T-Boz’s Life As Single Mother To Be Chronicled In “Totally T-Boz” For Cable Channel TLC

(AllHipHop News) TLC group member Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins has landed a new reality series titled “Totally T-Boz.”

The new docu-series follows T-Boz’ personal life, her singing career and her life as a single mother with her Tween daughter Chase Anela Rolison.

T-Boz, who was married to Mack 10,  filed for a second bankruptcy in 2011, in part because of an enormous, $250,000, child support bill that the rapper had not paid.

But her filing was rejected, since she failed to complete the necessary paperwork, leaving a healthy portion of her assets exposed to creditors.

Ironically, T-Boz’ new series will air on cable network TLC. The reality series is expected to debut in early 2013.

  • Tony G.

    its sad that these chicks didnt handle their business properly and have really no money to show for the TLC days..they were one of if not the biggest selling female group ever

    • In her defense, T Boz was messed up medically, but 1.2 mil crib = foolish.

  • so she went bankrupt because he’s a deadbeat dad????
    sounds like she’s a deadbeat mom to me…..

    • Basically!

      Millions doing it on foodstamps!

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  • therealest1

    Damn, Mack 10 is a fat piece of shit though. Mack 10 always looked like a fat black ass Hamburglar (McDonald’s character) to me. Even though she wasn’t intelligent about her finances from her TLC days and going forward, its messed up Mack 10 is a deadbeat piece of shit.

    First, he was beating her up bad during their marriage, now he doesn’t cut the check? COME ON MAN! (NFL analysts’ on ESPN voices)

    • Mack ain’t got $250K. When was the last time you bought a Mack 10 album?
      Factor in how the industry is designed to keep the artist in debt ( See : T Boz’ first bankruptcy ) & the bottom line is that they should have done more with less.

      Mack 10 = Mack 10 on the relationship tip.
      I mean, he was a gangsta in Hollywood, acting like an actor.

      ^^^REAL LIFE^^^ as opposed to actors acting like gangsta rappers.

      • therealest1

        True, I honestly never bought a Mack 10 album in my life, and I don’t ever expect to either. I wouldn’t even buy and of his albums on bootleg or bother to burn any of his CDs myself.

  • I’m convinced it’s a conspiracy to promote dumb ‘chet!

    It’s like they are rewarding living beyond your means…..going into debt.


    Flip side, a good look for T Boz.

    $250K Child support from Mack 10? GTFOH!

    Something wrong with the system & a kid don’t cost that much to raise. She was living it up with that $$$.