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Rick Ross Reveals The Art For New Jewish-Themed Mixtape

(AllHipHop News) Rick Ross has revealed the artwork for his looming mix tape, The Black Bar Mitzvah, which is slated to drop on October 8th.

This latest effort is one of several projects that Rozay has dropped.

In 2012 alone, the Miami boss has released Rich Forever, the MMG compilation Self Made Vol. 2, and God Forgives, I Don’t.

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    If they catch wind of this, you career is OVER, mayne.

  • Dointer

    What has happened to that dearly beloved thing we used to call Hip Hop.

  • Dointer

    Wow, and to see that he has just slandered their most cherished symbol makes me think there are going to be some major consequences from this. Nothing that will make it to public light that is.

    • The 6-point star a.k.a. The Star Of David is not exclusive to Judaism. It predates Judaism-proper and was actually borrowed by the Jews from Kemit (Egypt) and various other cultures during that time. It’s truly a pagan symbol just like most of the judeo-christian symbols. What he is doing is not anti-semitic. Every student of the mysteries knows this. His depiction of the star is in no way blasphemy on any level.

      • Nicole

        First of all I doubt very seriously he did it based upon Judaism but more trying to gain more street cred as a banger when he is not. He has gone from Big Meech to Larry Hoover all under the 6 glorifying his BS while we have a war going on in areas where kids have this as a way of life. He makes me sick with his phony ass and I wish people would wake up and stop putting dollars on these COONS that go in their million dollar homes while our kids shed blood out here on the street off their fantasy island ass lyrics..

      • TheBoxcarHobo

        Yup u beat me to it

      • Guest

        Even if he didnt mean to base it on or against Judaism. The people who see it as significant wont take it as just a album cover. Hense some of the happenings in the world recently when mythical symbols/idols get knocked.

      • Lyve Wire

        these kids were at war before ross, and will be after… what are you saying? he isnt the only person glorifying and capitalizing off of it. i guess he’s just an easy target, huh?

      • Nicole

        You are correct they were at war before but you dont need no phony who aint never had to put no work in or came up where they are glorifying the image that he one of them and he made it, cause he is NOT one of them . That is what I am saying as it appears you missed it. He makes himself a target when he pulls stunts like this . Yes there are many more rappers fake ass thugs and bangers that are out here and they get called out too so its not personal as I like Ross beats no doubt but I AM AN ADULT THAT CAME FROM THAT LIFE and I can recognize and separate reality, alot of these children can’t .

      • Lyve Wire

        wait a second… so these lost kids out here care if the guy is fake? i bet, right now, if larry hoover (someone who is certified) said let chill on the violence in chicago, they would ignore him too. so your point as to he shouldnt do it because he’s fake is nold/void. like i said, it was here before him, and will be here after him. from a real or phony, the one that are too far gone could care less. the are living it, and will likely die in it. if they dont blame ross, why should we??? like he said “ITS DEEPER THAN RAP.”
        funny when people say ‘i like his beats, so i dont hate on ross.’ as if he makes beats… sorry, wont work.

      • Nicole

        AllhipHop deleted my last comments cause they couldnt handle the truth as it provided a link that directly exposed Ross intentions with his latest venture to be accepted on the street and I dont feel like retyping it. Just know that it is available and the Chairman wasnt happy about BMF until Ross made a pledge. Get in touch with it on the Internet or you can always inbox on my FB page. But please dont confuse the power of the Chairman nor compare him to this character. Its disrespectful.

      • Richie_Ochoa

        Yeah they Just love to hate on Ross

      • Lyve Wire

        not sure if you’re being sarcastic or not, lol. but if you read any comment, from any article that invole rozay, you’d think there was a 1,000 curtis jackson’s up in here.

      • Richie_Ochoa

        Actually he got the black bar mitzvah idea from Jay z This has nothing to do with gangbanging. Y’all just hate Ross so much that everything he does has to be him trying to be a fake something cant y’all Just see its for entertainment. Hes going for a concept Hes an entertainer. Now I’m not no internet stan or troll I’m just not a hater, I’m a hip hop fan and i know 90% of these rappers are squares Growing up in my hood we all knew the homies that rapped were the n!ggas that didn’t gang bang, didnt hustle but we still excepted them because they from our hood. So why should i expect different from these industry n!ggas??

      • Nicole

        I hear what you say, but you and I both know it will not be perceived this way especially after he has tried affiliating with the 6 Chairman . My point is he knows this and he can call the album what he wants from whomever at the end of the day the streets not going to see it that way and he should have been mindful of this. Dont make you a hater cause I dont agree with this imagery he is trying to portray. I can point out the good and the bad and still say I like his music. I just dont like the false hope these fakes are giving these kids out here. If you aint no banger dont portray like one , if you aint no hustla stop the pump faking that is all I am saying as kids look at this mess and take it as fact cause there are not many parents out here telling them otherwise..

      • THANK YOU!!!! there are very few real jews today the majority are zionist who are ultra racist and view “gentle goyem” as cattle (Talmudic interpretation) zionists are the evil being behind the current state of the world.

