Hip-Hop Rumors: Meek Mill Records?

I don’t know how closely you follow Meek Mill, so you may or may not already know this. But, apparently the young Philly Bull is already starting a label called Dream Chasers Records or something like that. Also, I believe it is correct in saying that Meek also has a couple artists, a female and a male. Their names are Lee Mazin and Louie Gutta.

I could be wrong, but this is what I’ve deduced from the rumblings on the net. Anyway, Philly needs some new cats regardless. Shout out to Young Savage.

I wonder what the BAWSE thinks?

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  • Galactus

    Spoken like a clueless Delaware nigga who only pays attention industry artists. What the f*ck u know about Philly dog? The only niggas feeling the type of music illseed promotes is wack nuthugging niggas. And he speaking like he out in Philly like that. Illseed u corny fam. There is plenty of ill Philly mcs, you just on MMG’s dick so hard, you don’t pay attention to anything else. So your research before you write u bitch ass rap stan.

  • TonyMon

    Rick Ross would be ok with it…Meek Mill cant be a employee for life, he needs to do his own thing and become a boss. These artist signing with rappers cant be under them for life. The only sistuation i have seen is Lloyds Banks, he had gang green records but never did anything with it probably because 50 cent wont let him.

  • Guest

    this ninja stay wit that “whats going on” clueless look in pictures.

  • Oknas

    these artist aint coming out.

  • Good Look 4 Meek…bad look for a rapper to sign under another rapper!

  • WillVetterGoodin

    Pathetic, anyone these days can have a “record company” I got one, its called vaginal records and my first artist is the baha men we got a new single out called “who let the phonies out?” smh


    Guess who’s Back!!!!!!!!

    It me bitches!!!!!!!!!!!


    illcoon what up son???????
    I see you still on that bullshet.

    illcoon slap yourself Warner brothers must have cut a check
    You prolly on MGM rumor 500 now…….

    For the next month, you going to get a shet load of meek mill rumors,
    His album bought to drop, & illcoon prolly got a check and AHH
    Maybe about 5-10g maybe 15-20gs depending on how them 1st week sales are.
    This is off the books money, not net revenue or advertising money.
    Y’all do see the ads everywhere since they change the format.

    Chuck u gay I will still smack you…….
    illcoon well you just soft.

    Grouchy fag, I smack you too, but will say sorry afterwards,
    I was told not to hit girls…….

    Later bitshes.

    I am back like the 6
    Cl 6 for you non hood niggahs

  • Mr808Bang

    all i gotta say is “Asia Sparks” Google her she Dope #trust

  • Sign Reed Dollaz!!