Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Bow Wow Lie To The Judge In His Child Support Case?

I guess Bow Wow’s “106 & Park” gig has come in handy, because according to him, he only has $1,500 in his checking account! Huh??? Bow Wow and his daughter’s mother, Joie Chavis, were in court on Monday fighting over child support and exactly how much Bow Weezy should be paying. According to Bow Wow, he is only raking in $4K a month from Ca$h Money Records and he testified that he only has $1,500 in his checking account!

Bow Wow has agreed to pay $3K a month in child support, and was ordered by the judge to pay $11,500 in back child support. There is just one small issue. Now that Bow Wow was named one of the hosts of “106 & Park”, his income has gone up, and the judge may feel that he lied about his income at the court hearing because he didn’t disclose the new gig.

Hmm, I guess the new gig came just in time.

Source: TMZ

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36 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Bow Wow Lie To The Judge In His Child Support Case?”

  1. ladynamor

    “I make more money than your pops”. “I got a blackcard” (echoes in background) Every dog has its day. (no pun intended)

  2. The Truth

    These suckas playing the game wrong man. When you impregnate a chick, even if you gotta kiss her ass to be on her good side, then do it cuz these females would really mess your life up with that child support game. I’d shower her ass with red bottoms, pipe her really good and make her orgasm like 3 times in one round.. shit a new pair of bottoms and a high end purse every other month is better than paying 3K child support every month when all you make is 4K. You gotta get on they’re good side, say good shit about them in interviews, make them feel like they all that. Even if she got niggas on the side who cares. Yall aint gotta be together this is to protect your fortune and rep. This dude can practically get any chick he want.. It’s all about making your baby moms feel special so she don’t develop that child support mind set.

    These boys slipping. That’s why with my baby moms I made sure I knew where her head was at. Keep a good friendship with them. Ya’ll niggas lacking when it comes to the game man real talk.

      • The Truth

        And you replied like a true faggot who knows nothing about the real world. When you ain’t got shit to your name cuz you got drained by yo baby momma then we’ll see who the virgin is.

      • Kevin Farley

        the real world= takin care of and makin sure your kids have everything they need and you stay out of court. it works for me……fantasy world=”pipe her really good and make her orgasm like 3 times in one round” “shower her with red bottoms and high end purses”…who’s livin in the real world…and i dont have a “baby momma” shes the mother of my son

      • truth powell

        The real world= you’re always there for your kids but the “mother of your son” doesnt want your kids to be taken care of….. She wants YOU and nothing else and she will make your life hell with legally sanctioned revenge tricks until you’re beaten into submission and/or on the verge of suicide cuz your quality of life has been robbed for the next two decades.

      • Kevin Farley

        “only plant the seed deep inside fertile soil”……i live in PA dont know how it is in other states but i know people that make about 50 grand a year and pay $100 a week for one kid.not unreasonable

  3. steelpowers

    He’s not broke, his legal name has only $1500 in his bank aact, not Bow Wow the rapper/brand, she can’t touch business money or company money, only HIS money. That’s why Master P pays so little for child support.

      • steelpowers

        Exactly, it’s a shame how many people black just won’t take the time to read or get information that’s available to everyone but we are quick to give our opinion on things we don’t even understand or know about, how can you win the game if you don’t even really know how to play it, sad.

      • Kevin Washington

        i said it dont make sense because it doesnt lol … to say she can only touch his money = Shad Moss … but cant touch Bow Wow $$$$ just sounds stupid … If she cant touch Bow Wow $$$$$$ that means Shad Moss doesnt own Bow Wow nor is that his $$$$$ in the first place … someone else owns that and breaks Bow off a percentage and that percentage would = $$$$$ that goes to SHAD which his baby moms would get a cut of also ….. Now drug dealers do ish like this so when they get locked the police cant take certain ish cause its in other folks name … but for a legitamate business to open up an account not under thier own name is dumb … cause who ever name it is under will have true ownership of your brand/product LEGALLY … that just doesnt make any sense @ all that Shad can touch Bow Wow money …. but the courts cant …. lol …… if the courts cant touch it then Shad cant either … even if Shad Moss gets checks from BOW WOW the brand/artist …. HES NOT CUTTING THAT CHECK 😉 …. and this is all based on what YALL SAID lol …. prime example is Nas he doesnt have any ventures outside of music and he had to pay an arm and a leg for child support … imo bow wow is just not generating any kind of revenue for himself currently and i mean its evident … his last two records sound like Drake and Tyga made them, which means they made more $$$ of the records then he did …. and they didnt perform well either …. TLC & Hammer made way more money than bow and fell harder so its not far fetched ……………… it is what it is … it just seems shocking to alot of yall because yall believe the images these folks portray ………………………………..

      • steelpowers

        Bow Wow is not his real name it’s his business name and he’s been in the game long enough to have his real name and his business name separated, it’s like saying there is a corporation named Bow Wow and that company is liable for certain things and can’t be passed on the the person who owns the company. so basically the corporation Bow Wow pays the real person Shad Moses so much money a month, like your job pays you every month, doesn’t matter how much the corporation makes because that’s business money and can’t be touched. I actually have a friend who did the same thing because of a crazy baby mama and he was paying way more then bow wow has to pay, if you don’t have a 9-5 job it’s very easy to do especially if you are contracted to work, you have to fill a taxes as a business anyways and get a EIN. I buy and sell companies everyday and i’ve been in the music business over 25yrs (concerts in US, Europe, China, Korea and Japan). Look up how much money Master P makes a month and how much child support he pays, then you will see the picture.

      • Kevin Washington

        real name and business name are connected broham … when you start an LLC you have to name all of the members and give an address … when you start a corporation you have to name your ceo, vp etc………. the only thing it protects you from is being sued …. any money generated from the business to your name is counted as earned income for you ….. but i see where your coming from @ the end of the day guys like bow and master p aint making as much as you think … its not the way they have thier businesses setup …………………….. dont let smoke n mirrors fool you 😉

  4. KingsCountyCrooklyn

    $1500 sounds about right for a third tier cash money artist, birdman has the rest safely stored in his account.

  5. truth powell

    There needs to be child support law reform. You can have a family and be feeding your kids ramen noodles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in an efficiency with no power and the government doesn’t care.
    Divorce that same woman and all of a sudden there’s court orders and jail threats if you don’t spend a certain amount of money on your children. Shit is ass backwards.

  6. eddieknucks

    He ain’t regular nigga broke,he rich nigga broke. He got cash socked away. That’s what shad moss has in the bank. I personally have multiple bank accounts. Gotta be smart.

  7. Kevin Washington

    i hope bow is lieing because if thats the true salary of an artist with the history bow has thats ashame and these dudes need to stop knocking folks that work 9 to 5 cause i dont even have a crazy career title like Dr Lawyer and im racking in more than bow with out all the celebrity that comes along with it … i can live my life and go to the mall without getting mobbed …. however groupies would be a nice touch lol but all that other bs for 4k per month and leasing a vehicle lol aint worth it imo 😉

  8. ladynamor

    If Bow Wow is lying about his income to the judge, the scorned mother will get him back in court. It’s not as easy as it seems, ask George Zimmerman. Why diss your own kid anyway? That is really sending a bad message to your kid. I hid money from yo mama so I wouldnt have to pay for you. SMH

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