Hip-Hop Rumors: The Game Kicked Out Of Lil Wayne’s B-Day Party!

TMZ is the new source for all things Hip-Hop LOL! They don’t care when rappers are doing good things though like The Roots Black Thought doing voters drives all over the East Coast! What Thought should do is slap up Questlove at a voter push! Then TMZ would be all over it! Here is the latest ratchetness being reported!

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The Game turned Lil Wayne’s 30th birthday bash into an impromptu fight club when he got into a brawl with another rapper and had to be kicked out of the club … and TMZ obtained the video.

Sources at the party tell TMZ … Game was in Hollywood Thursday night with Chris Brown, Sean Kingston and the b-day boy himself. We’re told Game was allegedly minding his own business when rapper 211 approached and, according to our sources, started talking smack.

We’re told things escalated and the smack-talking turned into an all out fight  … which ended with Game allegedly punching 211.

TMZ obtained video just seconds after the fists stopped flying and you can see the two rappers still going at it as security guards rush in to break them up. We’re told after security got a hold of the situation, Game was kicked out of the event.

Sources tell us the rappers have had a beef for awhile and that’s what led to the altercation in the first place.

Calls to both rappers were not returned. 

And there you have it. Hip-Hop! 

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  • dominicancoke

    Game has kids and is in a privillage position which many educated struggling people have not reach yet and this is how he acts? You can take the boy out the hood but you cant take the hood out the homeboy

    • Dontoure Smith

      Real shit man.

    • He stands up for himself, when people step to him… so what? Hop off the soap box, your not perfect.

  • Lamarr Lewis

    game your fake even yuk said you are. so is wheezy what kind of gang memmber dresses with skater clothes.

    • Blackstallion777

      what kind of gang banger dresses in skater clothes? There’s a whole lot of kids in skater clothes in pistols in their waist in L.A., Daygo, and the Bay. It’s just the new style. The only benefit of skinny jeans is that now you can tell who is packing and who is not lol

      • ReadMore82


      • immackulate

        say WORD

  • Rappers and their Non-stop drama.

    • Says a person who visits a Hip Hop rumours section.

      • Yup……..I watch everything.

      • Rap is drama… my point is, why are you shocked or surprised? They talk about violence in just about every single record they drop…you obviously are a fan of the music….lol….Go listen to country or something.

  • Demill Bradford

    the sad thing is we aint talking about 17 or 18yr olds, we talking about 30 plus yr old niggas who should know better

    • Alf Capone

      i hear ya………….but every now and then u gotta whoop a niggas ass…………….it just happens

    • anthonyward1

      what do you do when that is the only way they can stay relevant?………Game should be ashamed of himself, he be looking for trouble..

    • 8Galaxy5

      Niggas in their 20,30,40,50s beat each other,stab each other,kill each other.
      Fighting isnt even that bad no matter how old you are.Game was cool until this nigga started talking shit in his face,of course Game will slap the sucker.

    • it’s sad 2 grown men willingly engaging in a fist fight is against the law. If 2 men have a fair fight, and no property gets damaged. no harm, no foul

      • LMAO @ “is against the law”…. wrong audience buddy.

      • Aramrgeth

        Dynomite was saying that it being against the law was shit. Not that they shouldn’t be doing it because it was against the law.

      • ReadMore82

        RIght! Lmfao! I thought I was trippin like “what did this nigga read”?

      • Don’t get out much or something, your easily amused…

      • ReadMore82

        You are right about one thing, I’m amused at how retarded you are for not understanding the post, dickhead. After 6 days of you studying it word for word you still don’t get it. Not complex at all. Please pawn your computer.

      • Why do you study things for 6 days? Does it take you that long to comprehend words? Why would I pawn a computer? You really make no sense what so ever…Funny that I see it took you a week or so to reply, must be what you mean by 6 days…. is that the only time your Mom lets you have computer time? LOL, funny my comment has 6 likes, 1 dislike… I guess were all dumb and your a genius right? Maybe buddy should learn how to better articulate his words and sentences.

      • ReadMore82

        Awwwwe so u feel special for getting 6 likes is that what defines u? That lets me know I’m talking to a retard. I shall momentarily entertain though, here goes…. How does pawning your computer not make sense? Let me break it down for you, I mean get rid of it so u can stop typing dumb shit, u follow me so far? Also, did u know that your email lets you know when someone replies to your post? Did u also know that some people don’t check their email for weeks at a time, so when I saw a fag name Noles left a comment, that’s when I got to it. Funny how u thought u could turn this around after YOUR initial dumb ass statement because u felt embarrassed. PS, I don’t need to use my mom’s computer, I am perfectly fine with using your moms laptop only after I’m done with her neck. I’m done going back n forth with u faggot. Please stay in school and off ya pop’s zipper.

