Hip-Hop Rumors: Is All Of Canada Mad At DMX?


DMX continues to shake up the world. First of all, dude is definitely interesting. Secondly, he’s not the time to mince is words. And thirdly, he’s got a new album out. Click here to cop that Undisputed.

The album is getting pretty good reviews from fans. But, in a recent interview with, the Dog went in on Drake. He just doesn’t like Drake. But, this time it was because the OVO Master Man is preparing to do the upcoming Aaliyah album – without Missy and Timbaland. (I’m hearing like that may have changed or las already changed. BUT at the end of the interview with AHH, DMX said a slick comment that he didn’t know any gangsters in Canada anyway. Now, that apparently didn’t sit well with the gangster in Canada. He said, “I’m OUT CHEA!!!!” Just kidding. Seriously, a lot of the Hip-Hop Canadian community didn’t like that comment. Some suggested that Drake slap dog poo out of DMX. We know that ain’t happening, but Drake recently sent this out to the world.

You think he was trying to tell DMX…come and get some, DAWG!

At any rate, I think its funny. But, the United Online Canadian Gangsters issued a statement that said, “Come back here and see us.” Other folks said that X got beat up in Canada once. I don’t know. But its still funny.

Here is that clip.

Who would win a fight? Gangster DMX or all of Canada? Before you answer, I will tell you:


I’m going to make  song called “F**k Joe Arpaio!” All my real gangsters know what I’m talking about!

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  • man canada so soft they dont even let niiggaz with jail records in the COUNTRY… as for that pic, he might as well had posted a pic of him in a ski-mask with a gun… and it would be just as unintimidating….

    • ty

      and u don’t let us canadians with records in ur country also………

    • They catch bodies over there my dude. I would never ever say that all Canadians are soft or don’t have hoods that is stupid shit to say. There are ghettos world wide. You can go over there and get clapped like anyone.

    • churchboy2

      What country doesn’t screen people?
      And you live in post-9/11 America… SMH

    • hoeyuno

      Canadians with records cant enter the states either.

  • Tell X to come around Montreal and say that loud then he’ll see if we let shit go my nigga

    • anemia716

      Man I done been all throughout mtl…that place is squeaky clean.


      Send that nigga a text!!!

  • ILLAmusic

    Ok first off he just said “he never met one” if he’s sayin there are none..well being from T.O thats just not true

  • ILLAmusic

    And seenadream…its the same if we try and go to the U.S! SMH

  • I’m Canadian, I’m a huge Hip Hop Fan, and while organized crime is here just like it is everywhere we as Canadian Hip Hop have chosen to push other parts of our culture in our Hip Hop Music. MC’s like Classified, Kardinal Offishal, and K-Os have chosen to make hip hop about their lives instead of pulling a lil wayne and making music that makes you feel dangerous. I totally agree wit DMX and to hear Drake talk about “catching a body like that” and act like an idiot in night clubs and getting “goons” to visit tattoo artists he doesn’t like just makes me want to revoke his citizenship. Your are representing me and my country and you are failing miserably.

  • Yeah there are gangs here but more scary Russian and Chinese Triad types, but we don’t have the same level of urban “gangst” culture. There are some tough areas in Toronto but for the most part DMX is right.

  • The united online canadian gangsters ahhahahahahaah. Are you serious. They are not doing anything to x. hahah They got some dope mcs in Canada though Citizen Kane I fucks with. Kardinal O, Ghetto Concept, thrust, Mathematiks is ill. Point blank. They got some mcs no doubt that have classic shit. Citizen Kane and Ghetto Concept those cats are like the Canadian Mobb Deep and M.O.P. They are street forreal. I am from the east coast United States saying that. There is grimey areas in Canada but drake is not hood sorry.

  • “United Online Canadian Gangsters” lol

    • bisolabliss

      that cracked me up too…

    • hoeyuno

      Yea that sounds corny as hell .

  • Joel Griffin

    I heard X got stuck for his chain in Regent park while buying crack, can anyone confirm this

  • Drake is a build a bear that nigga squeeze the sharman soft.

