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Hip-Hop Rumors: Kendrick Lamar Says The BET Fight "Ruined His Moment"

West Coast rap messiah, Kendrick Lamar, has let it be known that he is more than a little annoyed about the fight that broke out backstage at the 2012 BET Hip-Hop Awards. The rapper had just finished accepting his award for “Lyricist Of The Year” when he went backstage and heard about the fight. Check out what he told the Power 105.1 Breakfast Club this morning:

“It ruined my whole moment. Nobody wanted to talk about that Lyricist of the Year award. I went backstage and I’m hearing all type of rumbling and stuff and I’m like, ‘What’s happening?’”

“Next thing you know I found out it’s a scuffle or what not.”

I guess Kendrick won’t be working with Rick Ross or Jeezy anytime soon.

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  • Simon Adebisi


    • seveneightyseven

      rofl nigga you be killin me

  • TruthSerum

    Your a hip hop artist kid, expect all your greatest moments to be tainted with ignorance. Dr. Dre got punched in the face by a gang member and watched Young buck stab somebody with a fork the night he got a lifetime achievement award from Vibe.

  • Keep doing what your doing Kendrick, and let the East Coast fight with themselves. Follow Dre and stay as neutral as possible.

    • Guest

      It’s not the “East Coast fighting” dimwit, it was reps from the Dirty South, not that it makes it ok for them to brawl because it makes that region look worse as well

    • mosestobymcgeethree

      yeah the west got no one fighting at all? haha. Isn’t Game dr. dre protege? He stays going up and down all of cali for no other reason than to whup on N*ggas

  • HipHop is alive and well, the Whitewash is coming to an end – because of ‘messiah’s like Kendrick. Thank you for rep’ing real hip hop, and saving our culture…big ups to Kendrick, Schoolboy, A$AP, and the new breed of real HipHop….WE RE BACK —-BigJoe@EliPop Youtube:elipopvideos

    • Weedras

      lol!! ‘whitewash’? Souljah Boi & Co. aint white… Asap aight, Kendrick still got work to do, and so far i’ve heard only one hot School Boy q verse….

    • truth powell

      uh…except for schoolboy Q everything you listed IS whitewashed. Asap? uh yeah…..do you even know what soul is? The real dope new artists like Nitty Scott MC and the Wurkx and Meyhem Lauren get no shine.

  • Bumpy Johnson

    can someone give me a song to listen to from this man that is really lyrical

    • mattskatestoTDE

      the heart pt. 2, today,hiiipower,his verse on almost every black hippy track and a i hate you, i think these are some of his best

      • Bumpy Johnson

        preciate it ima check;em out n see if he can be the only other artists except for freddie giibbs that i can listen to past 2005 era

    • Eli Pinilla


  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    Dude is nice but he put out “a” single this year with Swimming pools only being single #2.. #1 if you count songs with videos. How is that award worthy? Nas still raps. Common still raps. And a bunch of other underground dudes been killing year round. I like Kendrick but Interscope been making BET’s pocket’s fat for this cat.

    • TruthSerum

      I have a feeling this kid is gonna flop hard as hell to, outside of the internet this kids buzz is at 0% , Interscope as a whole has been one big L the last few years, minus Eminem but at this point any label could sell him. Every other artist they’ve tried to put out, from veterans to new blood has been one flop after another.

      • Blackstallion777

        Kendricks buzz is pretty solid all around. He’s been working constantly in putting music out, made the cover of XXL…twice, and has appeared on numerous projects with other artists. It might not be on Drake or Wayne status, but really, how many artist are right now?

      • TruthSerum

        Everything you just said, I could say the same for Slaughterhouse and look what happened to them??

        They put out mixtapes, made the cover of “The Source” and “XXL” after signing with Interscope and look what happened with them??

        I’m really not trying to hate, I like Kendrick, but Interscope has no idea what there doing these days. None of his singles have touched the radio where I live, and I really have never heard this dude mentioned anywhere but online.

        Jimmy Iovine & Dr. Dre are spending all their time thinking of new ways to corner the headphone market and the label is an afterthought at this point. Dre didnt even produce one beat for Kendricks album, shows you how interested he is

        I hope I’m wrong but I’m seeing another Interscope L on the horizon, that ship is sinking fast

      • Blackstallion777

        Difference is Eminem was running the Slaughterhouse show. Everyone knows that he does not know how to push his artist. As a Slaughterhouse fan myself, the only single I was feeling right away was the Hammer Dance. Dre has a much better track record than Em when he finally does release artist works. Em’s one successful artist was created and built by Dre…50 Cent.

      • TruthSerum

        Dre’s track record is only good because he shelves everyone not named Eminem or 50 Cent. He can’t generate hype for an artist by himself, which is why he needed 50 Cent to help him jump start Game’s career by selling half his contract to G Unit. The last artist Dre put out by himself was that chick “Truth Hurts” in 2002, and not only did she flop but Dre was too stupid to clear the samples and got sued by an Indian musician for a ridiculous amount of money, lol

        Aftermath is a horrible label, Busta Rhymes went to Aftermath and sold LESS records then ever. He had a string of platinum albums, went to Interscope and struggled his way to gold.

