Hip-Hop Rumors: Lil’ Wayne Threatens A Lawyer And More Bizarre Behavior On His Deposition Video

Lil’ Wayne truly doesn’t give a damn what people think or say about him. He marches to the beat of his own drum, and authority means nothing to him. We’ve seen Weezy act a little erratic in plenty of interviews and even on stage; however, in a new deposition video that has recently been revealed, the rapper takes being an “alien” to a whole other level.

Weezy was filmed for a deposition stemming from the rappers lawsuit against filmmaker, Quincy Jones III (QD3), who is the son of music legend Quincy Jones. QD3 shot a documentary on the life of Lil’ Wayne, and Weezy was not happy with the “scandalous portrayal” of himself. The rapper ended up filing a lawsuit against QD3 for unlawfully using his music in the doc.

In the deposition, Weezy refuses to answer any questions, and the questions he does answer are given with a sarcastic and, at times, hilarious tone.

“I don’t know,” Wayne says when asked if he performed at the Virgin Mobile Music Fest in 2008. “But I know I did perform at this bad ass bitch birthday party recently. She was crazy, stupid thick.”

After repeatedly stating “I don’t know” and “I don’t recall” in response to a series of basic questions regarding his recent prison sentence and various legal infractions, Wayne eventually puts his hooded head down and appears to sleep. Then, when he preemptively answers a question and is scolded by the judge, he responds randomly, “I’m sorry, that’s my psychic,” tapping his head.

Eventually, Wayne loses his temper, boldly threatening the lawyer, Pete Ross, in front of the judge.

“You know he can’t save you, right? In the real world, he can’t save you,” Tha Carter IV creator declares. “I don’t have to elaborate.”

You can’t make this stuff up. Take a look at the video below. I guarantee it will make you laugh.

Source: The Boom and TMZ

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  • It’s official! This dude is retarded.

  • Abrasive Angel

    The more I see wayne the more I want to stomp his face in.

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  • J. Jordan

    “Eventually, Wayne loses his temper, boldly threatening the lawyer, Pete Ross, in front of the judge.”

    This really doesn’t appear to have happened in front of a judge…you think a judge would let someone say “bad @ss b*tch” in a courtroom? or say “that’s a stupid-@ss question”….this was obviously done in a room with a camera, a cop and the lawyer….I mean really…but this is hack-job Sydney lace we’re talking about here…journalism at it’s finest SMH

    • n n

      It’s a deposition it is a fancy name for a legal interview before you go to court

      • J. Jordan


      • AKA Sharpcrease27

        There was a lawyer sitting there the whole time you idiot. Go to tmz and watch all 3 videos. You can clearly hear him in the backround telling the lawyer to ask the question.

      • J. Jordan

        Prove to me that’s a judge dipsh*t….exactly you can’t…because it isn’t….

      • maya

        Judges don’t supervise depositions That’s the point. It’s BEFORE court. It was probably WAYNE’S lawyer in the background.

      • J. Jordan

        Nice post edit haha

    • AfricanSoul

      A judge is present. Listen to it again. As to why the judge didn’t stop it, depositions don’t necessarily have to be the same way court affairs are conducted….you are given the opportunity to be yourself; including exercising the stupidity to shoot yourself in the foot like this moron did.

      • bisolabliss

        Stop that nonsense man, judges don’t sit through depositions. It’s just counsel, opposing counsel and any other personnel deemed necessary by both counsel with the exception of the judge of cuz… educate yourself before posting gibberish

      • J. Jordan

        Seriously, these guys on here arguing with me with nothing to back up their claims…You are the first person to say something logical here lol. I will gladly admit I’m wrong if one of these internet scholar monkeys can back up what they say, and/or prove me wrong within reason…til then, I’m pretty sure there aint a damn judge in the room, so Lil Wayne isn’t being bold in a courtroom, he’s being a douche bag in a small room with a couple white folks smh…

      • maya

        lol Exactly.

      • Reason

        You are dead on. I mean for these people to actually believe he did all this shit in court is insane. Have any of you been in court? Judges dont let stupid shit like that fly, even if its some ridiculous charge (aka civil law or breaking dumb laws like jaywalking or not paying stupid ass tickets). Deposition is more or less a pre-trial conference where the two opposing councils are present (not always both, sometimes just the one that ordered the deposition), and like bisolabliss said people deemed necessary (excluding the judge). Basically both sides are arranging their case/info, what they call the “discovery process” which just means fact gathering. The lawyers can depose certain key people (key to the case) so that they can question these people in an attempt to build or discredit a case. There is certainly not a judge present because…. well its not the trial and its not in court. i dont know how to make it any more clear. Judges are present for trial and sentencing. Only person linked to the courts at a deposition is a court reporter, who swears in the deposed and transcribes their statements and or records them. Depositions take place at either of the law firm’s offices (law firms of the attorneys of course) or in the court reporters office. Hell you can be deposed in your house if they let you.

