Diddy and 50 Cent

Hip-Hop Rumor Exclusive: Did 50 Cent And Diddy Almost Get Into A Fight?

Man, it seems like someone put something in the punch at last night’s BET Hip-Hop Awards, because there was way too much confrontation.

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An exclusive source tells us that 50 Cent and Diddy almost came to blows while they were backstage at the show. According to our source, Diddy and 50 were backstage laughing and joking with one another when things suddenly got serious. One of Diddy’s jokes hit too close to home with 50 Cent, and he called Diddy a “Bitch Ni**a.”

“It was crazy! They were joking with one another one minute, and the next minute, 50 Cent was all up in Diddy’s face calling him a b*tch ni**a.”

Fortunately, Diddy realized that he is too old for BS like that, and according to a Media Take Out snitch, got up and said that he has “too much money” for that and he left. 50 Cent must have been on one last night. I guess now that he and Fat Joe are cool, he needs a new nemesis to bully.

Sydney Lace’s BET Hip-Hop Awards Predictions – Will 50 Cent And Fat Joe Perform Together?!

50 Cent needs to chill out…before he meets his match! Game, where you at?!

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  • dominicancoke

    These are not rich black men more like rich nigg#rs did steve jobs had fights with bill gates did oprah beef with bill cosby? No. all that cash cant buy class

    • Bumpy Johnson

      fcuk class.

  • Dee

    game was 50 cent match??? wow

    • Darkerthan

      Of course he was. Game was the first rapper to knock chinks out of G-unit’s so called indestructible armor. Check out 300 bars for starters….

      • Dee

        i did way back when and thought it wasnt sh&t

      • hoeyuno


      • NEWSKULL

        Double Agree

    • Sosa_Limone

      game destroyed 50 cent and g-unit… they were all down hill after Game mopped 50 up

      • infinit221

        True…game put the first dents in and it was never the same after that

      • MiiUziWeighsATon

        50 and his team cant rap…game di not do to GUnit what GUnit did to Murder Inc….stop it…..Game aint dope enough to end a career…Fif just can’t rap…Yayo good for a verse here and there and Banks lost his hunger for more…the Unit didn’t get bodied by nobody but the Unit and their dumb ass strategy

      • the feds kilt murder inc, 50 jus provid the illusion

      • MiiUziWeighsATon

        No, Fif destroyed Ja Rule career which in turn killed Murder Inc in the Music biz…Rule fell…Ashanti stopped recording…and the rest wasn’t shyt anyway…the Feds dismantling Irv Gotti behind the Supreme affiliations came after

      • 50 killed his OWN career. Game just gets credit for it. What has Games gareer been since then?

      • NEWSKULL


  • Simon Adebisi


  • I doubt Diddy want it with Fiffy.
    Both have security, so it might have been a fair one & Diddy ain’t built for a fair one.

    • Jared Bolden-Whyte

      Diddy keep you fool bline still, Puff got more people in these streets on payroll, every major city, he came up with Supreme, he had Meech and BMF as muscle, where Suge at.. but he not built for it, you go with the ones who talk alot

      • I see that EDOGZ’s statement went over your head. He said that Puff isn’t built for a FAIR one (1on1). Not how many niggas Puff have in the streets.

      • Casor_Greener

        Please shut up with that ignorance

      • RichFromBX

        really, Meech? you dumb ass….don’t know your history do you…

  • two actors making a scene. keeps their names buzzing on the search engines and improves their rank on the web

  • all hip hop SUCKS! All of it. RAP is Crap.

  • Antoine Hart

    soon as u mention mediatakeout..i stop reading…u cant honestly believe the things they post on media take out

    • Weedras

      word! MTO probably fabricated this shit…

    • Easy C

      yeah, but there sources that confirm most of the story.
      Mediatakeout just talking the their “inside source” B.S. which is coming from 2 cats on twiiter that were there.
      but MTO added a twist of lime in there though.

