Hip-Hop Rumors: Jay-Z Says He Owns More Of The Brooklyn Nets Than We Think

Last night, Jay-Z played his third of eight shows at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY, and he took a moment to address the haters that question his actual percentage of the Brooklyn Nets. Check out what he said below:

“I look in the paper and I see them talking’he only owns 1/15th of…first of I don’t know where they get that number from. But I’m cool with it. I know it’s not about me it’s about y’all. It’s not personal to me. They know if you see me standing here, they know it’s possible to achieve great things and will continue to do so. Don’t let anybody diminish your accomplishments. It’s our motherf**king time now.”

During his speech, Jigga also went on to big up the accomplishments of Jackie Robinson, and said that it is no coincidence that he had something to do with bringing an NBA franchise to his hometown of BK.

Check out the footage below. Jay’s comments about his percentage start at the two-minute mark.

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  • That_N

    It’s kinda weird that he’s the owner yet he has contractual obligations (performing shows, attending games with Beyonce). Most owners don’t have to do anything but…..OWN.

    • mosestobymcgeethree

      He has a contract to do these things? Where you get this information?

    • paybach

      ThatNothing .. shows have for a long time been the most lucrative facet of being a “rapper” until big companies realized endorsement money to black poets was a viable options… people (most) don’t understand how what a good deal is … 100 mil for rocnation + net ownership = mo money …one hand washes the other… it gets deeper but sadly some people still walking in water… to late to learn now.

      PS I guess your perspective explains Mark Cuban’s role in the league as well?!

    • Actually, Beyounce is supposed to design the cheerleading uniforms, etc….but either way, his star power = equity, so if it’s in his contract, that means he does certain things for the ownership, besides spend $$$….being Jigga counts as capital, so it’s a good look!

      Kinda like AHH offering you stock to comment?

    • KingsCountyCrooklyn

      you gotta think who set up a contract for him to do that many concerts for the opening of this establishment? a part owner with multiple ventures in this stadium + he’s also an Artist, of course you gonna perform in front of your home town crowd. no body is naive to the fact that he does not own the place, but he is that much richer in just claiming it.

      • mosestobymcgeethree

        Plus, Usher owns about the same percentage of the Cavs, but you don’t see him doing concerts. Gloria Estafan and JLO and Marc Anthony own some of the dolphins, I’ll assume around same percentage as Jay-z, as far as i know those people haven’t had any kinda concert thing like this. Nor, are they being put in front as the face.

        I don’t think Jay has a contract to do this things in the way the first poster is implying. I think that Jay is about that money. His vodka is the exclusive vodka sold in the suites at the arena. He has a 40/40 club in the arena. Roc A Wear did the cheerleader outfits, Who knows what else Jay-z has going on business wise cause of this relationship, but best assured he is getting that money.

        For you, or anyone, to downplay a RAP artist that has made it to the point where they are literally owning part of an NBA team and putting their imprint on the team no less, when 25 years ago it would have been ABSURD to even imagine big daddy kane owning a front row season ticket at the knicks, let alone owning 1/15, is insane.

      • Sean Power

        cause no cares about the cavs or usher and usher is not from Cleveland so why do home coming concert there ?

      • KingsCountyCrooklyn

        not sure if you were agreeing or against my statement but none of the part owners stated are native to those teams accept gloria and probably weren’t part owners when those stadiums opened up.

      • Weedras

        Jay ain’t making that much money off Roc A Wear anymore he sold his majority stake but he’s still responsible for promotion..

      • Tony G.


    • Sean Power

      where did you see this? did draft this contract yourself ?

    • Sampson Emanuel

      This is Jay-Z, I’m sure he’s not doing these concert for free or because of the team. He doing these shows to sell records. Imagine how much money he’s making doing 8 shows in a stadium that the owns.

      • Tony G.

        He’s not doing them to sell records..everyone in attendance at those shows prolly has jay’s whole discography…i doubt very seriously if he sells 10 records..he’s doing this becuz he’s celebrating the new arena and basketball team in his city…..yea of course he’s making money…but its more of a statement than a financial thing..

    • Tony G.

      Yo WTF are u talking about..contractual obligations….his performing has nothign to do with the ownership part nor is it a contractual obligation becuz he owns….that sounds idiotic..know ur facts before u get on here talking such nonsense.