        If you actually believe a judge was present when Wayne threatened the opposing council (with bodily harm, but really hes obviously thinking hes slick and referring to murder) and his ass isnt in jail right now then you are out of your damn mind. The judge will hold you in contempt for speaking when you aren’t supposed to, so you think they are gonna allow death threats? Read Jaime Jordan’s and bisolabliss post if you want to be educated because they are on the money. Other then making himself look really dumb and probably ruining any chance of winning the case, Wayne at worst would be subpoena’d (assuming he didnt answer the questions or gave the opposing council reason to believe he was lying). Well that and (assuming the other attorney felt threatened) he could file for a protective order or sanctions (which admittedly i have no idea what the sanctions would include). Sorry for the long ass post, bottom line is
        1.) Judges are not present at depositions (not in America at least, i wont speak on other countries).2.) Regardless, Lil Wayne is being insanely dumb and probably now has no chance to win any case if it does go to trial. Threatening someone on the record, even if a judge isnt present, is still a really stupid ass idea. Hes playing into the lawyers hands, often times at depositions the lawyer is actively seeking to piss off the deposed in an attempt to get them to either incriminate themselves or make them look bad in the courts eyes.

  • scullyson

    He now has a big fat “X” on his back…..Way to go wayne..LOL

  • daveofthematthews

    Although i really like some of this man’s past work and in terms of being an artist i admire his creativity I can’t say that i found this to be funny. but what i did find out is that despite what Wayne stated in the interview he does actually portray himself a certain way and that way would include being a cocky, arrogant, disrespectful, rebellious, wanna be smart ass….. Just a shame then really that he doesn’t possess quite enough intelligence to pull it of convincingly, i mean seriously a 13 year old could act more grown up than this guy just did.

    • AfricanSoul

      You said it best with this line, “..he doesn’t possess quite enough intelligence to pull it off convincingly”. Exactly!

    • Nick

      Co-sign 100%. This dude is a damn fool. He really thinks he’s some kind of untouchable rock star. He really better watch out for that real world he’s talking about, cause in the real world, no one is untouchable, and every empire eventually crumbles. It’s a shame what happened to this dude.

  • 7yoyo7

    “He can’t save you” is now my new catchphrase.

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  • johnblacksad

    These ninjaz stay boastin about how much dope they sell when they should actually talk about how much they spend on their drugs addictions.
    Wayne turnin into Pookie… smh

    and them Trukfits sh!ts ugly as hell

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  • Yea its da empire known as YMCMB! WE REAL NIGGAS OVER HERE BOI! Wayne dnt give a shit bout no judge boss mode nigga believe dat!

    • chevy_weight_champ

      yeah an this is coming from a talkin egg, go do ya school homework lil nicca, b4 ya mama come whoop ya ass with a switch cuzzo!!

    • Nick

      Sorry man but this dude’s empire is bound to crumble if this lame is running things. He isn’t fit to be the boss of anything.

  • toreal

    Wayne has not been this good since 04.

  • He is starting to realize that his career is ending rapidly…. O well, it’s due time for someone else. I am tired hearing about him.

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  • $28825362

    To every person who looks up to Wayne (first, I feel sorry for you). If and when you find yourself in legal trouble do not try to be cool, cocky, and a bad ass. It’s a good way to get thrown in jail. Wayne can act like this because he has the money for top lawyers. If YOU do the same thing the out come will not be so good.

    • MattyMO

      He’s not in legal trouble in this video though. It’s a deposition for a lawsuit in which he is suing Quincy Jones III, and Jones’ lawyer is interviewing him and asking ridiculous questions. That’s why he was being a smart ass

      • $28825362

        Oh, I got you. Yea I’m out the loop. I don’t up with youngin. Good looking out though.

      • CaliTransplant

        He could, however, find himself in jail for contempt, if the judge feels as though he’s being disrespectful. ESPECIALLY if he or she thinks Wayne just threatened an attorney!!! He needs to act like an adult and conduct himself accordingly. Furthermore, HE brought this lawsuit, why then act like you’re being questioned for murder?!? Stupid ass…

    • CaliTransplant


  • chevy_weight_champ

    WAYNE= soft wet tissue paper, he will fall apart when real heat is on that ass!!

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    compare this one to 2 Pacs

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