      • Abrasive Angel

        Those white jews are not even the real jews and some of them admit that but, whatever it looks like he is really trying to throw out a sign to Gangsta Disciples like he trying to low key claim a set that won’t accept his fake ass.

      • Dointer

        Just because its not “EXCLUSIVE”( Dj Clue voice) to Judaism doesnt mean they wont be offended by it.

    • thats a GD sign

    • That guy has no respect for anything.

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    Black people wanna be anything BUT black.

  • Troy Mack

    this comes around it’s done

  • Troy Mack

    got it bring to Maryland where the Hip Hop is.

  • 7yoyo7


  • He’s down with the Jewish mobb like Jay-Z. They sign all the checks at Def Jam. What are ya talking about? SMH!

  • OnlyFaDaReal

    Gotta respect the grind!

  • jameel sherrod

    You neophytes dont understand signs and symbols. First off the original Jew is the mis-labeled blackman, colored man, african- american etc… His proper nationality is Moor, check out the Moors in Spain 711 A.D. You see, as Ross says on his record Freemason ” we the lost symbol speaking crypt and code” Ancient knowledge is needed now more than ever, the only way to get you curious is to show the symbols and atleast get you talking about it. Instead of critizing do the research on the symbol and its esoteric meaning, maybe you’ll learn something to evolve your soul. Peace!

    • Nicole

      Ross say alot of shit we will be fact checking forever. He aint did this for no Judaism as he sure dont live that life either. He needs to get in touch with himself as I think the real him is lost.

    • truth powell

      Finally! Someone with working ears and a working brain….Ross’s rhymes arent just ignorance.
      Most of his naysayers define irony :-/

  • Hector G

    talk about no inspiration for a concept….what a joke….first of all the trademark for your business is already a car company….corny ass shit like “god forgives i dont” and “teflon don” comin from a dude was workin at a jail…fuck outta here and take your star of david/gd shit wit u

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  • Oknas

    dis nigga been chillin with drake to long


    this dude is played out

  • water_ur_seeds

    weird… he trying to get into the illuminati or something??? he gonna sacrifice gunplay to get in lol

  • Guest

    william has lost his mind

  • water_ur_seeds

    and of course its a reference to judaism, its called the ‘black BAR MITZVAH’!!!! lol

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  • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

    These artists are just letting you know what they represent. They’re involved in secret societies, the masons or somethin’. It’s so obvious because they stick to all the stuff that we already learned was illuminati or whatever you wanna call it.

  • Carlos

    I wanna talk smack but I will listen to it first to see if there is some kind of meaning to it.

  • D_Ably

    lol so dudes a co and then pretend to be a rapper but now he a rapper pretending to be a jew? lol you dickheads will buy anythink these days.

    • Richie_Ochoa

      Nas called his self escobar I bet you love nas though !! By the way escobar is a drug kingpin if you didnt know.

      • AfricanSoul

        I hear you, that was straight out stupid on Nas’ part.

  • truth powell

    Shout out to my n*gga Rick Rothstein

  • Lamonte Johnson

    I know a lot of ppl dont like rick ross for reasonable reasons but I cant wait for this I aint kno he had somethin coming out

  • bigdoe6

    These lames gonna download it and call it a classic just like all his other stuff. Smh.

  • Rick Ross seem to know what he is doing….I like his music, it’s gangsta rap for grown ups.

  • I laughed at this part.

    “In 2012 alone, the Miami boss has released Rich Forever, the MMG compilation Self Made Vol. 2, and God Forgives, I Don’t.”

    When this idiot actually makes music that has the slightest sign of intelligence then stating that hes released 3 albums in a year might actually matter.

    I don’t understand how someone like XV is getting slept on but this fool gets publicity. I cant wait till they filter these retarded rappers out of the game.

    • Richie_Ochoa

      Who the h3ll is xv??????

  • Coonerish Negros

  • Richie_Ochoa

    Wow any comment that was positive about Ross Got hella dislikes Yall really love to hate on this site

  • Alf Capone

    is this a joke?………….has ross been hanging out with lil b lately or some?………a jewish themed mixtape?……..this nigga trolling

  • Galactus

    Isn’t A “Bar Mitzvah” a coming of age ritual for jewish teenagers??

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    its not the sentiment its the WTF is his program, that I don’t get and why is he taken seriously…seriously. What he could have done is something on the lines with the Lion of Judah and gone into something deep, historical, passionate, spritual..but nah this mug is getting play and steady stanking on what ever the f’ck this is he doing. What’s next, where is he going next? This m’therf’cking garbage pale kid trading card album themes cover sh’t is just too damn much. My a$$ is vexed…vexed.

  • Kingreemis

    Nicole, i love you!

  • SDS_Overfiend

    I guess being black is played out now… SMH!!!!

  • SDS_Overfiend

    In all reality… Its blantant symbolism to who he thinks is in power….

  • I don’t care how much buzz or record sales (which aren’t that great anyway) he gets, he will always be irrelevant. Simply because his music means nothing.