Lauryn Hill, Rohan Marley and Wyclef

Hip-Hop Rumors: Rohan Marley Calls Wyclef A Liar, Says He Knew Zion Was Not His From Day One

Last week, Wyclef Jean dropped his memoir, Purpose, which – among other things – exposed that Lauryn Hill allegedly lied to him and led him to believe that she was pregnant with his baby. In the book, Clef explained, “In that moment something died between us. I was married, and Lauryn and I were having an affair, but she led me to believe that the baby was mine, and I couldn’t forgive that.”

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Well, now that the dust has settled, Lauryn Hill’s ex-partner and father of her son, Zion, Rohan Marley, has come forward to defend his ex-lover of 15 years. He recently told TMZ that Wyclef’s recollection of the pregnancy is “bullsh*t” and a money-making ploy.

“[Wyclef] knew from jump that was my son from the day [Lauryn] was pregnant.”

Rohan — one of Bob Marley’s sons and a former football student at U. of Miami — does admit Lauryn and Wyclef screwed around before he came on the scene, but says he’s confident it ended because Wyclef actually played matchmaker … “They were definitely not messing around, or he would never have given me the okay.”

He also says he and Lauryn were together in studio sessions night and day back then, so there wouldn’t even be time for her to have the alleged affair.

Rohan added he thinks Wyclef is “just saying false things to get book headlines” — and he has no plans to talk it out with ‘Clef because “he knows he is fronting himself.

For his part, Wyclef tells TMZ, “There is no way that I would have shown up in the hospital in that circumstance to wait for a baby to be born if it was not mine. The idea of a memoir is to tell the truth. I know that often the truth hurts, but a lie hurts even more.”

Who do you believe?

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  • fukbamas

    what a bama.. how u got a ill ass name in wyclef jean… n u on some str8 bama shit… how many years ago did christianity begin again u bitch ass nigga.. stop hididn behind them cowards u bitch..u urself is a cheater n u puttin shame and a dirty light on a queen everyone looks up to

    • TruthSerum

      lol, nobody looks up to lauren hill, one of the most talented artists with all the potential in the world who went crazy and stopped making music until her money ran out and the tax man came calling. She was immensely talented but a complete waste of potential, no matter how great her one album from 15 years ago was

    • BulldogCG

      i look up to her and im feel you homey. She just didnt sell out and let her music be hijacked anymore by white folks, the blind will never understand, they would sell they momma for a hit, Lauryn to deep for most these scrubs, she aint go crazy, she stayed sane, its the world thats crazy, and if you really say f the world like Lauryn did, the sheep think your crazy.

  • These people are suppose to represent the educated Black people in the world, and look how they are acting like they belong on Jerry Springer.

    • Southcidal

      Educated? What you mean high school education?

  • johnblacksad

    Who do you believe Sydney?

  • If ‘Clef was at the delivery…why wasn’t Rohan?

  • Coming from the same man that used Haiti quake donations for studio time… Never bought that story.

    • therealest1

      Don’t forget that bogus ass Presidential aspiration.

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  • Ajaxnhtown

    to those who say lauryn hill is a waste of potential all of you really need to just be quiet for a minute a look at the situation. Sometimes selling your soul just aint worth it. I feel like she kept it 100. all yall hatin on her because yall would have sold yall soul to this new white industry were rappers don’t rap about shit and sign all of their rights over to these music companies. its people like you guys is why she don’t wanna do music anymore cause 1 min you love a person when they on top but then when they go through their own life problems yall drag their name thru the mudd. superstars are humans just like us they go through everyday bullshit like we do. i would love to see yall have the fame and millions they have and see what yall do with it

    • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

      I feel you to an extent. We only got one shot at life. Selling your soul is not the best choice to make but if somebody does, I don’t think anybody should destroy them. We gotta try to build these people back up and help them through these times.

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  • SDS_Overfiend

    That Nigga Rohan Looking Mad old in that first pic Like he ‘Moked out…. Compare to that bottom one.. him and Lauryn was probably ‘moked out on some high powered shit…