  • “F#ck Sheriff Joe” feat iLLseed gets play in my ride!

    DMX >> Canadian Bacon….uh, er, um, Gangsters

  • Dointer

    Dmx is form Yonkers yeah? Remember what 50 had to say about the goons from there? T

  • im from canada and i dont mean to diss dmx because i love his music but rumour has it he got robbed in toronto


      Like you sad, it was a rumor!!!

  • Illijah Da Profit

    Rumour has it from local stories of DMX’s early days were that while he was in toronto he was in “the hood” and was lookin for cracks and he got robbed and beaten in regent park a infamous hood that was in toronto now turned to a condo complex !!! which I have heard long before multiple jail stints lol!! ask those onyx dudes about they’re first trip to toronto when they got embarassed in jane and finch or when keith murray got beat up at rapfest 95 in lamport stadium and Redman had to jump in the crowd an save him or better yet ask diddy why biggie never came back to Toronto after he got ruffed up and refused to come on the jumior mafia tour.

    • anemia716

      please…stop frontin. Trying to boost your country’s rough image….

      • churchboy2

        He’s not frontin actually. That list is verifiable.
        There’s a reason why NY rap heads used to cut their teeth on T-dot audiences back in the day. They knew what Toronto was like.
        Where do you think that all the West Indian deportees go when the US kicks them out? LOL!
        Where do you think the sleeper cells set up shop post 9/11?
        Where else can you find every race of low life from every corner of the planet?
        Yep, T-dot. That is not to say that the city is all grimey but its underbelly is well-known.

      • anemia716

        Umm ever hear of NYC, Chicago, LA, Oakland? I could keep going. I’m sorry homie, there is no doubt that there are hoods everywhere and crime everywhere, but Toronto isn’t exactly on the radar for being a tough city. As a matter of fact I hear a lot of Canadians in general brag about how low the crime rate is in Canada, especially in the Ontario region.

      • churchboy2

        Generally low crime rate across the country? Yes.
        But Toronto is the 5th largest city in North America, and Mexico City is the largest. So you do the math on where you are likely to find crime.
        The only difference is that our country doesn’t make it easy to acquire guns like in the U.S.
        The same week as the theater shooting in Denver we had a shopping mall shot up in broad daylight and 23 people shot at a block party.
        It’s nothing to be proud of, but that’s what is going down out here – whether or not DMX sees it on biased American media or not.
        (And shame on X for his short memory after getting jacked out here…)

    • Joel Griffin

      hahaha whats up X? U went from Drake to Toronto like Bush went from Afghan to Iraq. U coming back for round 2 X?? Drake is funny style didn’t he get yapped a few months back for eating food without his bodyguards a cpl blocks away its DT all day HA s/o to the whole toronto


      Schitt nigga, it sounds like you clowns love jumping people!!! Talk about some real “one on one” type of street schitt because anybody could get caught up like that!!!

  • Kody Scott

    dmx was buying crack from niggas in regent park in toronto when he was shooting the movie exit wounds , who he think he was buying the drugs from ….some square niggas? and drake a funny dude also , never liked him .


      So since you know all of this , then what was the deal with “X” supposedly getting a beat down out there in Canada??? Is the schitt true???

  • E Scalez

    yall really stretching some mileage out of this little dmx clip aintcha?

  • Mac Thunder

    Lolololololol @ insinuating Drake would ever even touch DMX in a scrap. X would lay hands and handle that young man quick. “UNDISPUTED”

  • K L

    This Nigga X still catching feelings from the robbery in Regent park. Anyone can get it, no matter where you’re from. Pac said it best, “You ain’t shit without your homeboys”.


      But “X” is a real nigga, he’s known for rolling by himself in any hood!!! And that’s the only reason why he probably got touched. I guarantee that if he had some “Y.O.” niggas with them, that schitt wouldn’t of went down!!! But when a fiend is chasing that monster, they roll out on the “DL” because they’re to ashamed to have people knowing what they’re doing.

