Rick Ross and Gunplay

Hip-Hop Rumors: Did 50 Cent And Crew Beat Up Rick Ross’s Capo?

Oh snap! S**t just got real for the BET Hip-Hop Awards! All sorts of stuff is flying around!

The main thing that has emerged is that 50 Cent and his crew straight up beat down Gunplay, who is Rick Ross’s homey! Gunplay is also an artist signed to Def Jam too. I also heard 50 Cent dissed Diddy too! And what about this?

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I don’t know much more than that!!! Remember 50 Cent joked on Gunplay when he got beat up in Miami one time. This time, he just got played!


The Source, Vibe and OZONE Awards were all marred by fighting! Could the BET Hip-Hop Awards be next?

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59 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Did 50 Cent And Crew Beat Up Rick Ross’s Capo?”

      • $28825362

        And anybody who co signs what Jeff Taylor said, you need to click on his name and read his past comments some more (scroll to the bottom of them). You given a thumbs up to a dude who has repeatedly told black people to go back to Africa to rape monkeys and die from AIDS. You talking about a dude who is yelling WHITE POWER and you co sign with him given him a thumbs up.. WHAT THE HELL IS GOIN ON!!!!!!!

        Why do we act like
        We don’t love ourselves
        Don’t look around buster
        Check yourselves
        know what it means to be black
        whether a man or girl
        we’re still struggling in this
        White man’s world

      • Dynomite

        i respect his comment because dude has a right to be proud to be white, just like you and i are proud to be black. Honestly, “Black Power” doesnt offend you, but “White Power” does?! This is a internet forum for posting opinions. We all are entitled to our own opinions and we can express them whenever we want…. Plus, he did have a point

      • $28825362

        This dude is telling black people to go back to Africa and rape monkeys and you given this dude a pass. What’s wrong with you??

      • Dynomite

        i’m just being fair. I’ve said all kind of things about white people, so i’m not going to get mad if he makes disparaging remarks about blacks. I’m from Louisiana; which is in the dead center of the south. I heard it all. You can’t offend me anymore. Plus, it’s better that someone tells you they don’t like you to your face, than hate behind your back…. AND BET has been known to have more than a few “jiggaboo niggers” jumping around on stage like they’re 10 years old. Just being honest LoL

      • $28825362

        Dynomite, I don’t know you but you my brother man. I’m just sick of this shyt dude. It gets to me. I know we all not gone chill and drink wine together. I’m not a stupid. We just can’t give people passes with that kind of disrespect, and you shouldn’t throw that disrespect to white people. It just makes a circle and we go round and round

      • Dynomite

        Jeff Taylor is your brother also. And the constitution guarantees us all the freedom of speech and opinion. In my defense, i’m just as quick to defend him as i am to diss. No deep rooted hatred. Trade jabs. Besides, i did read his page. The WHOLE page. It is what it is

      • Jeff Taylor

        They co sign me because I am secretly black my nig. Jeff Taylor is my white pizza bread alter ego. Now quit being a bitch and stop crying, or I will hang you from a tree….white power!!! Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  1. $28825362

    Black Entertainment Award show. And you wonder why ALL races look down on us. Why we are a joke. All flash and no class. Diamond earrings and chains, but no love, honor, or respect. We failed as a people. We can’t blame the white man. We need to have a real serious talk amongst ourselves. We need to disband rap and hip hop and start over. We need to stop downloading and buying. We need to stop tuning in to the shows. We need to to just STOP supporting it all. We as a people look stupid. We all just look stupid. ALLHIPHOP too. I understand its money money money, but we are a joke. Black America is a joke. Our music was gospel, soul, love music. Damn I know no one really cares because of the money, but damn I still love black people. I just want us to be better. #Brokenhearted

    • IG::TheRealStevieBee

      I share your sentiments almost to the T. There doesn’t need to be a complete dismantling of hip hop but rather more light shone on the GOOD that is occurring but so rarely addressed. Stop giving “coons” a platform a stage on which to continue the buffoonery but rather shine light on what good is being done. The awards show is a fraud and that they can do away with.