    • crom777

      talking outta your ass

    • crom777

      WTF do you know about owning anything? broke ass

  • “They know if you see me standing here, they know it’s possible to achieve great things” damn homie calm ya ego down a lil… u ant playing on the court. the nets suck.

    • Weedras

      i don’t think your getting his message, it’s not about ego… smh

      • keep telling yourself that

      • Weedras

        don’t have to tell myself that i know… it’s about having faith in yourself an knowing that maybe one day you can be even bigger than him in your own way bruv… that’s what you can take from it..

    • Sosa_Limone

      damn i see the haters out in heavy rotation… dude came from rags to riches… from the projects to being one of the wealthiest people in hiphop, owns his own record label, vodka company, clothing line and a mother fuckin basketball team… all he trying to say is be inspired.. if he can make it, so can any of us… yeah the nets do suck, but he still owns part of the team.. crab ass niggas with a crab ass mentality

    • Yeah, the ego is there, & that’s why he’s telling us to get an ego too & let it lead us to bigger things!

      • egos dont lead u to bigger things, talant and hard work does. being humble is a better qualitty my dude.

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        you can have a postive ego and still be humble. having an ego is not a bad thing. it only becomes bad when it is used in a negative way.

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        not to get all undergrad psych student on you but the ego is the self. its the id and the superego’s interaction with the ego that make it positive or negative. just saying.

      • Wha..What????

        Explain that again…for us non undergrads….

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        ok first off im not an undergrad, but this is something that you learn in freshman level psych classes. (not trying to sound preachy, i apologize if i do.) the ego is the self and idenity of the person and the mind. to one end there is the id and to the other end there is the super ego. the id the naturL animalistic sense of the self which drives the ego to power and greed through immoral and basic human instinct, and sex and power are the driving forces. the superego is the critical morally driven force of the self that strives to drive the ego to better itself and gain more power and respect through positive interaction.

        basically, when someone is saying that someone has a big ego, they are really saying that their ego is strongly driven by the id because the is typically delusional and an unaware of the real world around them.

      • I understand a little better now, but is a big ego bad?

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        not if it is reinforced by the postive morally grounded critically thinking portion. but when its driven by greed and desire purely, thats where the issue comes in.

      • sakiru oresanwo

        Sound like that convo that took place between 50 cent and Terence Howard in Get Rich Or Die Trying ‘when i’m right i’m right, when i’m wrong i’m right….’.Glad there are some educated (not only learning institution) brothers on this site.

      • Yeah, but if you don’t believe in your self, who else will believe in you?

        Ninja feels like he can take on the world vs Ninja who thought he should have never been born?

  • Well maybe Shawn Carter owns a fraction, and rapper Jay-Z owns another fraction, and a silent ownership as well…lol

  • 1/15th is more than a lot of people will ever have an opportunity to own, regardless of where he came from. Give him credit and keep it moving.

    • Technically, it’s only 21.5 Mil.

      Still better than a 45 Mill Mansion???

      It’s a good look because it will generate income, as opposed to cost upkeep.

      I mean, he brought the Nets to Brooklyn.
      Rap beefs started and ended, on that move / verse.

      Took their team & actually, seems kinda gracious about it. 1/15 is a good look!~

  • bisolabliss

    Everything he said was alright until he said ”It’s our motherf**king time now.” My question is this: who is/are the ‘Our’ in that statement. Dude has repeatedly said and does things just for his damn self and interest, so what does he mean by ‘Our’. Trying to sound like he’s a part of a collective because it suits him at that point in time.

    What does Jay Z advocate has a prosperous Black man?

    That was what Harry Belafonte was speaking to when he made that comment about him and his wife (Beyonce) and instead of us getting to dissect what Harry said, Dream Hampton changed the subject to Nas having a ghost writer and an important issue relating to a lack of spine (fight) in the present generation of Black men with access to the mass media is left undiscussed.

    I’m currently reading ‘ASSATA’, you’d be amazed the sweat and blood some shed for the access this lot have taken/ is taking for granted. They’ve been given access – no matter how limited – to the so-called ‘American Dream’ as a direct result of sacrifies made by others and they can’t even get in front of a camera/mic and advocate anything of note.

