Hip-Hop Rumors: Nicki Minaj Is Headed To A Reality Show Near You!

Dear old Nicki is planning to take over your television sets this fall and earl next year. The rumors of her being a judge on “American Idol” have finally come to fruition, and now we are hearing that Nicki has a reality show in the works. The show is rumored to follow Ms. Minaj around as she goes from the studio to the “American Idol” set, to yelling at Safaree, etc. – you get the idea.

Nicki’s rumored new reality show will allegedly air on E!, the cable home of the Kardashians, and will begin airing in early 2013. If you all saw Nicki’s MTV special a few years ago, you know she puts it all on the table. Are you excited to get an all access pass into the life of Nicki Minaj, or will you be skipping her new reality show altogether?

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11 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Nicki Minaj Is Headed To A Reality Show Near You!”

  1. Alf Capone

    good………..i dont watch american idol……….and i dont watch e……….and hopefully this will keep her from having time to release more of her sh!tty albums………..awesome………..also that top pic is not a pic of nicki…………..it clearly is a pic of some random cross dresser…………come on ahh…….u can do better

  2. johnblacksad

    i’m starting to believe that this stupid face is Nicki Minaj’s real face!
    The bish stay lookin like that on all her pics

    • EDOGZ818

      Like Cher, after so much plastic surgery, they can’t change / make expressions.

      She gonna be 60? like Cher, with a face, a$$ & boobs firmer than a lump of epoxy!

      To me, it’s a sign of self hate. Some chic was talking about if she got money she would get a nose job..I looked at the corns on her toes & said:
      “Maybe it’s me, but the more $$$ I have, the less I would give a fugg!”

      I wanted to say “Fix that Cornage!” …but was on some politically correct ‘chet!

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