Hip-Hop Rumors: Are Soulja Boy And Diamond Joining “Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta”?

I can’t say that this comes as any surprise. Soulja Boy’s career has been flailing for a while, and Diamond’s career….yeah, exactly. These two love birds are rumored to be joining the cast of VH1’s top rated show, “Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta” next season. According to Media TakeOut, the two will begin filming scenes for the upcoming season next week.

But what does this mean for Lil’ Scrappy and Erica? If you recall, Diamond was Scrappy’s girlfriend for a number of years before she dropped him like a sack of hot potatoes for Soulja Boy. You know how they say, how you get them is how you lose them? Well, Scrappy dumped Erica for Diamond, and in turn, he got the same treatment.

Because of the dumping, Scrappy was forced to move back in with his baby momma and now fiancée, Erica.

It’s going to be fun to see how these two relationships play out on TV, and how they interact with each other. If you thought the first season of “Love & Hip Hop:Atlanta” was ratchet, next season is sure to be a doozy. I don’t know about you, but I miss watching that show! I can’t wait till the next season. “Basketball Wives: L.A.” sucks and so does that Jim Jones and Chrissy Show.

Hurry up and bring back “L&HH”, Mona Scott-Young!

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  • Dontoure Smith

    Stop recycling media takeouts bullshit news

  • Reblogged this on *5 STAR LIFE* and commented:
    Should be good!! More Rachetnessss

  • These chicks get passed around like dollar bills…..Rappers who can’t sell records becoming reality show stars……Things are changing rapidly.

  • Oknas

    They should join love and hip hop atl, both their careers are pretty much non existent. Plus who dont wanna see lil scrappy whip souljah girls ass 😀 lol

  • $28825362

    God, what happen to the hip hop I loved. Why/how did we fall this far? Why as black people do we just sit back and do nothing? I mean I can tell none of us are happy with the shyt. Every rapper they put on here from Jay-Z to Game we bash the hell outta them (lol). We have wack hip hop tv shows that show black women as fools. We have hip hop stars that show black men as fools, and we just take it. Man, I’m just ventin’ but for real. As a people we are lost. Kids dying in Chi Town, crack music, lil wayne. I’m starting to think Hip Hop is ran by the KKK and we’re all just to damn stupid to know it or care.

    • It is ran by the CIA…….Look how Nicki Garbaj did those rituals now she on T.V. getting multi-million dollars deals for 1 season smh……

      • Weedras

        lol!! get the fugg! off yo soap box with your nonsense… every damn thing is a ritual nowadays lol!!

    • Nah, Hip Hop can’t be corrupted….RAP on the other hand, is a commercial for prison.

  • ladynamor

    Wanted to make a joke about it but this ish aint even funny. This is more sad on a real level. Anyone see what I see? What is really happening to the hip hop culture? Do you see it? Where will it all end up? One by one they fall victim to their own greed and need for fan appreciation. SMH Reality TV is the exit door for your 15 minutes, right after hosting an awards show.

  • how does a chick dump scrappy and he has to move back in with his baby mamma but they made a list of what all the love and hip hop atl cast is “worth” scrappy was supposedly holding 700k

    • Sarhea Ross


      • hell yeah you can tell he broke when the whole season every interview he had the same white gucci t shirt and that sad little chain and his pinky rings, then you see him on power 105 etc doing promo in the same outfit he must love that unit tired ass gucci with them lab made diamonds, how much can rent be for a one bedroom in ATL be really tho? Grustle Gang My Ass. he need have MAMMA DEE put him on the track or get him a stable of tricks

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  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    don’t watch the show but scrap gonna son soulja boy every chance he get… with them 2 a diamond is mans best friend.

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  • King Cold

    smh….coonery at its finest

  • dominicancoke

    They both qualify for the show all you have to be is a ho or a hasbeen hiphop or r&b artist to join this clearly scripted stereo type! What rapper that was an oficial cast member had a hit in the years the show started?lol exactly like watching night of the living dead rap careers..stop trying to be relevant thru the tv because the radio stopped bumping your ish years ago! Smh

  • Doe Boy

    scrap gone put them PAWS on em….lol…i had 2 say it

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  • I feel the same way…I want more L&HHA!!!

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  • y that nigga SOULjaboy be swagga jackin so hard who eva hot is who he rap(trys) and dresses like i thought that was big sean for a min smh

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