        Either way, like I said, I hope that I’m wrong but I’d bet everything in my bank account this kid flops

      • Blackstallion777

        did you read what I said? “Dre has a much better track record than Em when he FINALLY does release artist works.” 50 helped with Game but Dre still had the pimp hand involved with that. Truth Hurts got hurt when her album got pulled because DJ QUIK, not Dre, did not get proper clearance for the sample he used. Busta’s album debuted number one under Aftermath. It was his FIRST number one album of his career. It is his highest charting album and is certified Gold in an era where album sales drop significantly after the first week. In the past, an artist could sell 250K in the first week, come back in the second week and still sell around 200k and be Gold by the 3rd. In this new era, you’re lucky if you do sell 250k and if you do, the 2nd week sees a huge drop when you sell 80k. It’s the nature of the new era. Busta left Aftermath and didn’t even crack 100k in his first week when he dropped his next album. Now he hopes Cash Money can at least bring him back to Gold.

      • TruthSerum

        We’ll see, my instincts are usually right about this type of stuff tho. If I knew you in real life I’d probably make a bet on this lol

      • Blackstallion777

        shoot, i would never bet on the music industry lol. Shady record executives, paid off radio station DJ’s, and the constant rotation of the same five or so artist. Shoot, I’d stick with sports gambling lol

      • MC’s need to rely on skills, not marketing and promotion.

      • TruthSerum

        When it comes to quality I agree……. But that’s not what I was talking about. The entire reason he signed to a major label in the first place was to get better marketing and promotion.

      • I don’t see the skillz though, reminds me of Stack Quo, gimme a Dre beat & I’ll sound like the hottest rapper out….for that track.

        A real Dre beat, not that BS Detox single.
        >>>Not checking 4 Kendrick.

    • Blackstallion777

      have you been paying attention? Kendrick has been grinding hard for several years. His single releases have decreased this year because of his work with with Dre for his Aftermath debut. Dre doesn’t really allow to many tracks to leak. But Kendrick has appeared on numerous projects with other artist, more than Common and Nas combined this year.

    • JusticeBringer

      It’s called a mixtape.

    • King Cold

      damn i guess u didnt hear section 80 by him

  • Lyve Wire

    kendrick lamar got lyricist of the year?

  • Boo hoo little baby, take your money and fame and stfu.

    • Blackstallion777

      mad much?

  • ladynamor

    The Freshman Class failed hip hop. This guy and the $ap sissy dude are the only ones who seem to have made any impact from that XXL cover, and I havent heard more than one song from each of them that actually “made” it. I feel so disconnected from hip hop right now.


      Skyzoo is the best of the 80’s born emcees

      • ladynamor

        LMAO, please


        please what? name a better “young rapper”…if not quit talking

      • insaneangelic

        Lupe Fiasco


        ???? uh no…Lupe is a unmitigated asshole who thinks the President is a Terrorist…his last album was luke warm

    • You are not ALONE!

  • Galactus

    This dude smh heard one alright song from him, everything else sounds like… everything else *YAWN* Messiah, please. Y’all need a girlfriend.

    • ONE

      Please go and listen to section 80

      • Galactus

        I did… yawn.


    I like Lamar, but Skyzoo is the King of the 80’s born rappers…where is the praise for his consistent output of lyricaly pure hip hop?

    • Alf Capone

      skyzoo is nice………..but my only problem with him is……..about 90% of his raps are about how nice of a rapper he is………..i need more content……….dude can obviously rap his ass off tho


        Skyzoo has FOUR Classic Albums availiable for retail and a slew of classic mixtapes on the internet…he’s too good to be dismissed

      • Blackstallion777

        classic gets thrown around way too easy


        if you haven’t heard the albums go listen first then challenge my statement…CLASSICS

      • Blackstallion777

        I’ve heard is works. Still stand by the statement


        that’s your opinion which I respect but it’s not the prevailing thought in the industry

      • Blackstallion777

        oh really? Show and prove. He’s a nice artist, but to claim that, not one, but ALL FOUR are classics is proof that it gets thrown around way too easily.

    • Galactus

      Skyzoo is Aiight… His hustle is on point and lyrically he’s def more tolerable than KL…

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    Interscope can just buy you another “moment”, B.

  • Carlos

    wheres the rumor, again with news

  • Eli Pinilla

    i love Kendrick shit, but dude is alil delusional…ngga, even if there wasn’t no fight, ur moment would still be tainted. wouldn’t nobody left the night feeling like “wow, Kendrick really won that award” people that watch bet awards don’t give a damn bout who actually wins shit..plus, the public hasn’t even seen the awards yet..so who does the moment pertain to, your peers appreciating u, or the fans?…the moment can still happen homie

    • Galactus

      Its a BET award, and this nigga is basting in Coon Glory… I can’t rock with this dude, I like Ab-soul, Schoolboy Q and Jay Rock are aiight, but Kendrick Lamar is An industry drone.