    Talking about he owns more than we think… RUBBISH!!!

    • Mos High

      I ll be honest Im bias because I like Jay z an how he has conducted himself. Yes maybe he isnt in the trenches helping every community etc. However I believe the almighty has a lane for everyone. His lane looks to be inspiring young blackmen that you can truly achieve greatness. Went from drug dealer to a business mogul. Im not in his inner circle but maybe you are so maybe you know all of his moves and what he does to give back.

      • bisolabliss

        Bruh, it’s not about giving back (Philanthropy) but rather Advocacy (fighting and staying the cause). Philanthropy is giving a man handouts, advocacy is enabling the man to be all that he can be. That’s why no matter the amount of Philanthropy practiced in our communities, things will NOT change until the root causes are tackled.

        We need a PROPER re-education. We were attacked and continue to be attacked on all sides with all the form of warfare imaginable and that’s how we got to this sorry state of affairs and it aint gonna change by being philanthropic and paying lip service… No!!!

        We need visible Black men with access to the media to start speaking up. Create a stir in this docile marginalized race of men (kings), women (queens) and kids (warriors). Don’t just use the collective ‘Our’ or ‘We’ when it relates to nonsensicals like what % of what franchise you own or do not own.

      • Stop It 5

        The minute he starts a fight, it erases everything others and he has done to put in the possibility of getting in certain circles. I can’t believe how short sighted some people are. They only cling to the past, because that’s all you have. He is the present. If you want him to do what you want him to do with his life, then do so yourself. Stop throwing stones at the throne. Get up there with him.

      • bisolabliss

        “possibilities of getting in certain circles” …to do what? That is the billion dollar question.

    • Assata is a geek book! That ‘chet will have you GEEKED the fugg out!
      Home girl is basically like Malcolm X with guns.

      Sundiata Acoli is in Allenwood, U.S.P.
      Mutulu Shakur is in ADX.
      Dhoruba Bin Wahad is back in the Bx, or Africa?
      Ahmad Obafemi ( Not sure if he’s mentioned in the book…by name, is the father of Chaka Zulu, Ludacris’ road manager that yapped T.I. in the eye….then T.I. got booked getting the hammers ….

      I featured Sundiata, Mutulu, Dhoruba & others on AHH when I used to drop $E$ for iLLseed right here in the rumors.

      ***Spoiler Alert***

      Tupac is born in that book, but when it was written, he wasn’t famous, so he only got 3 lines.

      “Afeni had her baby today. She named him Tupac Amaru Shakur. Then the state came and took him away.”

      The book is that deep yo!

      She was getting it in!

      • bisolabliss

        I can’t put that ish down since I started reading it last night. Assata Shakur is something else. I especially liked how her grandmother drilled the ‘no bowing down to no man discipline’ into her… PRICELESS!!!

      • I was gonna tell you, but figured you wouldn’t believe me, but 9 or 18hrs it took me to read the book, in one sit in, picked it up & couldn’t put it down, read through meals, etc, all day long….back in 1990?

        Best book I ever read…right up there with Malcolm X’s autobiography….to me, it was better, except for the slow parts …..but that was / is some real hard core, gangsta a$$ ‘chet!

    • Weedras

      why don’t you do the research about what he advocates for and educate us since you’re so up on all the opposing arguments… didn’t he go to the U.N. to assist with the water for life project and i know someone who benefited from a scholarship from his foundation… better to view both sides of the spectrum before throwing jabs… and the thing is with Belafonte and the rest of those other bitter old heads instead of the crab in a barrel attitude of publicly criticizing approach them and show them what they can do open their eyes to the shit he learned and knows instead of beating up gums and criticizing be the older person he is and show the way impart the knowledge…

      • bisolabliss

        There you go mistaking philanthropy for advocacy. At it’s very core, being philanthropic is an innately personal thing so I wouldn’t criticize a man for that cuz like you rightly stated, I wouldn’t know what the man (Jay Z) does with his money in his personal time but I do know what he doesn’t do with his exposure and access to media and that is speak to the man about the very issues that necessitated the need for him to be philanthropic in the first instance.

