50 Cent and Fat Joe

Hip-Hop Rumors: Fat Joe Says 50 Cent Whispered Something “Gentleman Like” in His Ear

Where they do that at?! Just kidding! It looks like among all that violence that took place at the 2012 BET Hip-Hop Awards, some good came out of it as well. 50 Cent and Fat Joe finally squashed their beef as they were preparing to go onstage for a special tribute for their late manager, Chris “Baby Chris” Lighty.

In a recent interview with Philly’s HOT 107.9, Fat Joe explained what exactly made him end his beef with 50 Cent…and it has to do with 50 whispering something “gentleman like” in his ear. Alrighty, then. I’ll let Fat Joe explain that one. Check out what he said below:

“While we was there, 50 whispered some thing in my ear that was gentleman like,” said Joe. “I’m a gentleman, I don’t dislike people. I’m one of the most loveable dudes in Hip-Hop, believe it or not. So he just said the right things man were, you know, and then a handshake [was] involved and that was that. Two grown men to say, Yo, this if for Chris Lighty, this is for Hip-Hop, let’s move on with our lives.”

“The same guy who discovered him discovered me, Chris Lighty. And Chris Lighty I owe him everything because I used to hustle big time in the Bronx. Out of 5o of us I’m the only one [that] got away cause I got legit. Everybody else got like 75 years in jail, God bless ’em. So he literally saved me life.”

All jokes aside, I’m glad to see these two finally resolve their issues. You can catch the Chris Lighty tribute on the BET Hip-Hop Awards on October 9 on BET. Aside from 50 Cent and Fat Joe, the tribute also features performances from Missy Elliott and A Tribe Called Quest.

Check out the full interview with Fat Joe below:

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  • therealest1

    Positive make up shit.

  • Smashit

    They beef was stupid from the beginning – Fif mad cause Joe made music with Ja was real kiddie shit – this is good for NYC & hip hop

    • hoeyuno

      Well fif needs to find anew way to sell records. I think American charities not wanting to do business with him really effected him also.

  • Good Look!

    Still, I know from experience, Fat Joe ain’t having it, as opposed to ChinPlay & MMG.
    Fat Joe = ‘Bout it ‘Bout it in real life. He rolls deep & hard & doesn’t take no ‘chet & thankfully, doesn’t start any!


      lol @ chinplay

  • Alf Capone

    now they can make songs together that no one will listen to!!!!!

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  • greeneyedbandit

    I have always liked Fat Joe…..he seem like a fun guy to be around, but i can tell he don’t take no s**t, he can hold his own….much love~

  • This is some great news. End the stupidity and unite, not divide.
    I’m tired of useless beefs.
    Make good music and finally bring New York back to the map.

    We need good music.

    Nobody cares about beefs, street cred and all that shit anymore.

    Real gangsters don’t make music. Period!

    If they had a talent for anything better they would not choose
    crime as a career.

  • 50cent makes friends with Joe and fights Gunplay and punks Diddy again…lol – same shit different smell.

  • OnlyFaDaReal

    Fat Joe seem like a real dude. Gotta respect dat.

  • dominicancoke

    This is what fif whispered to joey crack..you know im opening a chain of all you can eat buffet? Yo you get 65% off. Oh word? Yo fif you my man lets let byegones be byegones .no doubt we gonna make an album called fried chicken and empanadas..i feel you curtis yo son im trynna get brolic like you son..dont worry joe ima hook you up with dres sterroid dealer.

    • KingsCountyCrooklyn

      and a year supply of rasberry SK energy juice….

      • SWavveGangBitchhh!!!

        i tasted Sk,that shit taste, Shoutouts to 50 on his powerful cause

    • SWavveGangBitchhh!!!

      lmaooooooooooo True shit though,you had this well thought out though.

  • o m

    i heard they made out a little

  • lamd a hell they dont air this ish live.. i see no reason why thy cant. whats the point in watching when u kn everything that happens

  • Shit is all suspect

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  • Ojay Juice Henry

    on some bx shyt, it wasn’t making any money for fif, he just mad that the “im from newyork joint from a minute ago was aim at him with rule, joe and kiss, which were all beefing with fif. fif rap career is in stand still not saying he aint making any money but not making music like he use to. Joe good in the hood.

  • highgeorgebush

    “So he literally saved me life.” Had no idea Fat Joe was the Lucky Charms dude

  • Good

  • plsDontreply

    who really wants to be 50″s friend at this point? Most untrustworthy ni99a ever… Besides Jay z I guess. Matter fact all them New York ni99az aint shit…
    “I dont like New York, No, like for real. I reallly don’t like New York…”

    • dominicancoke

      Word son? Thats how you feel b? Real talk dude? Lol im from ny I dont like it lol

  • ham

    Good that them two squashed the beef b4 it came to gunplay, i am happy for them and for hip hop. But it is so sad it always takes the death of a brother to bring brothers together, that is the way it has always been.

    • dominicancoke

      it did came to gunplay they beat the skin of gunplays ass lol

  • The only beef 50 had that was violent was with game and ja rule.

  • jpulliam

    50 a dumb nigga. Joe waayy too talented to even care what a clown azz nigga like 50 says or thinks.

  • Beast

    50 Cent Whispering Something “Gentleman Like”: I won’t f**k you up today.

  • immackulate

    this WOULD be good for NY and the game period – if it was like 5-7 years ago
    but it’s not – they never really clashed anyway plus nobody is checking for that new CURTIS ft JOEY CRACK

    i almost forgot why they was even mad