  • Lyve Wire

    sad, lol. and since when did robbing someone makes you a gangsta? i can rob anybody, if i have enough people with me; thats really all it takes. that and a weapon. hell, im sure some canadian rappers have been robbed in the US. either way, its all non sense. every american dont like DMX. every canadian dont like Drake. we need to stop bragging about negativity.

  • ILLAmusic

    When he did exit wounds he was robbed in regent park…so he’s seen toronto for real


      @Luke Illa Abma: Were you there??? That schitt don’t even sound right??? That sounds like some hear-say rumor bullschitt!!!

  • Dee

    just because u lift weights dont mean u can fight

  • john

    he didnt “I didnt see one gangster from Canada” he said “i didnt see one gangster from Toronto”

  • Bumpy Johnson

    he said “he never met a gangster from Toronto” – wtf allhiphop u dont get my vote for the best hip hop site at all yall suck bro…toronto got rougher hoods than yonkers fo sho

  • Jynxstarr

    All he said was he dont know any gangsters from Canada.. dont mean there aint any.. shiiit I dont know any either.. lol

  • hoeyuno

    Seed why you have to go there. The biggest difference between america and Canada is the right to bear arm. Canada has more guns per capa but less hand guns. Uf you goggles Vancouver gang war you’ll find that the same ish goes down in Canada then itk does all over the world. Drakes a corny bitch and yall can have him if it was up to me. Anyway, Toronto has the same cold war era brick pjects that ny or Boston would have and Vancouver has the same low level pj buildings that La has. We have misguided youth, Vancouver is north americas drug capital. We have gun carrying ignorant adults also. Real gangsters dont need to tell everybody there a gangster.

  • WillVetterGoodin

    Those barbells foam. “drake” is softer than toilet paper. Come on now.

  • $20434212

    Drake may be kind of soft, but at least he’s not a junkie like this washed up disaster of a human being.

  • You all are picking sides likes who is better and who is not….It’s more about DMX and his fan base and if some of his fans in Canada lost respect for him because of what he said about another rapper then it’s a fail for DMX because he needs as much fans as he can get to support his work even Canadians.


      That’s true!!! Actually, it’s no different than “Weezy” saying “He hates New York”!!! He might lose a lot of fans saying schitt like that.

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  • Mos High

    I only checked this post because it mentioned Canada. Im from Toronto, #1 who really cares what X has to say anymore. He is a has been. #2 mentioned Drake because he knew it would get him in the media. #3 DMX should be asking about the dealers in Toronto that would be more up his alley.

    If your from Toronto, Kingston, Ja..New York Chicago, Nebraska..Anywhere you go mess with the wrong person and they will take you out!! Stop all this tougher sh#t.

    At this point I would never want to raise my family in any violent neighborhood much less brag about it. Look at Chicago what’s happening out there is damn sickening. Ask the parents brothers sisters if they brag about the tough neighborhoods

  • Shan Haque

    im Canadian, dmx is right and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. Canada is a peaceful country! who wouldn’t want that?

    • Alf Capone

      id kill for it

  • Shan Haque

    some would say Canada soft, i say Canada smart

  • Pierre Elliott

    Yep, cause unlike Drake Mad Canadian heads DO NOT listen to DRAKE or YMCBTCHES cause most people around the WORLD CANNOT identify with this fake ass music..

  • Tommy Lee

    Faak Drake he is a Panty Rapper and a panty behind close doors. Ypu been eating long enough boy stop being greedy!

  • Keith Brickz

    DMX could beat up all of canada at the same time

  • damn i sure wish i lived in a country where no gangsters existed REAL TALK too many folks dieing on these streets trying to live up to that title 🙁

  • irakli abshilava

    hes being honest and we can say anything about x that he is on drugs or he is totally unreliable or so on,but he never fakes.he is best of the best,and undisputed is best album in years that i have listened.go get it if you want reality and not some fake ass shit.rappers that talk about things that most of us cant relate at all,that fancy ass life they talk about,its just boring

  • dmx got that bagel head and for the record if that’s what he said word for word then so what.the nigga said he doesnt know any he didnt say there wasn’t any.some ppl too damn simple acting

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