      • Never once said Likes define me, who says homo stuff like that? Oh yea you.

        Nice essay, has nothing what so ever to do with his story, and seeing that your a nobody, it really doesn’t warrant much of a response. Why would I feel embarrassed? It seems that other people agreed with me. Judging by your comment that probably took up your whole hour of weekly computer time, you must really care. Look at how hard you tried to impress me with your great use of the English language… Gay & Dad jokes…. truly, you are very intelligent.

        Have fun replying to this with some more nonsense. Have a nice day.

        Why am I still on your mind after like two weeks? LOL?

      • ReadMore82

        lmao, u still alive?

      • Maybe, maybe not. lol

      • HipHopStalker

        The problem is most men who would throw down in a club or public event are not willing to take there ass whoopin like a man if they lose and then they wanna pull out the heat to retaliate.

  • mosestobymcgeethree

    Glad to see Game’s recent baptism has changed him!

    • Funny, he did an interview weeks or a month ago saying he goes to church, believes in god…but it doesn’t mean he wouldn’t smack a dude…lol…google is your friend.

      • Tracy Haynes

        so what would you do if someone was up in your face ?????????

      • Me? Or the other point was you can go to church and be religious and stand up for yourself…. I know what I would do, let them swing on me first or push me… so I didn’t go to jail.. especially if I was millionaire that people depended on.

      • ReadMore82

        You would still go to jail depending on……nevermind I forgot you’re the same dumb ass who didn’t get the other post. U pawn that computer yet? Come on, help us out.

      • What does a computer have to do with anything? I am 100% confident, based on real life experiences (you know outside in the real world away from your parents house) that if someone attacks you, you can defend yourself.. but hey, what would an internet gangster know about that? Stay keyboard thuggin homeboy.

      • ReadMore82

        Please name one part of my comment that suggested I might be even attempting to sound gangster. Exactly stfu nigga.

      • Keep it net thuggin. I expect another non sense reply in 5 – 7 days when your parents let you use the computer again, or you sit in the library at lunch time. Gives you more time to attempt to show at least 0.1% wit….

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    Chris Brown and Drake… That’s interesting stuff. But The Game… You’d have to do better than that if you’re looking to sail yourself back into relevance.

  • Alf Capone

    tmz doesnt report anything positive at all………..its not like they are out to get rap………just people dont go to tmz to read about lebron james donating money to st. jude………..they wanna read about mel gibson drinking and driving and calling the police officer a jew……..thats how it works

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    Is it ME or is Game so infatuated with Pac and BIG that he wants to go out like them?

  • No video?

  • slumlord_vinny

    Game that dude! lol

  • scullyson

    Always some postive news with Game…smh

  • At least he ain’t tweet while he was fighting.

  • God Forgives

    Wait so you retarded inbreeds keep saying Game this & Game that but you dont mention 211 who if he just minded he’s own (like game was doing) wouldn’t have gotten he’s ass whopped

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  • єиσ¢н ℓєνι ☪

    Game had to fight, He has an image to uphold….Rappers are entertainment.. Now that’s show Biz…


    What type of nigga have 2 first names? @ lame-marr lewis

  • Blackstallion777

    Wait, so 211 goes and starts sh** and all we get is talk about Game getting kicked out? At least Game has an audience. Is anyone even looking for 211 over there in CTE’s basement?

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  • Slaughtr

    As long as black men keep doing fck shyt the media is gonna be right there 211 is a fckn fool when you know niggaz who talk big shyt got 30,000 body guards so a niggaz gonna fake either way step to me with the bullshit I’ma Marvin Hagler your ass real quick so Game was not wrong in this situation but probably barked too loud and slimmy came for him.

  • immackulate

    people can say whatever they want about GAME – regardless of age, money, fame, etc seems like he’s always willing and able to scrap it out – dont know if it’s good or bad either way he dont seem like a punk — quiet is kept, 211 had it coming (just like GAME has his coming) cuz he set up ole boy that ROSEMOE whatever # jumped on – and he been talking down on GAME’s blood affiliations for a while – now he wanna act like he aint that type of dude to run up on somebody – guess he really aint what he rap about – he a little dude with a big mouth that got what was coming to him –