        Remember the Kanye West ‘George Bush doesn’t love Black people’ moment after Hurricane Katrina hit?

        Do you recall the amount of furore that simple yet powerful statement caused even though he didn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know?

        Do you know how ‘We’ yearn for such a Kanye moment again as opposed to this Kim Kardashian mess he’s embroiled in?

        Replace every piece of Kanye/Kim news that circulates the mass media on the daily with a sound-bite from Kanye sticking it to the man and ADVOCATING real change in Black communities and see how quickly Bill O’Reilly gets on his case cuz he (Kanye) would actually be doing something powerful and of note and they can’t have that, not on their airwaves.

        They can’t have people the present generation listen to speak to issues of race inequalities, they’d be running the risk of the said advocate stirring something in the kids, something that lies docile awaiting a spark.

        Jay Z, Kanye and their likes cannot change anything but the young generation can, so speak to them, tell them what’s expected of them cuz they listen to you. Be the spark then stand back and watch things unfold. These lots with visibility have the power in their grasp and they aren’t doing nothing of note with it (SIGH)

        Hope you catch my drift, this is not just about Jay Z but he opened himself up to my attack when he used the collective ‘Our’ like we really give a shi.t what % of a franchise he owns.

        You did make a valid point about our immediate past elders dropping the ball though; not doing things the old fashioned way where we don’t air our laundries in the public eye.

      • Tony G.

        It’s great to get on here sounding intelligent..I like a lot of ur choice of words..its a breath of fresh air on this site…I just hope you’re practicing what you preach.

      • Weedras

        Pardon misinterpreting what you were trying to say i understand what your saying now about advocacy… but the is a reflection of the general society no one even advocates for themselves much less to advocate for the general interests of a group and especially in the black community just view some of the comments in here to see how rife the this generation is with the willie lynch syndrome it’s all about tearing down ppl who are making it i don’t care about Jay-z ‘s stake in the nets but it’s the fact that ppl feed on the negative aspect to belittle the fact the he has a stake be it small in the nets that makes him feel the need to bump his chest over his achievement… also in order for the general powers that be to really take the movement seriously we gotta cut out the bullshit in hip hop no and that in itself is a mountainous task as many influential artists care about branding rather than to go against the grain and be singled out as a radical… so with that said i don’t expect much of this from rapper or entertainment folk their are other areas of black society where great advocates can come from.. hip hop is still in the immmature state judging by how many of these rapper and the fans care more about the scrapping and beefs and who’s more real but i completely understand what you are calling for but in this arena we won’t have a leader…

      • Stop It 5

        I see what he’s saying but it’s dead weight unless you up there on his level. If you can’t rap, bring something to the table but words on a internet site.



  • Chris

    Can’t talk about Jay-Z without a hundred n*ggas gettin’ all butt-hurt. “Oh, he gettin’ money. That’s more than whatchu’ got. Ya’ll some Willie Lynch n*ggas. Ya’ll ain’t got his baby’s money.” Let that n*gga’s balls breathe. SMH.

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  • Kevin

    Why Jay gotta lie to us? C’mon now. Everybody that follows the NBA knows that the Russian is the HNIC of the Nets and owns damn near everything about the Nets. Jay has his little small percentage, he aint gotta front

    • LetsBeRealpeople

      Mikhail Dmitrievitch Prokhorov,57th richest man in the world, networth 13.2 billion.
      Jay-Z dont’ own sh’t.

      • reg joe

        Jay Z has an ownership stake in the Nets, but he also owns a large piece of Barclays, where the Nets are playing. He has a 40/40 club in it and it sells the Vodkas that J gets kickbacks from pushing. He also has merchandising rights in Barclays. Dude is no dummy. He may not own 50% of the Nets, but he is indeed, getting his. No he doesnt have 13.2 billion, but he does have half a billion in net worth. Thats major cheese to anyone. He has already done 8 shows in Barclays. As an owner, he is not just getting his bucks, but proceeds from the stadium and from anyone that plays in it. Dude is about his and I am not the lease bit mad about it.

      • LetsBeRealpeople

        You should have taken the time, today, to save yourself from embarassment. You don’t know money, you don’t know the politics of money and you should take more time learning about it, instead of being a muppet regurgitating and attempting to reconfigure clippings of phrases hash tagging Jay-Z’s “money”. Don’t be new, be informed.