  • Ojay Juice Henry

    D block was 50 match, he wanted nothing with joe crack awww lets pick on diddy!



    • And Puffy has? And before you bring up Ross nigga didn’t go gold after all the hupe on this last album and those other MMG niggas are straight ass.

      • Weedras

        Technically Diddy is more a record exec than a rapper… he moonlights as one but he aint a rapper… same as Dre being a producer by trade but dropped some albums as a rapper…

      • Jared Bolden-Whyte

        Weather you like the music or not last train to Paris had 4 songs hit the top ten on the billboard, so yes he has

  • bailing henry

    Diddy has gained my respect

    • Easy C

      For telling who also has serious money, he got too much money after obviosly ticking him off by saying somethign foul in place of a joke? yeah, legit.

  • hahahshe said where game at??? hahhahah didnt 50 boys pop game homies and game never ever came back at him??? sydney where u at?? lol

    • jeez

      he said that cause few years back game hit up 50 backstage at the awards and 50 punk ass called security lame

  • pennaitor

    50 cent just ended is damned celebrity life officially, you messing with some cult Nigga, sons of the nemesis of darkness in the gaime

    • lbrenzi

      now u talkin real shit, u better grab a piece of tissue and wipe your dirty shitty mouth, you cannot even spell game, lame ass mofker dat u be!!!!!!!!

  • water_ur_seeds

    roid rage? lol

  • pockets_hot_from_pepperoni

    Aint no rumor about it diddy is a bitch.
    One of the main contributions to the degradation of both rap & hip hop. It’s no wonder the dude f*cks w/ross

  • 504blacktravolta

    diddy is a smart gangsta.he got the bloods and crips on his payroll.thats y he so comfortable in L.A.now watch him and Ross finish 50 career.

    • King Cold

      the awards was in ATL not LA

  • Game and 50 need to box it out already. same with Ross ang Jeezy

    • King Cold

      no competition. if you watch how game swings its horrible, 50 been trained professionally in boxing so my doe is on him

  • “i got too much money for this”. pathetic. guess thats what he said when shine had his back, or when biggie was shot down.

  • JON_JOHN1972

    all hip hop & mto is 50 cent haters

  • Griss

    This is journalism at its worst…. this site dont do shit but promote negative shit about 50 …. like get off his dick and Game and 50 aint had no problems in years… Game if anything killed himself he dissed for years and then begged numerous times to re form the unit ….. niggas is dumb 50 did that to himself by only fuckin wit his circle and the fact that ppl dont buy music dont help…. u need to b fired for this wack ass post

    • john

      people still buy music rick Ross god forgives i don’t album sold 220 thousand copies the first week

  • Dontoure Smith

    Stop recycling Media Takeout’s bullshit



  • HipHopStalker

    Diddy has been a bitch nigga for over 10 years now. It’s like the older he gets he talks more and more shit and goes to the I have more money than you shit when his backs against the wall. He’s a mogul for what he did in the past and liquor now but music wise ? what has he done lately ? Name 5 or even 3 artist’s on bad boy today ? whatever happened to Red Cafe ? let me guess coming soon lol just like 4 years ago. But hey when you sign with Diddy what do you think will happen. He wants to be the ONLY star on his lable lol

    • Jared Bolden-Whyte

      Janell Monae, MGK, French Montana, LOS, since you dont want me to mention Cafe….

      • chevy_weight_champ

        yeah an in 3yrs none of them will be doing shit but being signed 2 diddy slave label or blaccballed 4 tryin 2 leave the gun line boss!!

      • Kevin Farley

        are they signed to bad boy or managed by diddy?

