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Hip-Hop Rumors: Which Late Rapper’s Mansion Was Just Foreclosed?

Unfortunately, even in death, you can’t escape your bills. The late, great NWA head honcho Eazy E’s infamous “Eazy’s Playhouse” was just sold at a foreclosure auction. The 6,700 square-foot Calabasas mansion was famous back in the ’90s for its crazy all night parties, and even had a black room with fluorescent pillows and a neon sign that read “Eazy’s Playhouse.”

The house was left to Eazy’s E’s widow when he died in 1995, but as of last year, she stopped paying the mortgage on the five-bedroom, six-bathroom home. The house was sold at auction in May for $2.2 million.

Source: TMZ
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14 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Which Late Rapper’s Mansion Was Just Foreclosed?”

      • DiscoverDior.com

        I did…And Easy-E died ions ago……She had enough time to make a decision to sell the property and downsize or keep up with payments.

      • Guest

        Those of you that think that celebs should pay their homes off don’t
        fully understand the tax code to individuals at that level. it’s not in
        their best interest to pay off homes because they need the interest
        write offs. The only time it makes sense is when you’re generating
        revenue in the hundreds of millions. then the real property falls into a
        portfolio with other real property items that can be placed in a trust
        over seen by a trustee. this is how generational wealth is established
        because the law can’t tell the trust how the property can be
        transferred. it’s established from day one so death and divorces don’t
        cause problems for anything in the trust. Most singers and actors rent
        homes like this because while they are making a lot of money in the
        short term, they can’t predict if they will be hot in 10 years and
        rentals and leases can offer 100% write offs under the correct statutes.
        Easy didn’t have the funds available at the time of his death to pay
        off the mortgage on this home or if he did have the funds, the mortgage
        may have taken all of the funds and placed him in a financial bind so it
        may have been better at the time to continue paying monthly for the
        home instead of paying it off. For those of you that believe that owning
        a home outright is the be all, end all solution……I would recommend
        that you study more because it’s not. It’s simply a tax shelter for most
        and a perpetual money pit as they age. But she should have sold the dam thing and moved on.

      • KingsCountyCrooklyn

        they not talking about Easy E buying the mansion, they talking about her selling it as soon as it was awarded to her..

      • EDOGZ818

        Indeed, good points, all financial. Not paying off = best interest in the scenario you described, but paying off an income generated revenue = good idea, really, in this economy, every dollar spent should be on a hedge against inflation.

  1. IG::TheRealStevieBee

    Rumor: a story or statement in general circulation without confirmation or certainty as to facts:

    So how does this constitute as rumor… especially since it was something done back in May. It’s the first of October. I can see why so many people complain about you Syd.

  2. Eazy-ECPT.com

    wow, i thought that mansion had been sold after his death. last i remember i was told it had sold . anyways, RIP EAZY-E EAZY-ECPT. COM

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