    • MiiUziWeighsATon

      Them niggaz don’t make me look bad because I do not know them nor do they know me…what they eat dont make me shyt…they not setting the race back…that high ass murder rate in ChiTown is and rap music is not to blame, poverty, despair, drugs, alcohol, fucked up educational system, lack of real leadership are all to blame for the downfall of our race…these rapper dudes are all products of this shyt….we old niggaz and new at being rich…conducting ourselves as such, as rich folk do, is still new to us….nigga behavior has been part of our makeup longer than them shiny new coins in the bank…don’t be so hard on us…initiate this sitdown homey…don’t talk about it, be about it

      • brotha_man

        like it our not they still rep the black race….whether you a good brotha or not. They (White America view us as a whole). I come from the bottom, joined the Army, Went to college and now I work in corprate america and I dont know how many times a White MF ask me if I was a gang member…

        Trayvon Martin is a prime example of white perception

      • MiiUziWeighsATon

        I come from the bottom too…never was in the armed forces nor did I go to college….used to work corporate America in NYC and never was asked anything silly by any race at any company I worked at…and I didn’t work in the mailroom…when discussions did come up intelligible questionwere asked….I never had that problem…

      • MiiUziWeighsATon

        Doesn’t matter to me if you believe or not…my mission is not to convince you or any other mafukka…so believe what you will….white people tend not to make attempts at disrespect when talking to me bruh…they see in my eye and my demeanor that I’d beat shyt down their leg if they go too far…of course we’ve had the you’re from the hood, what’s it like type of conversations…but never has any of them asked me if I bang…


      Man to be honest WE are NOT the reason why all race look down us and why we act that way with each other… EDUCATION is the reason…. The way the “Media” educate people about us and how WE are educated about us… Our race have always been perceived as inferior by other races because they are ignorant… they believe what “people” who control the media (Books,TV, and what not) always choose to diffuse which is a negative image of us … Violent Behavior is normal, it got nothing to do with race … competition is human nature, that’s how Leaders are born… White,Asian, and more people been acting like that… The difference again is education… if they were educated enough to see the bigger picture ,they would not waste their time thinking about their ego and they would understand that their main goal should be to attain financial freedom and create more wealth for them AND their community… I was blessed enough to travel and study in different places in the world…What is common in Black culture all over the world is that we tend to destroy our leader due to ego and education … Like why this guy is ahead of me, i should be ahead or at least equal to him, so instead of learning from or support him we try to destroy him (Because we are jealous or we don’t see him as a leader) … I truly believe that black Africans descent are very smart and gifted people …the only thing they need is to work TOGETHER, to SPOT and SUPPORT brothers that are willing and able to learn and CREATE more wealth by creating Jobs for their community… You know Learn how to create benzs and sell them… don’t just buy them …

    • $28825362

      To everyone who hit me up:
      I hope the conversation keeps going as to what we have to do to improve our music and our image overall. Whether its on this site or with your people in your own house hold. I just want the conversation to start and to start NOW. Look, I don’t have the answers I just see we have a huge problem. To everyone who commented below we may not all agree as to what is the cause or what needs to be done, but at least we can agree: we have a problem.

    • ladynamor

      Before people even start considering putting your well put suggestions into effect-The media sites will begin to overpromote these SAME artist in a positive light and have people right back in their corner again. This is the United States of Amnesia. People will forget this in the 24hr news cycle. Most of it will later be downplayed as “hype” and retracted as it didn’t quite go that way, and some of the rappers involved will get rewarded by Reality Shows and more publicity. Come back in 96 hours and this site, twitter and others will have found a way to program us all back into following these industry artists and defending them as if everyone is “hating” on their money and rap is “getting real” now (fighting and shooting)LMAO. I personally feel like people get paid to defend these artist on sites like these because no real person would defend ignorant rappers in the industry as hard as they do. (I HOPE) I also hope black people are not that stupid. I think the industry and the out of touch label rappers and elite crumbsnatchers THINK we are that dumb though. Personally I think the audience to the “coon”entertainment are people not affected by black ignorance, people who are not in the culture. More laughing AT them than laughing WITH them. Suburban YouTube type people and easy influenced children who live a carefree life looking for what is trending and popular at the moment subscribe to this crap they are pushing.

      • $28825362

        I can’t disagree with you. Its a sad state of affairs. There really needs to be change though and the only way to do that is to hit them in their pockets. I know it would never happen but if 51% of hip hop fans just said, okay enough is enough because now people are looking at me as if I act like you when I don’t; maybe something could change. I understand things weren’t great in the 90’s but it was a lot better than what we have now. I just want a serious dialog to start among young black people. Why do you support this? Why do you spend you hard earn money on this? As a whole do you not think this affects how people look at you also? And no most people don’t feel how I feel, but I think most do.

      • $28825362

        Cause I still like Hip hop dumb ass. What kind of question is that. Go eat some Corn Flakes fool.

      • Ray Moorer

        What you love is hearing your own Bullshit! Go get a Job! You Old Ass No License having ,.borrowing you Girlfriends Car Ass Scrub , Dead Beat Dad Punk! Too Old to be on this Site, Ya Goddamn Right !

