EXCLUSIVE: Ying Ying Twins Drop New Mixtape, Discuss Expanding Their Sound

(AllHipHop News) Atlanta rap group The Ying Yang Twins are preparing to return to the airwaves with a new mixtape titled “As High As You Wanna Be”

According to group member D-Roc, “As High As You Wanna Be” will expand The Ying Yang Twins’ sound beyond the Hip-Hop club anthems that help catapult the group to fame.

“I can’t wait to get this mix tape out. Our fans have been waitin’ for some more club bangers and we got some for ’em,” D-Roc told AllHipHop.com. “This project is a little house, a little electro, a little dubstep, and all Ying Yang Twins.”

The latest effort by the group is their first official release since 2009’s Ying Yang Forever, which was released on Deep Records.

Earlier releases by The Ying Yang Twins were delayed due to the collapse of TVT, which went bankrupt in 2008.

Prior to the label turmoil, The Ying Yang Twins delivered some of Hip-Hop’s best known club anthems, including “Whistle While You Twurk,” “Get Low,” “Salt Shaker” and “Wait (The Whisper Song).”

Their latest single “Fist Pump, Jump Jump,” was released over the summer and has been gaining spins on radio stations across the country.

“The Twins have been working non-stop,” said Domenick Nati of Nati Celebrity Services, a company that also manages DMX.

“They’ve been in the studio and have been performing for their fans all over the world,” Domenick Nati said. “This mix tape is the perfect combination of old school Ying Yang and the club music of today.”

“As High As You Wanna Be” will be released on all major mixtape websites in the coming weeks.

  • Simon Adebisi

    still can’t believe these buffoon’s have 2 platinum albums.

  • 2775roc

    I think they are just smarter than the average NY put me to sleep rap. They got their own niche. That’s what counts the most.

    • Jizzah!

      You sounds stupid hating on a whole state. I’m from the deep dirty south with farm all over & listen to any music thats good. You sound like a east coast dude dik ur hoe and pimped her and ur jealous cause u fell in love.
      1more thing pull ur skirt down!!

  • dominicancoke

    Dudes started the lets kill hip hop movement too little too late for their comeback..other talentless idiots took it upon
    them selves to destroy hip hop they even got a label..ymcmb

  • seveneightyseven

    “ying ying” huh?

  • Lyve Wire

    may not be the best rappers in the world, but i respect their hustle. ive seen them in concert and they put on one hell of a show.
    everybody dont rap like KRS-one and immortal technique…..get over it
    if yall loved those ‘super lyrical’ mc’s as much as yall say, they would be selling more than a hand full of cds. TRUTH.
    why click on the link to hate?

    • Lamar Star


    • dominicancoke


      • Lyve Wire

        2 fools called me an idiot…. same number as the sales KRS got on his last album.
        KRS dont need you to defend him on hiphop webstes. he wants you to support his music, just like ying yang.
        everybody want to be ‘keyboard X’, but never practice what they preach.
        go chant ‘hip hop is dead’ some where else.

    • M.A.T.H.

      You talk as if being super lyrical is bad. KRS has lifelong fans (and he’s eating)YYT had fairweather fans, I just thank them for the lapdance soundtracks.

      • Lyve Wire

        i never said being super lyrical was bad, but dont hate on music because it isnt. KRS might have life times, but lets not act like ying yang dont also. hip hop has so many lanes. no need to hate on these dudes. if you dont like them, dont like them.. its cool.

  • M.A.T.H.

    They had their run, but they better off doing nostalgia tours, they actually put on a good show but their fanbase is grown now and some of them won’t admit to ever liking these guys kinda like people won’t admit liking YMCMB, MMG or whoever they like now in 10 years.