  • gomer_1

    yeah he own 2/15ths of 1%.. Haters gone hate…..

  • Wayne J

    Its True He own’s less than one percent of the team, he’s more like an employee then an owner. He like chief marketing officer , In any event its a good thing and he has done well . shout out to Jay, BK Stand up!!

  • D_Ably

    Rappers are usually the first to throw statistics and figures around. The fact that jigga didn’t say ‘yo i don’t own 1/15th i own… blah blah’ is tellin me the whole 1/15th is pretty spot on. Plus theres nothin wrong with only owning 1/15th its just you’ve now become victim of your own big boy BS.

    • Tony G.

      u wrote this with a straight face?

  • Tony G.

    why worry about the percentage of the team he owns…if its half or 1/15 its more than i own so kudos to him…to own more he’d have to spend more…why invest more money in owning the team when he’s damn near running the arena…has a private suite there…his line is doing the uniforms, his drink is sold exclusively in the suites, he has a club and clothing store there…he owns 50% of the company thats doing the marketing for the team…and theres probably more…he’s making money regardless of what percentage he owns….he could give me his ownership part of the team and still make out like a fat rat.

  • $17637591

    Jigga is the face of the Brooklyn Nets only an idiot would think he owns a measley 1 15th of a percentage of the team.

    • digitallife

      His deal was with Bruce…Bruce sold to the Russian…the Russian offered hima percentage to stay on a pond promote it because I’d the hoods backlash on this..,how do I know? Every investor in this not named rattner has been paid off “Bruce’s own mouth to the ny times”

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  • digitallife

    Gt f oh…you weren’t involved in this move at all til the black folks of those neighborhoods took to the media to complain about losing their homes they paid for against their will..then you show up in a suit and a tie like captain uncle Tom smiling while handing rather his mint julep like Massah Massah I got this one…”US”? You mean you and the presidents because even when your fellow bk emcees spoke out against the move and your involvement all you did was get on your p.r. Ish hard..you got whatever you got but you up rooted your own ppl for it..

  • Abrasive Angel

    He is right about Our time is now. If you aren’t utilizing your talents to make a living for yourself and get Bossed up then you just need to go ahead and fill out an application for another position for corporate sharecropping. You know you have a talent that you could you use to go into business for yourself, then get on and start doing that and stop working for other people for crumbs. Study up on the business involved with your craft and BOSS UP. Don’t let someone who is still in their infancy of black militancy to stop you from achieving your goal in life. Knowledge is only powerful when it is put into action.

  • plsDontreply

    I dont like new york… No, like, I really dont like new york…

    • manfoff

      i don’t like you….and lil wayne is a bitch

  • Alf Capone

    ummmmm…………..we dont believe u, u need more people………..its cool tho……niggas still way way way way way way way way richer than ill probably ever be

  • we don’t believe you you need more people

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  • LetsBeRealpeople

    T’weren’t nobody peeping his account except his whiteboys. Who put him on blast. So he can just turn that right back to the source. N’ere none of us was concerned about a percent, but was under the assumption he had a deep pocket ownership…and somebody from his side of of all of that put that on blast. He is about a month late responding. So, he should take it up with the Times, and his crew..and or whoever. Not the 99% he has been quoted to not give a sh’t about in the first place.This dude not even Oprah money, he got money, but not Russia Money..not even an entry level in Arms deals. I’ll hate all day, ’cause I don’t like this dude. He’s frontin’ flat out. His crew leaked/choked his leash.

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    Secondly, as old as he is..and with all the elite such and such..at the end of the day, he should know that he no longer has to address anybody. However at the end of the day, he’s little boy and he has to prove his spot on the playground. He should just stay quiet and make whatever paper he’s chasing.Hungry kids don’t give a f’ck about Barclay. If he want to give inspiration and see his good works…keep them turkey dinners steady and set up scholarships…then promote them. Otherwise, what it do? How many hundred years we been in this g’damn country..and this is the shinning moment? We have been making it. Where they hell he been?

  • kevlex4

    who really care I out grew these dudes(HIPHOP) years ago fuuny thing is that these dudes are old as hell