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Non Hip-Hop Rumor: Did Vince Young Really Blow His Millions on a “Cheesecake Factory” Addiction?

Just six short years ago, in 2006, All-Pro quarterback Vince Young signed a $26 million, guaranteed NFL contract. Unfortunately, due to his addiction to fast food – and the “betrayal” of an advisor – Young is broke.

The former quarterback has recently come on hard times, and has admitted that he is dead broke and in need of a job. “Yes I need a job, who doesn’t?” Vince recently posted on twitter. “Yes I want to be out there playing the game I love and earning a paycheck, who wouldn’t?”

Sports journalist Clay Travis put Young on blast recently via his radio show on Nashville’s WGFX 104.5. Travis revealed that Young spent millions on his addiction to fast food spots and other restaurants, including The Cheesecake Factory and T.G.I. Friday’s. Several bartenders from those restaurants called into the show and claimed that Young was a regular at the food joints, and would often take his teammates out to dinner after games and pick up the entire tab.

According to Hip Hop Wired, Young also purchased all but 10 seats on a 2007 Southwest Airlines flight from Nashville to Houston, and after each home football game, he would head to Morton’s Steakhouse in the city’s downtown area, and throw back $600 shots of Louis XIII.

He’s also blasted much of what is being reported as “disheartening” and “untrue,” vowing to rectify his “unfortunate financial losses.”


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  • King Flashy TheFirst

    “Hammer went broke so you know I’m more focused”

  • Sylvester Daniel

    Blowin all dat Cheese & cake @ the Cheesecake Factory…WTFeezy!!!

  • So_Subby

    This is last week news lol always late with their info

  • Damn…no investments?

    • Chris

      Does trickin’ off on bishes count?

      • Only if they holding you down after the $$$ stops…& I don’t mean like an anchor on a shoe!

    • KingsCountyCrooklyn

      Yeah i was thinking if he loved those spots that much why not invest into those franchises for part ownership?

      • “Oh! no Ninjah! You don’t want to own a business, just sit back & enjoy, besides, I already own it…it’s like the same thing!”……is what he heard…or some version of it!

  • iamKingG

    Dumb negro. Another athelete going broke because they lack financial education. Yo Vince go ahead and read Rich Dad Poor Dad

    • jacksjus

      These cats need a little more than financial education. They need some reality slapped into them.

      • we all do

      • truth be told if everyone was so much better and in the “know” when it comes to financial woes than Vince … then you wouldnt need a million dollar salary to be a millionare … you could easily become one over time off 30k per year salary or better yet less … because its obvious everyone here knows how to budget & invest to ensure thier financial future is bright 😉

      • atle fjeldstad


      • Rasta

        Don’t assume that everyone has financial problems..some of us live comfortably withing our means and that doesn’t mean we should be millionaires coz we have our financial house in order…It’s called Rasta life..most people are too caught up in this material world forgetting that life is most enjoyable if you value spiritual things! (Godly life to be exact)

      • hey rasta im sure a FEW are but most talking ish aint … its hard and american culture doesnt make it easy … cause no matter where you turn theres always someone or something trying to SELL you on something … shoot as soon as i scroll back to the top of this page im going to see an advertisement … lol … and this has been going on since we all were kids … we’ve been bombared with BUY BUY BUY BUY since we were all born …. in all honesty financial stability and how to eat …. are things we need to add into our cirriculum for school … cause those 2 things are amercans biggest pitfalls as adults … if the message of doing it the right way gets in everyones brain @ a young age …… that could start to turn ……… but i doubt itll ever happen … because a financially SMART society im guessing isnt GOOD for BUSINESS lol 😉

  • Kody Scott

    daaaaaaaaaammmmmnnnnn homie……in highschool u was the maaaaaan homie!!!!!!!


    don’t understand why other folks are worried about another person down on his luck like thats going to make you better or richer…….NOPE

    • Choppaliss

      it will help us learn from these dumb asses

  • jacksjus

    So he basically blew through $15 Million after taxes in 6 years. I hope that he at least paid off his house and at least one of his cars. If not then yes he is a dummy. I don’t feel sorry for these cats no more because the blueprint has been laid out for them.

  • jacksjus

    Talk about a meal ticket, lol!

  • jacksjus

    Some of these players need to have some one step in and tell them to defer 60% of their money until after retirement. If you can’t live off 40% of an NFL salary kill yourself.

  • I never feel sorry for these kind of people who blow money irrationally.

    If he wants a job I suppose he can head back to the Cheese cake factory or the restaurants he used to go to and wash pots and pans for a free meal.

  • King Cold

    lmfao! how do you go broke at TGI Fridays? they have a buy one get one free

    • johnblacksad


      • nobody goes to tgif just to eat most def go to drink and eat to offset the alcohol … and picking up an entire tab for youself plus your team mates can get very pricey … and im sure his team mates were going in on them free drinks just like most people do when ITS FREE 😉 sad note is hes in the position yet none of the folks he splurged on can be found … sad #hammer 😉

      • johnblacksad

        teammates, …and cheerleaders too, don’t forget that… and them hoez can drink!

        what the hell was he thinkin? Talkin bout “who doesn’t need a job?”… this nicca needs to starts worryin about himself instead of others… that’s how he got in this position in the first place! Some people do just fine, play it the smart way and live off of it… look at that nicca Bleek for example… i ain’t never read IRS and Bleek in the same article

  • pockets_hot_from_pepperoni

    Financial education !??? i’d say thats f*cking common sense.

  • Another stolen story from about 2 weeks ago! SMH!

  • Millions at Cheesecake factory!? CHEESECAKE FACTORY!? Then thats who I saw in Red Robins buyin out the bar!

  • TheBigCheeFa

    Damn another JaMarcus Russell smh

  • Ajaxnhtown

    sorry to say i grew up with vince right in hiram clarke in houston tx the boy always could run but could never really throw. he isn’t really smart either. when he was at UT it was like they used him as a slave i think the coach would stand on the sideline and say run nigga run nigga like you suppose to

  • Ajaxnhtown

    i just got through listening to the radio show were Sydney got her information from, You can not get your info from a white radio all the people that got on their are all white

  • I don’t feel sorry for stupid people…$5,000 a week on the cheesecake factory? lol dude could have bought their stock.

  • It just goes to show being THE “GENEROUS GUY” never pays the world is full of leaches & snakes I see all the haters out today but when he had that b.e.t reality show ya’ll were on his dick ALLHIPHOP

  • anthonyward1

    There is no way in hell that you can convince me this nicca wasted $26 million on fast food, not possible, not in 6 years………..I eat out all the time and I aint makin $26 mill, there is more to this story than just fast food-

  • Alf Capone

    no dave and busters?…………i could understand if he blew it all on d and b’s……… woulda been money well spent

  • Cris Abreu

    The worst thing about it is that most of these players actually went to college and have degrees and still make the worst financial decisions ever!! I dont feel bad for anyone that made millions and goes broke. Its just stupidity.

  • mrgibson

    75% (or is it 70%? I forget the precise number) of NBA and NFL athletes are FLAT BROKE 5 years after their careers are over. It’s sad, but what can you tell a man who never really had a lot growing up but now has millions to blow? Dudes go crazy with the paper acting like the fountain is going to keep flowing forever. IF this is true…he’s one of the dumbest, Scottie Pippen status.


    gimme slice of that cake homeboy

  • Cutta Beats