Chris Lighty and Valerie Lighty

Hip-Hop Rumor Exclusive: Are The “Streets” Closing In On Chris Lighty’s Widow?

I am hearing some crazy things out in these streets. It comes on the heels of 50 Cent hiring a private investigator to look into the death of Chris Lighty.

AHH EXCLUSIVE: @50Cent Hires Attorney; P.I. To Investigate Chris Lighty’s Death

Anyway! We are out CHEAAAAAA! I am hearing that there are people that want Lighty’s wife outta there. And when I mean outta there, I don’t mean out of the house. She’s been the source of scorn from day 1, but she’s got bodyguards protecting her.
Anyway, she’s not being sought after by the cops so she is legally in the clear. I think the streets are another story.

Chris Lighty comes from very humble beginnings, and The Violators is more than a name of a label and a company.

Time will reveal, and hopefully cooler heads prevail.

RIP, Chris!

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  • Eli Pinilla

    yo man, yall be dry-snichin too much….some things are better left unsaid…something happens to her and they’ll def be hittin u up to see where your getting you info from…

    • He probably just saved her!

      • Casor_Greener

        Man the streets ain’t going to do shit. this article is b.s. Furthermore, this dude left all his money (after his kids) to his wife. I never understand gumps who leave everything to their wife and nothing for their Mother.

        Maybe his mother has passed or something, but he ain’t the first cat to do something silly like that…

      • Mom supposed to be gone, no parent should have to bury kid.

        Streets want answers, but what you think? He jelly rolled himself?

      • Casor_Greener

        Yeah I think he committed suicide.They always got an article about what the “streets” are going to do and nothing happens. Game was supposed to be dead 5x in 2009

        I understand if his Mom was gone, but his will should have stated “that my Mother will receive XX percentage and should be deceased that money will be distributed to XXX”

      • Yeah, I kinda think he did too, not sure why though, but I guess falling off from so high up was more than he could handle?

        I guess he should have consolidated before moving up?
        I thought GAME was only supposed to be dead 3x in 2009?

        I think the other 2x was early 2010.

      • Mongo Slade

        what are u talking about? How did he fall off? 50 Cent was his client among several other high profile celebs how did he fall off? In business it is called set backs a bad year whatever… but do u dudes really think a Black Man from the hood gets to that level Chris was at without being battle tested??? U sound crazy (none of us was there) but maybe he did do his self in — just don’t seem logical to me… Donald Trump went bankrupt twice u see where he at and Trump came up with money unlike Chris so I doubt very seriously a dude who was still a millionaire and had the opportunity to make millions more bcuz he’s a true hustler would be phased enuf by money or a chick to go out like that — How come Hammer ain’t kill his self when he fell off??? Cmon B

      • Trump = Different because he had real estate / residual income.

        Music industry designed to keep the artist in debt, Chris was in debt, wife was making it worse IMHO, but I can’t say, none of us can, but he was out his element.

        Battle tested?
        Against you & me? All do, against the system?
        Different kind of battle.

        That will test you mentally & spiritually, while we will just test physically.

      • Mongo slade = “Let’s do it again?”

      • Mongo Slade

        true but Trump even wit his residual income obviously wasn’t too residual by the time he had to file for bankruptcy twice — we both agree that nobody know for sure what really happened but when I say battle tested I meant that anybody who came from NOTHING like Chris and most of us who come from the hood — we know what it’s like to have nothing, to be hungry and cold at night or too hot at night from project heat… we know about street wars, running for your life etc.. my point is if u can make it thru all that and still get to the money then just bcuz u had a bad year and some tax problems u don’t just off yourself. If that’s the case then there would be a lotta DEAD rappers who killt they self bcuz they fell off or had a bad year for WHATEVER reason perfect example the ex Destiny Child members… must be a bitch to be them and I’m sure it has to be difficult if they dwell on they all started out with Beyonce but only Kelly made it out wit Beyonce and now the whirlwind is over but them girls ain’t go KILL they self — jus my opinion

      • I feel you, but none of them factored in a divorce, except Trump & even then, that was Trumps move.

        Trump bankrupted to restructure debt, rappers do it to get out of debt & lose.

        Music sales aren’t a sustainable lifestyle, they are fickle. Chris knew that & got his artist other deals, movies, endorsements, etc.

        If it was a wiggle, it was high up & I doubt the gov would wiggle Chris, plus he was in debt……massive debt.

        Flossing in debt, with wifey set to take half & then 1/2 of future for alimony & support?

        Don Cornelius?
        If there is evidence to suggest the contrary, the investigator will find it….I just don’t think there is, or the cops would be on it….or in on it.

      • Mongo Slade

        I dont think he offed his self

  • dominicancoke

    Violators street gang in the bx is soo 1980s

    • 90’s – 80’s = Zulu / Ballbusters / %5

      • Super_Hero

        Violator and Vacant Lot records used to beef in the late 90s early 2000s. One was signing the other record label’s artist. I don’t know if Violator records is the same as Violator Management. don’t think so.

      • Same Violator…I think that’s when Busta’s whip got shot up?

  • OUCH!


    she changed the will,dont marry a bitch

    • $28825362

      Problem is you never know she’s a bitch till you jump the broom. lmao

  • Wil Btvglobal Ty

    it was a forced suicide. meaning someone else was in that room at the time and it wasn’t Santa Claus. put money on that.

  • Tril Beats

    Theres always some bitch behind a niggaz death these days… cut em loose or keep em’ on a leash!

  • eddieknucks

    Streets always know more than the holice.

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