookers thats so lame leave them hos on the stroll..yeah they look hot so what but their heart is so cold..a pop artist complex use to rhyme.for the people..but on all his latest sh!t he only rhymes for his equals..
    on a chief keef track now that sh!t sounds wack/you grew uip soft in chitown not banging in chi-raq/your arrogance your weakness your egos superficial/you date well known whoress shame how u make them oficial/

    • Celz

      Wish the old Kanye came back he murdered two words, all falls down, and a few others

    • STFUUIgnants

      like everything except for that growing up soft crap….like being a gang banger makes you a man….gang banging is actually WORSE than what Ye is doing nowadays

      • Yeah, but not banging…then acting like you down with it when you clearly don’t have to be…is wack juice! Flow was tight though! : )

      • anthonyward1

        after reading what he said, i dont think he was “glorifying” gangbanging at all, he was stating that ye act like he been banging all his life in them lyrics but grew up soft as silly putty with a backpack on at all times, which is fine, but dont switch up and act like you livin that life now that you have some spare change………you can grow up in the hardest hood, not gang bang, and be hard as a muthafucka, so I agree with all them words…..just my thoughts……

    • Southcidal

      That’s you? If so nice wordplay, would like to hear it on a beat.

      • dominicancoke

        Thats all me

      • anthonyward1

        where can we find some of your work at then?…..

    • anthonyward1

      @twitter-247472853:disqus damn bro, you went in on old boy, that shit was hot, as if you didnt know with 24 likes, i was thinking what you were spittin- took the words right out of my mouth

    • CEOwens

      man, let kanye live his life if he wanna wife strippers and whores that his life… he did the regular chick with alexis, he obviously didn’t like that… he’s in his own lane right now, how about you? do you worry about pop stars and going hard on the internet than you do your own life/career.

  • granky161

    That ain’t the girl, people stealing some random chicks pics. She’s cut tho.

  • Sylvester Daniel

    Im swearin off black chicks…i only want Romanian chicks

    • AKA Sharpcrease27

      Kim is Armenian.

    • Kami M.


  • Sylvester Daniel

    She can get da BIDNESS…let my Donkey play wit her Monkey

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    Monyy Monyy > Kim K.

  • Alf Capone

    DAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNNN!!!!! …………..she could get it………..and by it i mean………….

  • Dede Robinson

    She look better than kim ye should’ve wifed her

  • +1

  • CabriniGreeny

    It’s a beatiful world

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  • MadVillain

    lol its just a better looking version of Kim with most likely a tighter pu$$y

    • H. U. S.

      And hopefully wetter, Kim K was dryer then pancake mix in that Ray J flick!

    • lol

  • TaylorTwoTimes

    Yeezy taught me!!!!!!!

  • PL

    I think I’m in love…again…

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  • gomer_1

    What would really be creepy is if they did and said everything exactly the same as the kim k sextape.

  • Looks like a tranny. No wonder it never takes pics from the front.

  • put a glass on that ass !! lol

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  • BruceLeRoyGlow

    kanye for the win

  • chevy_weight_champ

    Now i get it kanyeezy wants kim cuz that nicca misses his old boo, either way itz a win, win 4 him!!!

  • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

    If that’s the girl then you already know it’s a publicity stunt because why else would the girl favor Kim Kardashian so much?

  • Synista

    So let me see if i got this right people have sex with someone”famous” and then suddenly they become “famous”??
    BTW Dat ass is ridiculous …what are these white girls eating or drinking??

  • rennegade

    she is hotter than kim k and I know less about her whorish ways so thats a plus

  • she must be all ass cause every pic she makes sure you see it … lol i def smash tho lol damn kanye is one lucky dude …. its one thing to smash the real kim k … but he gets to smash the look alikes too LOL 🙂

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  • Jizzah!

    Last pic she looks alittle like Jennifer Lopez

  • chippc

    Nice, but If she purposely trying to look like Kim, thats wack. Unless you being paid to be a celebrity look alike, just be yourself.

  • Yo her plastic surgeon is ON POINT! Wonder how them cakes feel.

  • LovesRealmusic

    Better be careful…she might have a d$*#!!

  • @agentace2050

    Kim look alike, but def. better looking.

  • LOL nice choice lol

  • Don’t make me laugh

    She’s tight. She shouldn’t try so damn hard to make her booty appear larger than it is though. She Nice as is.

  • MiiUziWeighsATon

    Damn…would spend like 5 minutes just kissing those fat soft asscheeks…lmao…then pound her pretty lil ass out…I’d bathe her first though…

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  • Pierre Elliott