  • Josh Wilmo

    I first read this story on mediatakeout….and i automatically said that’s a bunch of bullshit……i come to this website and read the title and said to myself, there might be some truth to this then i clicked on this story just to find out that your source is MTO………I was right all along..this story is BULLSHYTT

  • TheRealCamacho

    weather it’s real or not, I can picture Diddy getting smart with his jokes and taking it too far and 50 getting in face calling Diddy a “bitch nigga”. But any publicity is good publicity. Also, I doubt 50 gives 2 fuks about your opinion of him in music. 50 is making big business moves now and pays more then making music since no buys music anymore.

  • King Cold

    heard about this and im glad 50 said what he said because its true.Bad Boy is an artist graveyard now because of Diddy. think about how many artists he used and made money off them and then dropped them soon after. its a big ass list. then he wanna talk reckless and not expect to get paid back?smh. and sydney lace go stick ya self using MTO shit and then saying game is 50’s match? body ya self

    • Jared Bolden-Whyte

      How many artist last 10, 20 years not many… most bad boy artist had 3 cds thats more then the average. Where all the Roc-A- Fella artist, Ruff Ryderz, No Limit, So So Def, the 1st Cash Money crew, artist come and go what about labels with White Ceo’s when the last Limp Bizkit or Korn cd drop… not many artist are like Jay, Mary, or R Kelly and can stay around for 20 years….. but must be Puff fault

  • MiiUziWeighsATon

    Diddy know Fif…he not fallen for the banana in the tailpipe type shyt Fif be on…Fif trying to keep a buzz and Diddy did right, he left Fif sitting there looking stupid…if anything Fif shoulda been up in Ross shyt

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  • Michael Callan

    the game is such a joke r u 4 real

  • Easy C

    Ok, ALL OF THE REPORT from all media source reporting, it all come from mainly 2 witness who post the accounts on Twitter, it then got copied from one site to another with alteration sprinkled in. With that said, I read the account from the 2 witness/sources directly and here’s how it went:

    1 Gunplay step to 50 Cent, 50 smacked/punch with a Mayweather hit as per the witness. Gunplay tried to hit 50, 50 dodge.
    2. I deduct form there Yayo, Mike Knox, Kidd Kidd and more start to whip Gunplay once learned or saw Gunplay going at 50 after being smacked by him.
    3. Gunplay getting washed by G-Unit
    3A. It’s obvious Gunplay fought back.
    4. Somehow police came on the scene and start macing them.
    4A) MIke Knox got maced by copes, fell then Gunplay took advantage and got a couple off of Mike Knox while he’d already slipped form being maced.
    5. Gunplay also got maced, ran to 2 Chainz trailer. From the various sources, Gunplay has visible wounds and bruises, plus being maced.
    5A) A picture exist of Gunplay being treated for his wounds and being maced.

    You be the judge. My judgement say. G-unit still G-unit and look like an L for Gunplay.
    P.S. Gunplay held his, but not much to hold on to after getting washed. Lol

  • Synista

    A gorilla with rabbit teeth and a gay looking black vampire an “alleged almost altercation” ….

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  • Trillenuf

    Prolly asked 50 why he was there? Nigga aint had a hot song that was HIS! In a LONG time lol

  • Slaughtr

    Fck that nigaa puffy he’s a suka ass nigga from the jump and who gives a fck about his money. Stop sucking his dck cause he has money when you die that shyt don’t mean nothing and if he was a brother with real integrity niggaz wouldn’t want to smash his ass and to be real who gives a fck who he has on payroll on the street you wanna see payroll on the street fck with that nigga who you think is a bitch cause 50 aint one.I respect 50 way more than puff.Sean Combs has lived off biggie for so long he needs to be creamated and boxed.

  • D_Ably

    yeah 50 better watch out before game runs up on him and try to turn him into a catholic


      “GAME” really??? Didn’t he get knocked out in front of his son at a mall in “Cali”??? I don’t know why you people think “50” is a sucka??? Wasn’t nobody saying this schitt back in the day!!!

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  • can read Media TAKE OUT THE TRASH dot COM

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  • jpulliam

    Two Jewish owned clowns!

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