  2. Joseph Jones

    Only time will tell, do we get upset when a football player punch the crap out of another player. Part of the game, it is football, boxing. basketball, baseball etc. This is Hip Hop part of the game,Some will and some want…….. ENTERTAINMENT.

  3. Numbuh Four

    I still can’t understand how some of the people given the most chances, given so much, refuse to allow themselves to push forward. It’s like all of the doors are being opened for you, you just refuse to walk through. They need to adapt to their bank accounts. You wanna walk like you’re high class, drive high class cars and dress in expensive clothing; the only thing that hasn’t moved up a class or two is your mind state. They live in the suburbs with an urban mentality, just a bunch of ni99as with money. I guess the money should have changed em (Kanye sh*t)..You don’t wanna let the money BECOME you but you gotta let the money change you..

    • david

      Yeah the only difference that when they fight in capitol hill its not 20 on 20 its two old guys with no business throwing a punch. Things like this is why people see hip hop as trash music instead as te truly beautiful art for it is. I mean come on when is the last time we heard of fights breaking out at a country music award show over how has the nicer pick up or something stupid like that

      • Dynomite

        my point is men fight. Period. Technically, a war is just the president telling his gang to go jump on some other leaders crew. There are fights backstage at country music shows, operas, etc. Put rich people with big egos, black or white, in one place, and tell me one of them isn’t going to rub another the wrong way. But we DON’T hear about it. The media protects the image of certain artist, and glorifies the misdeeds of others. It just depends on the picture they’re trying to paint. Country music has a different audience

  4. KKK says...

    You can take the monkey out the jungle but you can’t take the jungle out the monkey. WE LOVE YA’LL! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! BANG BANG!

  5. TruthSerum

    What do you expect when you invite ignorant people to your award show??

    Young Jeezy, Rick Ross & 50 Cent, what do all these people have in common???

    They glorify dealing drugs and general criminality over and over again on every record they’ve ever recorded……… So how surprised can you really be when people like this act a clown in public??

    You reap what you sew, if BET wants to avoid situations like this they need to stop doing business with them

  6. God Body

    I think hip hop has been made into ice hockey by the people who control the purse strings. It’s allowed because it’s entertaining, but it’s also stupid.

    The consumers look at the idiots beefing and acting like children and are entertained, believing that they themselves would never act so stupid, yet they are entertained by others acting stupid.
    It gives them a sense of pride to know that they are better than these people, who are there purely to entertain them with stupidity. No one respects these entertainer who will do anything for money. It’s a modern more sophisticated form of bear bating. The end result is people are entertained by the tragedy of others, be they rich black entertainers or poor white trash entertainers. This is NOT how hip hop started out.

  7. therealest1

    Has this crackhead ass clown basically become a punching bag, practice dummy for people to beat on? I mean Gunplay is always talking shit about others for no justifiable reason, tries coming off hard, its no surprise people will get at him.

  8. Rajy Thomp

    Black people you got to be kidding. Can’t blame no other race on how you act. We are the only race that is divided. This BET Awards if officially an embarrassment and a cancerous stage for rappers to act a fool. Rappers you do not respect your fans and thus should be boycotted.

  9. Rajy Thomp

    50 cent you need to stop trying to bully folks. You are setting the worst example of continuing violence. Your goons will stop if you tell them too because they are scared of you and they take orders from you like good little boys. If you tell to act right they will.

  10. Jay B

    Great example of no matter what, people HAVE TO belong to a group. We’re not those guys/those guys don’t represent us. We give power to rappers like they were the black leaders. They ain’t leading US to do shit but put money in their pockets. WE are the kids who can’t pass the candy stand and not want anything. That is to say that it’s us PAYING ATTENTION. WE monopolize the entertainment industry and own nothing. Now make that make sense in your mind. If you’re 25 and up you’d remember a time when who this individual was sleeping with, or how often he smokes/drinks/rides in a helicopter, never made any nevermind because it had nothing to do with the music! Its clear that there is an illusion going on in hip hop that you are who you say you are….only as much as you are what you wear. The man makes the clothes and actions speak louder than words. If you need “GOONS” or a “SQUAD” in this day and age YOU AIN’T A GANGSTER. IF YOUR “GOON-SET”/”SQUAD” has a name, nickname, or a street acknowledgement, your leader isn’t very smart. Bunch of free targets.

  11. Abrasive Angel

    I stopped watching any and all Entertainment Awards shows. I just know some embarrassing shit is going to go down.

  12. David Knight

    Its real hard to bring some ppl to the hood to corporate events bc the hood is still in them. Its alotta competing going on on rap.

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